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Xi tea launched the industry’s first “real milk” initiative. McDonald’s’s new Russian owner will open more stores. Hu Haiquan’s association with the milk tea company was fined for tea tax evasion. Haagen Dazs co branded the Louvre

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Xi Cha releases the standard for quality real milk

Today, Xi tea released the “Xi tea quality real milk standard”. The standard is based on the requirements and experience of real milk raw material management for many years. It includes all links of controlling the quality of real milk raw materials by Xi Cha Ba, covering four links: milk source, milk processing, milk transportation and storage, and store use. At the same time, Xicha also jointly released the first “initiative on the use of quality milk raw materials for ready-made milk tea” with China consumer daily, which calls on the industry to comprehensively upgrade the quality of milk raw materials (issued by the company)

Sipu Sipu a store was fined for having an unidentified plastic bag in its drink

Recently, the 344th branch of Xiabu Xiabu Catering Management Co., Ltd. in Beijing was fined 3000 yuan, as shown in the figure below:

(Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision)

Huhaiquan was fined for tax evasion of tea related to milk tea company

Recently, Guangzhou Bengong Catering Service Co., Ltd., a tea related company of Bengong, was fined by the second inspection bureau of Guangzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau for tax evasion. Details are shown in the figure:

(business system)

Huawei enters the coffee track? Relevant trademarks have been applied for

Huawei yesterday applied for registration of the trademark of “one standard coffee absorbs cosmic energy”, which is internationally classified as catering and accommodation. The current status is awaiting substantive review. Public information shows that coffee is one of the keywords highly related to Huawei. Similar to the wording of Huawei’s trademark applied for registration this time is the famous saying of Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei – “a cup of coffee absorbs the energy of the universe”. (Caijing Tianxia weekly)

Keming food plans to raise no more than 423million yuan

Yesterday, Keming food company planned to privately issue no more than 45million A-shares to Chen Hong, duanjuxiang and Chen Hui, the persons acting in concert as the actual controllers, and the total amount of funds raised was no more than 423million yuan. After deducting the issuance expenses, it planned to use all of them to supplement working capital and repay interest bearing liabilities. (company announcement)

Changsha Customs investigation team visited Australia

Recently, huangzhiqiang, deputy director of Changsha Customs of Hunan Province, and huangcaixin, director of import and export food safety department, led a team to investigate Aoyou. The research group and its delegation provided guidance on the difficulties encountered by Aoyou in the import and export inspection and quarantine and customs clearance process, and put forward solutions on the spot. (issued by the company)

Nestle settled in rookie green home

During 618 this year, Nestle settled in the online “green home” and joined hands with rookies to participate in more in-depth green carbon reduction actions such as express packaging recycling, public environmental protection and green consumption initiatives. Nestle and rookies have become enterprise level strategic “green partners”. (issued by the company)

Danone Shanghai distributed 170000 cases of “Lingqi”

Recently, in order to support the fight against epidemic diseases in Shanghai and help the front-line workers to return to work and production, the “Lingqi” under Danone China Beverage distributed nearly 170000 boxes of products to some residents of sealed control communities and front-line workers against epidemic diseases, covering more than 200 communities. (issued by the company)

Haagen Dazs launches moon cake ice cream with the Louvre

Today, Haagen Dazs wechat official account announced that it has jointly created a new “Louvre” series moon cake ice cream gift box in the Louvre Museum, which has been listed in the new Haagen Dazs tmall flagship store. (issued by the company)

Heiqiao launched the “explore the earth” manual limited dark chocolate gift box every day

Today, Heiqiao and Michelin star dessert chefs launched the “explore the earth” handmade limited dark chocolate gift box, which is limited to 1000 sets worldwide. (issued by the company)

Abbott was accused of receiving allegations from former employees earlier

According to the news of the Wall Street Journal today, Abbott received the allegations about the problems of an infant formula factory in the United States several months earlier than the previous public information. It is reported that a former Abbott employee had previously submitted a complaint, claiming that the factory had problems including the failure of equipment that needed to be repaired, and started selling the formula milk powder without sufficient evidence that it was safe to eat. (Wall Street Journal)

McDonald’s Russia to launch new logo

Before the official reopening of McDonald’s in Russia on Sunday, McDonald’s will release its new logo: a hamburger and two French fries. Alexander govor, the new owner of McDonald’s Russian company, aims to restart all restaurants within two months and expand from about 850 stores to 1000. (Reuters)

Campbell soup raised its annual sales forecast

Yesterday, Campbell soup announced to raise its annual sales forecast. It is expected that the organic net sales in fy2022 will rise by 1% – 2%, compared with the previous forecast of -1% – 1%. Affected by the price rise and the easing of supply chain restrictions, the quarterly performance of jinbaotang exceeded expectations. Previously, Jinbao soup raised the product price due to the soaring freight and raw material costs in the packaged food industry. It is understood that Kellogg and kafheinz also raised their annual sales forecasts. (Reuters)

Lantris raised the purchase price of raw milk in Australia

Recently, the French dairy company Randles has raised its raw milk quotation in Australia, providing farmers with a $9.20 to $9.30/kg milk solids in 2022-23 season. According to market news, Fonterra may soon announce to raise the price of raw milk locally, and Saputo may also announce. (weekly times)

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Shanghai food safety “inspection and protection” special action extended

According to the wechat official account of Shanghai market supervision, the special action of “observing, inspecting and protecting” food safety will cover all links in the field of food safety, and the time will be extended from half a year to March 2023. Since February, as of May 30, the special action of “inspection and protection” has inspected a total of 78000 food production and business units, found 1728 potential risks, and completed the disposal of 1402. 2336 food safety violations have been investigated and 1638 administrative punishment decisions have been made. (Shanghai market supervision)

In May, China’s total import and export value increased by 9.6%

According to customs statistics, in May, China’s total import and export value was 3.45 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.6%. Among them, the export was 1.98 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.3%; Imports reached 1.47 trillion yuan, up 2.8 percent; The trade surplus was 502.89 billion yuan, an increase of 79.1 percent. (General Administration of Customs)

It is said that JD will carry out takeout business and deliver goods to the home in the “Tiktok supermarket”

In the near future, will pilot the catering takeout business. Tiktok is also further increasing its investment in local living business. Recently, it is trying to run its own business similar to supermarket. The project is called “douchao door-to-door delivery” and is piloting in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other cities. (latepost later)

CSRC’s response to ant group’s resumption of listing

Today, in response to the establishment of a working group to assess the resumption of listing of ant group, the CSRC said that it had not conducted any assessment and research in this regard, and supported qualified platform enterprises to list at home and abroad. It is reported that Alibaba’s US stock fell by nearly 5% before the market. Ant group announced that ant group is focusing on the implementation of rectification work under the guidance of regulatory authorities and has no plan to launch an IPO at present. (issued by CSRC and the company)

Network anchor emperor Shi apologizes for tax evasion

Recently, the second inspection bureau of Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau found that the network anchor sunzixuan (online name: Emperor Shi) was suspected of tax evasion through the analysis of big tax data. After the Tax Department filed the case, sun Zixuan still had a fluke mentality. He did not provide the relevant information truthfully. Only after the tax department had obtained the relevant evidence did he admit the existing problems and make up the tax. On June 9, Emperor Shi issued a microblog to apologize, and advised all anchors not to take any chances. The Internet is not a place outside the law, so we must take the initiative to declare and pay taxes, or we will not only have late fees, but also face huge fines. (Zhongxin finance and Economics)


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