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In the remaining three days of the summer, the spring is very beautiful. As the early summer approaches, what new developments have taken place in the food and beverage industry in the past may? What new products have been introduced? What innovation trends can we see behind these new products? What innovative inspiration can you get?
The product data of this trend report is selected from the public new product data included in the “daily new product collection” of foodaily’s new product release platform (details can be found at the end of the article). A total of 110 new products in May 2022 are screened, covering 7 categories: beverages, milk and dairy products, snacks, baking, functional food, catering and candy chocolate. Among the new products in May, foodaily Research Institute summarized such innovative keywords as “early summer flavor”, “coffee liquid”, “yuanuniverse”, “new scene of milk drinking”, “Chinese nourishing”, “customized nutrition”, which will be introduced in detail below.
The following is a brief introduction to the contents of the report. For the complete report, you can add cherry as a friend, reply to “daily new product store” to receive the report and join the daily new product store.

Key words of beverage Innovation: Advanced coffee liquid, early summer flavor

As a category accounting for half of the food and beverage industry, new beverage products accounted for 43% of the total category composition in May alone. Through these new products, we found the following trends:
1) Fresher and more versatile, advanced coffee liquid
The product forms are becoming more and more abundant, and the per capita consumption is rising year by year. The domestic coffee market is stepping through the barbaric growth stage, evolving from “focusing on products” to “focusing on quality”. Among them, coffee liquid, a new form of high-quality instant coffee, has risen rapidly, leaping to the top of the new category with the highest innovation efficiency of tmall at present.
In order to better fit the young people’s consumption habits of pursuing individuality and freshness, and make drinking coffee more interesting, coffee liquid products are gradually being iteratively upgraded in terms of extraction process and blending space.
For example, liancoffee introduced Italian extracted coffee liquid, adopted NFC non concentrated reduction technology, retained the natural flavor without damaging the aroma of coffee, and adopted Swedish aseptic filling process to complete fresh milk grade preservation in 12 seconds. Yongpu launched the 6.0 cold extract boutique concentrated sugar free black coffee solution, strictly selected the exclusive MPFs extraction technology of boutique coffee beans, which can be freshly extracted in 8 hours with ice drops and dissolved in 1 second to give a new flavor. On the basis of the three flavors of version 5.0, two new Yunnan manor coffees are added to create more creative and special flavor space.
2) Qingti and bayberry attack, taste the flavor of early summer
Foodaily Research Institute mentioned in the “outbreak of fruits and vegetables, a new trend of natural and healthy Nuggets”, one of the ten annual business hotspots of daily food in 2022, that the domestic fruit and vegetable market is still in the primary stage in terms of product type, technical content, scene development, etc. At the same time, under the general trend of pursuing natural health and freshness, consumers have put forward higher-level demands for convenience and experience of fruits and vegetables.
Based on this situation, the wider use of seasonal fruits in processed foods or the introduction of relevant products in combination with seasonal characteristics can not only improve the utilization of fruits and vegetables, but also meet the public’s pursuit of fresh and healthy quality.  
As the beginning of summer has passed, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and sour, sweet and refreshing seasonal fruits such as qingti and bayberry have also appeared one after another. Nestle launched qingtihao coconut ready to drink coffee, and Yuanqi forest fire tea launched qingtioolong flavor. In addition, Weiquan also launched Weiquan daily c waxberry compound fruit and vegetable juice with 21 day short-term preservation, cold storage and fresh locking.
Photo source: Nestle, Yuanqi forest, Weiquan
3) Redefining instant coffee
According to the overview of China’s instant coffee industry in 2022 released by toubao Research Institute, the instant coffee industry achieved a compound growth rate of 19.3% from 2017 to 2021, with a market size of nearly 10 billion yuan. In recent years, China’s ready to drink coffee market tends to be high-end. Whether it is the choice of high-quality raw materials such as coffee beans and milk sources, or the refinement of technology or the optimization of packaging, all brands are trying their best to launch more high-end and healthy products in response to consumers’ demand for quality. For example, fino launched a small latte with raw coconut, and the plant label launched a fresh coffee latte with raw coconut, integrating the explosive element “raw coconut” into instant coffee. In combination with the new scene of outdoor camping, Nova launched the camping bottle coffee with the selling point of “loading the freshly ground coffee into the beer bottle”.
4) Explore the “meta universe” and talk to young people with black Technology
Analysis group, an international consulting firm, released a report saying that from 2022, metauniverse will make a great contribution to the world economy, and its contribution to global GDP in the next decade will reach 3trillion yuan. The popular concept of meta universe not only makes major Internet companies compete for a place, but also physical consumption is also following the trend. Many domestic food enterprises have gradually begun to explore the mysteries of the meta universe. In May, Coca Cola launched the Coca Cola rhythm block sugar free cola, claiming that it was the first coke born in the metauniverse. In addition to creating the metauniverse style in the three-dimensional grid space on the packaging, it can also enter the virtual world by scanning the two-dimensional code of the can body to obtain a stronger interactive experience.

