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Nongfu mountain spring laid out a prefabrication track. Golden dragon fish edible oil products are considering a third price adjustment. Domino’s Chinese Mainland has exceeded 500 stores. McDonald’s is accused of seeking to sell Korean business

Hot company information and announcement



At the 2021 annual performance presentation meeting held today, muyankui, President of golden dragon fish, revealed that “the company’s performance in the second quarter is expected to be better than that in the first quarter, with better capacity utilization and stable order growth. (this year’s edible oil products) have adjusted their prices twice. In the face of the sharp rise in international edible oil, they are still considering the third price adjustment in the near future.” Loke Mun Yee (luwenyu), the company’s chief financial officer, further said that the prices of the company’s main raw materials soybean, soybean oil, vegetable oil and palm oil are still at a high level, so the cost in the second quarter will remain at a high level. (Financial Associated Press)


Yesterday, the centralized construction of new large-scale pastures in Hohhot and the green intelligent breeding demonstration park project of 180000 cows of Yili Group was officially launched. It is reported that Yili Group’s 180000 cows green and intelligent breeding demonstration park project covers a planned area of more than 80000 mu. After completion, the total investment is expected to be about 8billion yuan. After completion, the number of cows will reach 180000 and the annual milk output will be more than 1million tons. (issued by the company)

COFCO Coca Cola new production line put into operation

Yesterday, the first sterile fruit drink production line of COFCO Coca Cola Huazhong Beverage Co., Ltd. was put into operation in Changsha Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, with an estimated annual output value of 500million yuan. It is reported that the fruit juice aseptic production line put into operation this time has a total investment of 100million yuan. Its main products include a variety of fruit juice drinks such as mizuhara fruit orange and fruit milk. (Wangcheng district financial media center)

Domino’s has broken through 500 stores in Chinese Mainland

The official wechat of Domino’s announced today that it has broken through 500 stores in Chinese Mainland and launched a pizza buy one get one free activity from June 10 to June 19. (issued by the company)


Yesterday, the legal representative of 711 (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was changed from Shinji Uchida to Yan Qian. (business system)

Chen he’s withdrawal from Xianhezhuang continued to ferment

Recently, actor Chen he’s withdrawal from the shareholders of Fujian Xianhezhuang triggered a heated discussion. On June 8, Xianhezhuang stewed hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot responded to recent queries on its official microblog overnight. With regard to the “240million franchise fee” and “370million franchise fee” collected by Chen he through the Internet, Xianhezhuang said that Chen he has neither received nor received any money from the company. (First Finance)


A few days ago, the subsidiary brand “mother”, which is the main beef stick of the parent company of Nongfu Shanquan, launched self heating food and laid out the prefabricated vegetable market. According to the product introduction of the flagship store of the e-commerce platform of the mother brand, the toppings of this “instant hot new rice” include four flavors: diced chicken with rattan pepper, curry beef, table style marinated meat and beef in golden soup. The rice is packed in boxes, while the topping is packed in separate plastic bags. (World Wide Web)

Bag tea “Chali tea” launched bottled beverage product line

Recently, Chali announced on its wechat official account that it would launch the bottled tea drink “duck excrement single cluster” in the near future. The relevant person in charge of public relations in Chali said that this new product will be officially launched at the end of June. It will be distributed online and offline, but the specific price and channel have not been disclosed. (Interface)

“Capsule tea language” completed tens of millions of yuan of round a financing

Recently, the “capsule tea language” positioning “innovative formula tea” announced that it had completed tens of millions of yuan of round a financing, and the investor was Meihua venture capital. For the purpose of the new round of financing, capsule tea language said that it will be mainly used for product R & D, production and sales channel expansion, and continue to consolidate the product and supply chain. (36 krypton)

