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Three meals of semi self-developed super soluble 6.0-pound new, happy tea selling beauty ice cream… | one week’s hot news

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1. Three and a half tons launched super solution 6.0, which is applied to independently researched and developed repus ®️ Super extraction system
2. Yuanqi forest fiber tea is a new mulberry five black tea, which can nourish the black, clear and nourish the black
3. Like the new multi meat red bayberry ice cream on the tea, the popular drink is “frozen”
4. Join the bottled tea beverage, and the duck excrement single cluster in Chali tea will be on the market soon
5. Quaker multivitamin instant oatmeal is on the market, and 8 vitamins enhance the body’s defense
6. Danone’s brand dare to go online and provide “on-demand and time-sharing” scientific nutrition formula
7. Dr. cheese released the black gold series of original cheese sticks, which were made by A2 β- Made from casein raw milk
8. Haagen Dazs pushes the Louvre series of moon cake ice cream, 7 gift boxes to enjoy the full moon moment
9. Coffee chain brand Wai coffee completed the pre-A round of financing, and creative coffee entered the beverage sinking Market
10. “Innovative formula tea” capsule tea language completed tens of millions of yuan of round a financing, and the investor was Meihua venture capital
11. Discount supermarket chain Xiaoxiang life completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, mainly focusing on the community supermarket scene
12. Coca Cola introduced the herbal tea brand health workshop into the mainland market and officially set foot in the herbal tea industry
13. Xi’an tea released the “Xi’an tea quality real milk standard” and launched the first “initiative on the use of raw materials for milk tea quality milk”


On June 9, Santon and a half launched the super dissolving 6.0 series, which is a combination of six themes, corresponding to the themes of No. 1-6 respectively: Sun treatment, rainforest growth, water washing treatment, micro batch, natural sweetness and volcanic soil. The self-developed repus has been officially applied ®️ The super extraction system realizes the overall upgrading of baking, extraction, freeze-drying and packaging systems, continues to improve the flavor reduction rate, reduces industrial impurities, and makes the flavor clearer and the taste more smooth.
REPUS ®️ The system has basically realized that there are as many kinds of fine coffee as there are three and a half tons of instant fine coffee, which can be better used in the 6.0 series. At 20:00 p.m. on June 15, the experience clothing was officially launched, and it was sold in limited quantity during this period.
Picture source: three and a half meals


On June 2, the new mulberry five black tea under Yuanqi forest was introduced into the fiber tea. Five kinds of black food materials, including mulberry, black rice, black sesame, black fruit medlar, black bean and rye, were selected to nourish and light health. The fresh fruit fragrance was integrated with the natural taste of natural rice. The color was clear and bright, and the strength of grain was blooming. The new products have now landed in the flagship store of Yuanqi forest tmall.
Photo source: Yuanqi forest flagship store


Recently, a new multi meat red bayberry popsicle was launched in the flagship store of Xi tea to reproduce the popular drink multi meat red bayberry. The outer layer of the new product is custom-made green Yan tea soup ice shell for Xi tea; The inner layer is red bayberry ice cream with special red bayberry jam; The bottom layer is thick Zhizhi ice cream, which is mellow, fragrant and rich in layers. Each popsicle also contains 100mg sodium hyaluronate, which unlocks the new way of skin care in summer. It now sells for 4 pieces *2 boxes /120 yuan.
Photo source: official flagship store of Xi cha


On June 7, the official announcement bottled tea beverage duck excrement single cluster in Chali tea will be launched soon. The new product is phoenix single cluster from Chaozhou. It adopts scientific blending and advanced extraction technology to extract fresh tea. The modern processing technology gives the tea a proper aroma, and the taste is naturally sweet. No sugar, no fat, no burden.
Source: Chali tea


On June 9, Quaker’s first multi vitamin instant oatmeal was surprisingly launched, adding a buff to the body’s defense. The new product contains oats and multi vitamin grains imported from Australia, 8 vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin C and vitamin E, and rich protein and dietary fiber to provide nutrition for the body. The tmall flagship store sells for 688g*3 bags /76.9 yuan.
Image source: Quaker Quaker flagship store


Recently, Danone new dihia’s nutrition brand dare to launch a full line of nutrition food products. Inspired by the Oriental health philosophy and combined with the cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements of Danone open scientific research center, it focuses on Chinese consumers over 40 years old.
Now, three products have been launched, namely, probiotic dietary fiber drink, “jianjili” good night drink and multi protein clear drink, to meet the body’s nutritional needs in the morning, noon and evening, and to cut into a variety of scenarios such as exercise and sleep. Now tmall flagship store sells “jianjili” good night drink at 205 yuan / box, probiotic dietary fiber drink at 188 yuan / box, and multi protein clear drink at 215 yuan / box.
Source: consumption daily


