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Mengniu completed the re-election of directors, China Resources beer is expected to grow in May, the medium-term goal of Pernod Ricard, the 20th anniversary of the listing of McDonald’s grilled chicken burger, Danone means that Russia is restarting its Ukrainian factory, and the standard of prefabricated dishes has been approved

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Mengniu completes re-election of directors

Today, China Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd. held its annual general meeting of shareholders and voted to re-elect Chen Lang, Wang Yan, Zhang Ping, Wang Xi, ye Lide, lihengjian and Ge Jun as directors. In addition, the meeting approved the final dividend

Hohhot promotes Yili and Mengniu projects

According to the news from the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry of Inner Mongolia today, this year, Hohhot will continue to promote the two major projects of Yili modern smart health Valley and Mengniu Dairy Industrial Park, closely focus on the processing and layout of Yili and Mengniu Dairy farming and forage planting, and complete the tasks of 16 continued construction, 8 new pastures and 30000 mu of high-quality pasture planting; In terms of milk sheep, relying on Shengjian and other leading enterprises, the number of milk sheep will reach 80000 by the end of the year. (Inner Mongolia agriculture and animal husbandry department)

JUNLEBAO family ranch project started

Yesterday, the centralized commencement ceremony of JUNLEBAO 2022 planting and breeding combined family ranch project was held in Shenze County, Shijiazhuang. It is understood that the commencement of the project has opened up the industrial chain from field planting to dairy farming. After the completion of the project, a production system integrating improved seed breeding and technical services will be realized. (financial media center of Shenze county)

Yuanqi forest’s trademark case of “bodybuilding light tea” was rejected

Yesterday, Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. and other second instance administrative judgments of the State Intellectual Property Office. According to the judgment, previously, the State Intellectual Property Office had decided to reject the application for registration of the contentious trademark consisting of the Chinese character “bodybuilding light tea” to be designated for use on the goods under review. The Beijing Higher People’s court rejected the appeal of Yuanqi forest company and upheld the original judgment.


The sales volume of China Resources beer decreased by more than 10% in April and increased in May

The management of China Resources beer recently revealed that the sales volume in May was better than that in April. Due to epidemic prevention and control, beer sales in April fell by more than 10% year-on-year. Although this trend continued until the beginning of May, the sales volume has rebounded in recent weeks, and the sales volume in May should have a positive year-on-year growth. (Zhitong Financial Express)

Guizhou Moutai plans to increase expenses by about 14% this year

Today, according to the data of the board of directors of Moutai, Guizhou, the target of this year’s total operating income is to increase by about 15% compared with the previous year, and the capital construction investment will be 6.969 billion yuan. During 2022, the cost increased by about 14% compared with that of the previous year. The main reason for the increase is to increase the investment in the advertising and promotion of a series of wines, as well as the investment in environmental protection. (company announcement)

Luzhou Laojiao liquor making ecological park upgrading and reconstruction project

Recently, the board of directors of Luzhou Laojiao deliberated and passed seven proposals. Among them, the company decided to implement the upgrading and reconstruction project of Luohan liquor making ecological park in Luzhou Laojiao, with a total investment of about 299million yuan and a construction period of 58 months. (company announcement)

McDonald’s grilled chicken burger has been on the market for 20 years, with an average of 4 sold per second

Today, Ouyang Nana officially joined McDonald’s “star loving choice” and recommended her personal favorite BBQ drumstick burger. It is reported that banshao chicken drumstick castle, which was born in 2002, is a product specially developed for Chinese people, with an average of 4 sold per second. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of banshao chicken burger, McDonald’s simultaneously launched activities such as banshao chicken burger with a limited time of 10.9 yuan, and a series of new limited time products such as Yanbian flavor Zhizhi banshao chicken burger. (issued by the company)

Budweiser promises to build the first “waste free factory” in Wuhan by the end of the year

Recently, Budweiser (Wuhan) Beer Co., Ltd. signed a letter of commitment with Wuhan ecological environment bureau to establish a “waste free factory”, promising to build the first “waste free factory” in Wuhan by the end of 2022. (Changjiang Daily)

Pernod Ricard interim year

Today, the world’s second largest spirits group, Pernod Ricardo, said that its (Reuters)

Fonterra will spend more than 200million yuan to buy back shares

Fonterra plans to spend NZ $50million (about RMB 215million) to buy back shares from June 30. This is another measure to deal with the stock price decline after Fonterra announced the restructuring of its capital structure. The

Kafheinz will develop Latin America into the second largest market within five years

Yesterday, the executives of kraft Heinz in Latin America said that the company planned to double its sales growth in Latin America within five years, making Latin America the second largest market of kraft Heinz in the world. At present, this region is the fourth largest market of kraft Heinz except the United States. (Reuters)

KFC and pizza hut in the Middle East are rumored to have IPO



Atlas holdings announced yesterday that it had acquired (released by the company)



ADM releases 2021 enterprise sustainable development report

Yesterday, ADM announced the recent release of the 2021 enterprise sustainable development report. Its highlights in 2021 include 100% tracking of direct or indirect soybean suppliers in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. In 2021, ADM also committed to a more active new environmental protection goal, that is, to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in scope 3 by 25% by 2035, and to accelerate the realization of the goal of complete “zero deforestation” supply chain from 2030 to 2025. (issued by the company)

Quick reading of food industry information




Yesterday, according to the information from the China Cuisine Association, the group standard of “Specification for prefabricated vegetable products” initiated and declared by Guolian aquatic products was officially approved. The product specification for prefabricated vegetables declared this time has made unified provisions on raw materials, processing technology, packaging, identification, storage, cold chain transportation, microbial indicators, additive indicators, pesticide residue indicators, etc. of prefabricated vegetables, guiding enterprises into the track of scientific management and standardization. (Hong Kong Wande news agency)

JD incorporated prefabricated dishes into the category of strategic support

Recently, JD announced that it would include prefabricated dishes in the category of strategic support, and implement a package of support measures in six aspects: sales data, traffic, activity IP, all channel, market investment and cold chain logistics. The person in charge of pre prepared dishes in the daily food department of JD food fresh business department said that in the next three years, 20 pre prepared dish brands with sales of more than 100 million yuan and 5 pre prepared dish brands with sales of more than 500 million yuan will be supported. (China business daily)

Sichuan once held a warning meeting for Liquor Enterprises

Today, the State Administration of market supervision released the annual report on China’s anti monopoly law enforcement (2021). It was mentioned that Sichuan province carried out on-site verification on Luzhou Laojiao and other Sichuan liquor enterprises when cooperating with the market supervision bureau to investigate the Alibaba case and the meituan case. In addition, the province has held anti-monopoly warning meetings for 6 Sichuan liquor enterprises to play a warning role. (General Administration of market supervision)

Today, the official website of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued a notice that the national genetically modified soybean variety approval standard (for Trial Implementation) and the national genetically modified maize variety approval standard (for Trial Implementation) have been printed and issued, requiring all professional committees of the national agricultural crop variety Approval Committee to comply with them from the date of printing and issuing. The industry believes that this indicates another important step in the industrialization and application of biological breeding in China. Previously, several maize and soybean varieties have obtained transgenic safety certificates. (Securities Times)

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