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“Innovative formula tea” capsule tea language is sought after

make China’s own world-class tea brand in a way that young people prefer, and build a fashionable and modern tea aesthetics close to life.
Recently, the new generation of tea and aesthetic brand, positioning the capsule tea language of “innovative formula tea”, completed the pre-A round of financing pursued by the old shareholder triangle capital in September 2021, and recently completed the round a financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investor is Meihua venture capital, and Weilan capital acts as the long-term exclusive capital consultant. This is also the third round of financing of capsule tea language since it obtained the investment of Buer capital and triangle capital in July 2021.
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Go against the trend and lock in new opportunities with innovation
Within one year, it started from “girls’ tea” and rapidly expanded to the field of “formula tea” with a wider audience, and has won three rounds of financing. At a time when “new consumption” is cold and the economic environment is declining, it has also demonstrated the outstanding strength of the makers of “capsule formula tea”. This round a capital injection, capsule tea language said, will be mainly used for product R & D, production and sales channel expansion.
As a well-known investment institution in China, Meihua venture capital is well-known in the industry for its investment philosophy of “fast, deep, understanding and accurate”, and is known as one of the most active investment institutions in China who understand the Internet and new consumption best. He chose to invest in capsule tea language. According to him, in addition to recognizing the innovation mode and development performance of capsule tea language, he also has optimistic expectations for the general social trend of national tide revival and the long-term performance of China’s nearly trillion tea market.
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Product is king, 4+1 formula creates new products
Capsule tea language was born in 2020. It has been deeply engaged in product research and development for one year. Since it was officially launched in 2021, it has always given people the impression of innovation.
Always adhering to the pursuit of innovation and quality, capsule tea language, on the basis of adhering to the original 4+1 formula (tea, flower, fruit, powder + Super raw materials), has carried out multidimensional expansion of the product line, covering a wider range of young people, and finally built a complete five-dimensional innovation system, that is, form innovation, formula innovation, taste innovation, experience innovation and standard innovation, and walked out of a development path different from all other peers, It has also created a new category – capsule formula tea, and the newcomers in the tea industry have officially transformed into a “new species” in the tea industry.
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Therefore, while the product has won the double international awards of if design award and “top delicious Medal”, the brand has also won many honors, such as TBI “the youngest brand of the year”, golden contact “the leading brand of the annual beautiful consumption trend”, Isee Global Food Innovation Award “top 100 innovative brands” and golden knife Award “TOP10 dark horse brand”.
Multi point layout, online and offline steady channel laying
Capsule tea language’s unique sales model and channel innovation are commendable. It combines online and offline closely, and gains positive feedback from users.
As of April 2022, the capsule tea language online has completed the layout of Tiktok, tmall, and other channels, and recently jumped into the ranks of “Douyin brands”. In terms of offline channel laying, the settlement of 10000+ points of FMCG channel has been completed in only half a year, and a number of flash store experiments have been opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places. In KKV, Quanjia, Watsons and other channels, the sales of capsule tea language continue to occupy the leading position in similar projects and maintain a good repurchase rate.
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In the future, capsule tea language will adhere to the concept of natural innocence, and continue to explore the infinite possibility of mixing tea from the origin of “capsule formula tea”. Breaking the high cold form of the original leaf tea, taking advantage of the popular trend of the current beverage, obtaining inspiration across categories, industries and fields, listening to the real needs of consumers, and making tea more than “raw material driven” agricultural products. Make China’s own world-class tea brand in a way that young people prefer, and build a fashionable and modern tea aesthetics close to life.
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