Coffee chain brand “waicoffee” has completed the pre-A round of financing. It is reported that the coffee chain brand “waicoffee” has completed the pre-A round of financing, and the old shareholder Lin Cheng capital has increased the capital again in this round. Caoyuzhi, the founder of Wai coffee, said that this year, he planned to penetrate the Ningbo single market first. It is expected that the number of stores will increase to 100 by the end of the year, and then he will continue to deploy in other regions of Zhejiang. (36 krypton)

Naixue launched a popular new tea bag

Today, Naixue’s tea makes three popular teas, jasmine chuxue, duck excrement fragrant single cluster and golden osmanthus Zhiqiu, into tea bags. Tea is easy to drink every day, and the member price is 15.9 yuan / bag from June 9 to June 24. (issued by the company)


Today, COFCO Coca Cola’s official wechat announced that the sugar free series of magic claw energy has joined a new member. Sunrise has gone beyond the citrus flavor to be launched. It has zero sugar and zero fat, fresh taste, and ginseng, taurine and vitamin B family have been added. (issued by the company)

McDonald’s seeks to sell Korean business

According to Korean media, McDonald’s is looking for a buyer to take over its wholly-owned Korean business. “We are looking for strategic partners that can help us develop our business in Korea and are considering a variety of options with external consultants.” McDonald’s South Korean official said today. It is reported that the sales volume of McDonald’s in Korea last year was 1trillion won (US $789million), the highest level since it opened stores in Korea in 1988. Among them, the direct stores accounted for about 70% of the business in Korea, and the rest were franchised stores. (koreaherald)


Quick reading of food industry information



In May, food prices rose by 2.3% year on year, and pork prices fell by 21.1%

Today, the National Bureau of statistics released the national CPI (consumer price index) data for may 2022. Data show that in May, the national consumer price rose by 2.1% year-on-year. Among them, food prices rose by 2.3%. In food, the price of pork decreased by 21.1%. (China Economic Net)

Hubei food industry’s 150million yuan Technical Transformation Fund leveraged the total investment of 92.1 billion yuan

Recently, the Hubei food industry demonstration experience exchange meeting was held in Xianning. Driven by a number of leading enterprises such as red bull, org, jinmailang and Yuanqi forest, there were 100 food and beverage enterprises above Designated Size in Xianning last year, with an output value of 20.378 billion yuan. According to statistics, since last year, the provincial high-quality development of manufacturing industry has supported 65 key technical transformation projects in the food industry, with a support fund of 150million yuan, driven 607 projects across the province, and leveraged the total investment of 92.1 billion yuan. (Hubei Provincial Department of economy and information technology)

The pricing of net red minority milk mixed with milk is falsely high

Recently, a reporter from Jimu news found that some “minority milk” claims high nutritional value and low fat content, but the price is not cheap. A can of 16 small bags of camel milk costs as much as 588 yuan. Industry insiders said that many camel milk and goat milk brands are mixed milk powder, the actual composition accounts for a small proportion, and the nutritional value and health preservation function are limited. It is suggested that consumers should not blindly believe in minority milk. (Jimu News)

to make clear! These actions can be regarded as “bid up prices”

Today, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued an opinion that if an operator has one of the following acts that promote or may promote the rapid or excessive rise of commodity prices, the market supervision department can identify the illegal act of driving up prices as stipulated in Item 1 of Article 6 of the provisions on administrative penalties for price violations: 1 Fabricating and disseminating production and purchase cost information; 2. fabricating and disseminating information about tight supply of goods or sharp increase in market demand; 3. fabricating and disseminating information that other business operators have raised or are about to raise prices; 4. the spreading information contains such urgent or inductive terms as “imminent price increase”, “price rise tide” and pushes up the price expectation; 5. spreading information to induce other operators to raise prices; 6. fabricating or spreading other information that promotes or may promote the rapid or excessive rise of commodity prices. (

The Ministry of Commerce said that the 5th China International Fair was progressing smoothly

Yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference. Shujueting, deputy director of the finance department and spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the 5th Shanghai International Fair for the promotion of international trade in November was progressing steadily according to the original plan, and all work was progressing smoothly. (business micro News)

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