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The annual safety production month is coming again! Master Kang did it this time

June this year is the 21st national “safety production month”, and the theme of this time is “abide by the safety production law and be the first responsible person”.

With regard to work safety education, the general office of the Ministry of Education issued a notice stating that it is necessary to carry out the “work safety month” in 2022 in the education system to strengthen students’ awareness of work safety in the form of special exhibitions and online courses.

Food safety concerns not only individuals and enterprises, but also the whole industry and society. It is believed that all major food enterprises are thinking about how to make the construction of enterprise food safety better feed back to the society and have a broader significance.

This year, Master Kong, a well-known instant noodle brand, specially customized courses on food safety to protect the growth of the next generation. From June 8 to 30, he went to more than 100 primary schools in Nanjing, Chengdu and Beijing in the form of online open classes, and joined hands with well-known food science experts to share food safety knowledge in the form of education and fun. While improving children’s food safety literacy, It also provides a new path for the food industry to participate in the construction of social food safety.

Move the classroom to the “cloud” and become the “cooking enlightenment” of children

In this public welfare activity, Shen Qun, professor and doctoral supervisor of the school of food science and nutrition engineering of China Agricultural University, served as an expert lecturer and, together with Master Kang, produced an online course entitled “parent-child hands-on together: food safety and health in the post epidemic era”. The online course covers safe food storage, nutrition and health, basic cooking skills, etc., so that students can better understand the food safety knowledge in life.

In the course, experts learned about effective ways of household food storage in detail, such as avoiding light, drying, low temperature, etc. As a manufacturer of common dried foods such as instant noodles and freeze-dried vegetables, Master Kang appeared with the animated IP of “Kangkang” to vividly describe the FD Aerospace freeze-drying technology used in his instant noodle vegetable bag.

In addition, the experts also popularized the basic nutrition required by the human body and how to make a bowl of nutritionally balanced noodles with instant noodles. According to the labor curriculum standard for compulsory education (2022 Edition) issued by the Ministry of education, the labor course will become an independent course. Students need to learn and master life skills including cooking and nutrition, cleaning and hygiene. Master Kang’s instant noodles, which are easy to operate and nutritious, are very suitable for cooking enlightenment to cultivate children’s cooking interests and skills.

With the innovative form of digital education, Master Kang broke the geographical restrictions through online open classes, so that more students and parents can see this course and have the opportunity to listen to the lectures of experts. Master Kang also used this attempt to provide a new idea for the food industry to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Enrich content carriers to make popular science more interesting

In fact, in various food safety science popularization activities that care for the next generation, Master Kang has been innovating and trying to “communicate in depth” with children in different ways to make science popularization more “interesting” and “loving”.

Before that, Master Kang has combined food safety with cutting-edge and cool space technology, and carried out food safety knowledge and space science popularization related activities in many cities across the country. In the form of public welfare such as “aerospace spirit China trip and food safety science popularization Exhibition”, “aerospace dream experience camp”, “Aerospace master lecture” and supplemented by innovative digital tools, children can learn about space knowledge and improve their food safety literacy.

For a long time, Master Kang insisted on going to the campus to hold the theme activity of “aerospace + food safety”, constantly optimized and enriched the form and content of food safety activities, created a relaxed and interesting activity atmosphere for children, gave more vitality and possibilities to food safety education, and was deeply loved by children and parents.

Continuous innovation and digitalization help food safety construction

As a leading enterprise in the food industry, Master Kang has won the title of “top ten enterprises in food safety management” for ten times, which has won the recognition of experts and school teachers for the brand, and has been honored in the food safety popular science course.

Since becoming a “partner of China’s aerospace industry” in 2017, Master Kong has enabled the production and quality of products with aerospace technology. In addition to the FD freeze-drying technology mentioned above, the extraction technology of Master Kang’s boiled broth and the RP technology used by “Suda Noodle House” also come from aerospace. Master Kang demands himself with aerospace standards, adheres to benchmarking “aerospace quality”, and continuously strengthens his own food safety construction.

Master Kang Aerospace Science Popularization series activities

In addition, Master Kang has also built a digitally upgraded food raw material traceability system, which can complete the traceability of food safety process information within 2 hours. By means of digital traceability such as “one item, one code” and “two-dimensional code” and cloud platform acquisition technology, the product orientation traceability, warehousing and logistics management, terminal service information and other information are fully integrated, so that the product has a unique “digital identity information”, and further extends the whole process traceability food safety system of “from farmland to dining table”.

Master Kong also continued to increase investment, successively invested 500million yuan to establish an international level innovation research and development and food safety research center, and set up a 1800 person professional team for food safety and quality control. The annual quality index inspection exceeded 3.5 million times and more than 1500 items were inspected.

Work site of Master Kong Food Safety Inspection Center

Food safety involves thousands of households. The maintenance and improvement of food safety standards need the guidance and demonstration of industry leaders, and food safety also needs social governance. In this year’s “safe production month”, Master Kang once again took the lead in responding to the call of the state to strengthen food safety work and strengthen food safety education on campus. In the form of online open classes, more young people realized the importance of food safety, stored food safety knowledge and cultivated practical life skills.

Over the years, Master Kong has been constantly exploring innovative ways of food safety construction, and has always cared for the growth of the next generation. This online open class is Master Kang’s active response to the national call, once again having a close and in-depth dialogue with young people on “food safety”. While improving the food safety and nutrition of the next generation, it also provides a new path and thinking for the food industry on how to practice corporate social responsibility.

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