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Huawei is also making coffee? Serious involution!




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Huawei applies for coffee trademark
In the past two years, there may be no service industry like coffee that can attract so many big shots in the industry. In this 100 billion level market, not only Ruixing, seesaw, manner and other “professionals” fight each other, but also China Post, two barrels of oil, Tongrentang, Wanda and other industry giants from outside the circle cross into the coffee track.
according to the enterprise survey data, up to now, there are more than 320000 coffee related enterprises in China, and 15000 new registered enterprises have been added within one year.
in 2019, 2020 and 2021, the number of financing events of domestic coffee brands was 24, 25 and 32 respectively, and the transaction amount was 1.599 billion yuan, 1.582 billion yuan and 3.936 billion yuan respectively. Since January this year alone, 12 financing events have occurred in the coffee track, with a financing amount of over 3billion yuan.
in the past may, Ruixing coffee achieved profit for the first time in five years since its establishment; Li Ning, a famous sportswear brand, has officially opened a coffee shop; Now, Huawei, the mobile communication giant, has also come. You can imagine the popularity of the coffee market.
Source: qicha
the reason why Huawei is involved in the coffee track has something to do with the changes in Huawei’s external environment in recent years.
in recent years, Huawei has successively established many Corps organizations, such as customs and ports, smart highways, data center energy and smart photovoltaic. These measures are based on Huawei’s new development goal of “more grain and survival”. The current hot coffee market may be Huawei’s next “small target”.
Huawei makes coffee in another way
Of course, as an enterprise of Huawei’s size, the coffee market scale of 100 billion is difficult to become its strategic project development, so Huawei should have another plan in the coffee track.
those who know Huawei well will not be unfamiliar with the strange trademark “Yibiao coffee absorbs cosmic energy”. Huawei has a strategic idea: a bucket of paste binds Huawei’s power, and a standard coffee absorbs cosmic energy.
Coffee dialogue with Ren Zhengfei
Ren Zhengfei mentioned the topic of coffee, cafes and coffee culture in public conversations more than once, and directly integrated coffee and coffee culture into his own management methods and management philosophy. For example, he made a series of statements on “a cup of coffee absorbs the energy of the universe”, and he attached importance to the coffee element in Huawei’s working environment. He even directly encouraged and called on Huawei’s scientists to drink more coffee outside.
therefore, coffee, a global social function, may be one of the important reasons for Huawei to get involved in this field. Huawei may focus on the global media function of coffee.
coffee cup in Huawei’s office
in the thinking of a global enterprise like Huawei, many global brands actually have a coffee shop logic. In addition to considering the value spillover of existing channels and brands, this logic also has a very important appeal that we have seen the consumption scenarios and services of coffee shops and their appeal to young people.
through the expansion and layout of the coffee shop scene, we can not only make full use of and give full play to the existing advantages of these enterprises, but also increase the possibility of dialogue and connection between enterprises and young people.
Huawei has a precedent for coffee application
Huawei once co signed with Ruixing
in fact, Huawei tried to provide technical support in the field of coffee consumption several years ago. At the 2018 Huawei full connection conference, Huawei and Ruixing coffee jointly launched an AI technology that allows on-site visitors to order coffee by gestures of love in front of the equipment.
this technology mainly relies on Huawei cloud EI (enterprise artificial intelligence) technology. Huawei cloud has built an exclusive love gesture database for Ruixing coffee. Each coffee has a unique gesture password. As long as the audience imitates the gesture, they can order the corresponding coffee.
Huawei uses AI technology to compare love with Ruixing coffee
in 2020, Huawei opened a Huawei Smart Life Pavilion in China. It is understood that here, consumers can not only experience Huawei’s “full scene” black technology products, but also taste freshly blended coffee. The
coffee shop has also introduced AR technology to provide consumers with a dream scene of drinking coffee under the stars to experience the “sense of future” brought by the intelligent linkage between products. This is Huawei’s first attempt to use coffee as a medium to promote its IT technology.
Opening of the first Huawei Smart Life Museum in Yunnan
at the Huawei global analysts’ conference held in April 2022, Huawei announced the launch of the online Chinese new year tea house, hoping to build it into a channel for scientific and technological exchanges.
at present, the website of huangdanian tea house has been launched, including academic hot spots, selected papers, coffee and tea talk, technical problems, etc. It is also an online gathering of global scientific and technological elites through the media of drinks familiar to China and the West.
Huang Danian Tea House website
Huawei doesn’t make coffee from scratch
An international large enterprise with mobile Internet software and hardware as its main business turns to the coffee business, which is like a learning bully Polytechnic student talking about writing romantic novels. It sounds fantastic, but after careful analysis, Huawei actually has the foundation to make coffee.
first of all, on brand power, Huawei’s brand reputation is at its peak. Because of its outstanding performance in the mobile phone field, Huawei has established a very positive image in the minds of consumers. Even in the beverage industry, this influence is difficult for many brands to achieve with huge investment.
is followed by management and execution capability. Huawei can be called an industry benchmark. Whether it’s Huawei’s wolf corporate culture or the latest army playing method, Huawei is not only powerful, but also close to the front line of the market.
on the supply chain, although Huawei has not yet established its own catering material supply system, its business is all over the world, and its purchasing capacity cannot be underestimated.
finally, Huawei’s role in the catering industry is not a blank paper.
Huawei global top ten restaurants
in 2019, Huawei held a “Huawei’s top 10 restaurants in the world”, which was selected from 149 self owned employee restaurants in 110 countries, excluding domestic restaurants.
in this competition, they refined the six key elements of taste, environment, considerate service, team activities, brand promotion and user evaluation into 22 standards for implementation. After primary selection, the global professional jury deliberated for several rounds, and the final list was determined in 86 days. Its luxury is no less than Michelin. In the years after
, Huawei held the same type of evaluation activities in succession. Every time, there were hot reviews. Every time someone showed Huawei’s selection pictures, they quickly became a hot topic as soon as they were online. Netizens commented with envy, saying that this was the legendary “canteen of others’.
mobile phones and data switches may be too far away from coffee, but catering and coffee drinks come down in one continuous line. With Huawei’s executive power, it should not be impossible to make this cup of coffee.
Author: Wang Jian; Source: China Beverage Express (id:zgypkb), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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