Key words of functional food innovation: Chinese nourishing, customized nutrition

With the public becoming more and more aware of the importance of health and wellness, food brands have upgraded and innovated functional food.
1) Modern expression of Chinese tonic
Guochao culture is gradually rising. As a part of Chinese traditional health culture, Chinese tonic has also attracted more and more public attention. Unlike most Western-style health care products that contain only a single nutrient, Chinese-style tonics with rich nutrient composition can meet the needs of consumers to regulate their bodies in more dimensions.
Nowadays, in order to meet the needs of modern consumers, especially the punk health preservation and Buddhist health preservation of young groups, many brands have begun to skillfully combine traditional medicine and food homologous ingredients with popular product forms and star ingredients, so as to make the ancient health preservation culture glow with new vitality.
Combine the full-term red ginseng, artichoke, medlar, turmeric, chrysanthemum and other raw materials with GABA ingredients, and don’t expect to launch the special essence drink for the Party of staying up late. One third of the wine combines cinnamon, tangerine peel, Angelica dahurica, licorice, dried ginger and other ingredients into the body of the cooked Pu tea to drink a nourishing new tea.
2) Thousands of people and thousands of bodies, customized nutrition supplement
Constitution, age, gender, lifestyle Ubiquitous personalization determines the characteristics of different people facing different health problems. In the face of different physical demands, the human body needs to supplement corresponding nutrients to match different physiological needs. At the same time, in the process of nutrition supplement, the public often encounter problems such as difficult to adhere to, lack of time for health preservation, lack of professional guidance and so on.
In this case, breaking the single form of mainstream nutritional supplement products in the market, using the characteristics of different populations to promote the prevention, management and treatment of diseases and optimize healthy nutritional strategies, and providing customized nutritional supplements will be a very ideal solution.
For example, according to the different physical conditions of people of different ages and genders, GNC has launched a GNC daily nutrition package with a combination of basic vitamin minerals and a variety of high-quality raw materials. According to the national demand, the scientific proportion and more accurate customized nutrition design make the product form of small particles portable and easy to swallow.

Other category innovation Keywords: versatile coconut, new meat knowledge, new milk drink scene

Compared with the above categories, the innovation of other food categories is relatively fragmented. However, there are still some innovative commonalities in the more detailed and specific new products of these tracks.
1) Treasure ingredients: the infinite possibility of ever-changing coconut
According to tmall 2020 plant protein beverage innovation trend, coconut flavor has the fastest growth rate among all fruit / flavor beverages, up to 109%. Raw coconut latte, coconut milk, coconut milk, a precious food material with its own sweet flavor and nutritional and health characteristics, coconut has been popular in the beverage industry in recent years. Nowadays, with the public’s more and more in-depth understanding of coconut consumption, the application of coconut as raw material is no longer satisfied with only making “green leaves” for new tea, but gradually extends to more categories such as coconut snacks, catering food, desserts, etc.
Inspired by regional cuisines, Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan launched a new prefabricated dish, lazy Coconut Chicken. You can easily realize the freedom of Coconut Chicken by simply boiling it. The sweet coconut milk is used to meet the new health proposition of desserts. Haomaiduo has launched oat raw coconut Bobo light truck raw coconut desserts. The imported coconut milk is combined with oats, quinoa, tremella and other raw materials. It is ready to eat with the lid open and multiple fresh locks.
2) New knowledge about eating meat: healthier and more enjoyable
Chinese people surrounded by the epidemic have a deeper understanding of the importance of meat. From favoring pleasant meat snacks to pursuing healthy and environmentally friendly plant meat, now they are turning to the same portable and time-saving lunch meat cans and meat prefabricated dishes. The public’s meat consumption is more diversified. The increasingly rich scenes of eating meat also promote meat brands to develop more friendly and more humane ready to eat meat products. The low-fat and high-protein high-quality chicken breast lunch meat and the low sodium salt and no added meat dumplings are innovations in the quality and nutrition of traditional lunch meat. In addition, sausage food has also made new upgrades in terms of more lean meat and more fresh ingredients, such as the meat belly with long ball and pine nuts with ultra-high lean meat content and wild pine nuts, and the original meat sausage of snow mountain black pig, which is a fresh food for advanced meat eating.
3) Personalized and functional, more new scenes of milk drinking
Dairy products with healthy nutrition genes and mellow and delicious taste have developed mature eating habits in the hearts of consumers and gradually penetrated into a wide range of daily drinking scenes. As consumers’ demand for high-quality and functional products increases, and traditional dairy products enter the bottleneck period of growth, some dairy companies provide more targeted products to specific groups through the upgrading of formulas and processes to find innovation and growth points in the industry. According to the demand of lightening the load, shape power launched shape power yoghurt, while Lechun launched Lechun wow milk extract based on the scene of professional tea and coffee partners.

Daily new product stew, a platform for new products and new inspiration

“Daily new product digest” is a new product release platform specially created by foodaily for domestic food and beverage enterprises. It scans new products all day and all day. It is committed to creating a new position for exposure and communication for domestic food and beverage brands, and provides professional media communication, industrial resource links and other services for brands based on the industry and industrial resources accumulated by foodaily for many years.
Since the launch of the column, “daily new product stew” has invited 360+ brands such as Yuanqi forest, Hankou No. 2 factory, xuanma, jinzai, konke, FeNO, Xingli, rangcha, Zhongjie bingdian, huangxiaozhu, ozak and Luwei awakening to settle in, and has completed the reporting of 600+sku new products that will be launched after January 2022.
Here, we also invite all brands to settle in the “daily new product collection” platform for independent reporting, so as to timely obtain the exposure and resource link rights provided by foodaily for you. To submit new products, please scan the following figure and fill in the information. We will inform you of the review and inclusion results at the first time!

PS: the original intention of “daily new product collection” is to provide more windows and innovative services for the release of brand new products. If the product information included by us is incorrect or you do not want the product information to be exposed in the “daily new product collection” column and derivative services, please contact Jane (18761942027) for help.
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