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Danone and green Monday did it together! This time, I invested in oatly drink

A beverage company similar to oatly has brought together the French food giant and a Hong Kong food company with a large number of businesses in mainland China.

Yesterday, minor figures, a British oat drink brand, received significant investment from Danone manifesto ventures (DMV) and green Monday, the venture capital departments of Danone. Although the investment amount and shareholding are not disclosed together, Clemence Delcourt, chief investment officer of DMV, has joined the board of directors of minor figures.

The snack generation found out today that green Monda

“Amplify impact”

Let’s first look at the details of this investment.

For this financing participation, the seat investment of Danone venture capital department DMV

As for y, which participated in the investment together, it was

Green Monda

As for why we made this investment, Yang Dawei, founder and CEO of Y, said that the other party’s positioning and brand image have indeed resonated with many new generation consumers, and the strategic partnership will promote “further influence and change” in Asia and the world.

Green Monday创始人及首席执行官杨大伟

It is reported that when the news of “major investment” was released, minor figures continued to expand its product portfolio and international retail growth. In March this year, the company launched oatmeal drink in 700 Tesco stores in the UK; In addition, minor figures recently launched its first refrigerated plant-based beverage in 250 Waitrose stores in the UK.

Has entered China

So, what is the origin of minor figures who obtained both investments at the same time?

According to the information of snack generation, minor figures was founded in 2015. It has a product portfolio of barista oatmeal drink and a series of ready to drink coffee and tea. In 2019, it obtained an investment of 7.5 million pounds (about 62.51 million yuan) in exchange for investors to purchase its minority stake and support its development in the U.S. market.

In addition to the UK, where the company is located, minor figures has set up offices in the United States and Australia, selling plant-based beverages in 16 markets, including Mainland China, showing its international “ambition”.

It turns out that y acts as an agent to wholesale third-party products to the mainland market through its green common platform, including the oat drink products of minor figures. Today, xiaoshidai learned from relevant people that minor figures products are sold on the greencommon online platform “greencommon overseas flagship store” and its physical stores in Shanghai.

Minor Figures小人物咖啡大师燕麦饮

In addition, xiaoshidai also learned through search that minor figures also has its own sales platform in tmall – “minorfigures flagship store”. The main selling product of the self-supporting store is “minor figures coffee master oatmeal drink”, which is imported from the UK. Its main selling point is “0 added sugar”. At the same time, it also emphasizes “carefully adjusting Asian taste” and “fresh date”. The place of shipment is Beijing.

The snack agent noticed that the current price of 1l package of the above products is 32 yuan,

Besides minor figures, it also sells canned nitrogen cold extract ready to drink coffee on tmall, including Mocha, latte and other products. The price of two cans is 28 yuan, with 10 sales per month.

As the product is similar to the main scene, it is inevitable that the outside world will compare with oatly, the top brand of oatmeal drink. For example, in the product evaluation “ask everyone”, a consumer asked, “is it good to make oatmeal latte or oatly coffee master?” In terms of price, the current price of the 1L product of oatly in the official flagship store of is 48 yuan, and the price after the coupon is 26 yuan, which means that the two prices are close after the discount, but the monthly sales of oatly’s product exceed 30000.

Shareholder role

According to the aforementioned minor figures, the biggest motivation to “embrace” the two companies this time is to expand their own business.

Omni new meat doctrine under green Monday, one of the investors, has nearly 30 self owned plant protein products, involving plant-based pork, plant-based seafood, plant-based meat quick-frozen food and other categories.

Since 2015, green Monday has begun to build its own plant-based “ecosystem”. Yang Dawei said earlier that green Monday’s entry into venture capital is not only aimed at accelerating the development of “potential stocks” in the industry, but also hopes to deepen contacts with these companies and introduce their products to the Asian market.

In addition to online channels in the mainland, green Monday also has its own physical stores in the mainland, so that green Monday can “bring goods” for the invested brands while promoting the plant base.

At present, Danone’s plant-based products are also an important part of its global business. Danone has greatly increased the number of three related products in 2021, and now

to the venture capital Department of Danone

Data shows that since the establishment of DMV, it has invested in some organic food and plant-based companies. The most noteworthy is that in June last year, DMV acquired most of the shares of organic coconut beverage company harmony harvest, which means that DMV has turned from one of the investors to a major shareholder in real trading, showing its investment philosophy.

However, although there are two well-known companies in the capital level,

The popularity of
minor figures is not high. In terms of its online sales, it is still in the stage of “niche” products. Compared with oatly, a “pioneer”, it is still in the preliminary stage of breaking the circle at the 2C level. At the 2B level, oatly has gained a firm foothold by entering a number of well-known coffee chain stores. In addition, oatly’s success in the mainland and even in the Asian market can not be separated from the help of its important shareholder, China Resources,

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