On June 9, Dr. cheese released the annual new black gold series original cheese stick, which was made by A2 β- Casein raw milk is fermented into cheese. The pure formula does not add pigment, preservative and edible salt. The calcium content per 100g is 760mg, the protein content is 12.5g, and the calcium sodium ratio is about 5. High quality nutrition protects the baby’s health. Now the activity price of tmall flagship store is 3 boxes of 268 yuan.
Photo source: Dr. cheese flagship store



On June 9, Haagen Dazs x Louvre Museum launched the Louvre series of moon cake ice cream, with a total of 7 gift boxes: the shape of the Louvre Shengting product is inspired by the “glass pyramid” at the entrance of the Louvre, and each product contains 2 flavors of ice cream, matched with the Louvre design skin. The price is 1080g/999 yuan; The golden statue gift box is inspired by the “goddess of victory on samothres island”. The goddess of victory and the side palace architectural patterns are embellished on the ice cream with seasoning syrup. The price is 1040g/888 yuan; The bright moon follows the French dessert making process, superimposes the sandblasting suede process, and is decorated with pearl shaped chocolate products. The price is 529g/758 yuan; The colorful cloud chasing the moon gift box is a perfect choice of ice cream with different flavors and fruit flavored ice rind. The fruit is fresh and sweet. The price is 590g/698 yuan; The Seven Star Moon companion gift box has 4 flavors. It is wrapped with colorful chocolate chips and matched with crushed nuts, coconut and strawberry. The price is 470g/538 yuan; Yueman zhencui gift box is made of classic French retro seal shaped chocolate chips, with baked crispy biscuit t-shell and flavor sandwich. The price is 372g/408 yuan; Linglong Xinyi gift box applies the goddess silhouette pattern to the design of moon cake ice cream, and matches it with chocolate chip. The price is 290g/318 yuan. All products have been sold in tmall flagship store.
Image source: Haagen Dazs


It is reported that the coffee chain brand Wai coffee has completed the pre-A round of financing, and the old shareholder Lin Cheng capital has increased the capital again in this round. Founder caoyuzhi said that this round of funds will be mainly used for brand, supply chain construction and store expansion.
Founded in 2021, Wai coffee originated in Ningbo. It focuses on creative coffee and sells several non coffee series such as fresh fruit tea. There are about 20 SKUs in total, of which coffee and non coffee products are 2:1, and the overall single cup price is about 10 to 15 yuan. The brand is mainly aimed at new first tier cities and below, opening up the market with differentiated ideas and cutting into the consumption scene of young people.
Source: 36 krypton


Recently, the capsule tea language, which is positioned as “innovative formula tea”, has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investor is Meihua venture capital, and Weilan capital acts as the long-term exclusive capital consultant. This round of financing will be mainly used for product R & D, production and sales channel expansion. This is also the third round of financing of capsule tea language since it obtained the investment of Buer capital and triangle capital in July 2021.
Capsule tea language was born in 2020 and officially launched in 2021. The brand has always adhered to the pursuit of innovation and quality. On the basis of adhering to the original 4+1 formula (tea, flower, fruit, powder + Super raw materials), it has carried out multidimensional expansion of the product line, covering a wider range of young people, and finally built a complete five-dimensional innovation system. Its capsule formula tea products have won the double international awards of if design award and “top delicious Medal”.
Picture source: capsule tea language


It is reported that the discount supermarket chain Xiaoxiang life has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan.
Xiaoxiang life was founded in October, 2020. Starting from temporary food, it has penetrated the communities and commercial streets of Nanjing and surrounding cities by selling popular FMCG with a market price as low as 30-50% off. It has launched a new business type “huimaimiao super discount warehouse” with an area of 1000 square meters, and the commodities and categories have been significantly expanded. Up to now, more than 4000 suppliers have regularly cleared the leftover goods from Xiaoxiang life, and dozens of factories have cooperated directly.
Photo source: Xiaohong Book @ Xiaohong likes fruits and vegetables


It is understood that Coca Cola has introduced the herbal tea brand “Health workshop” from Hong Kong into the mainland market and formally set foot in the herbal tea industry. In 2005, Coca Cola brought the health workshop under its command, and its products changed from traditional herbal tea to plant herbal tea drinks suitable for urban life. At present, “Health workshop” Prunella herbal tea plant beverage has been first sold in Coca Cola tmall flagship store. Coca Cola said that this product is an exploration on the subdivision of tea drinks under the company’s full category beverage strategy.
Source: Coca Cola flagship store


On June 9, at the 25th national dairy nutrition week, Xi Cha released the “Xi Cha quality real milk standard”, showing how it manages the quality of milk sources, milk processing, transportation and storage, and store use, so as to improve the quality of real milk raw materials. At the same time, Xicha also jointly launched the initiative on the use of quality milk raw materials for ready-made milk tea with the China consumer daily, calling on the industry to continue to popularize the use of real milk and reject creamer. This may improve the quality of the new tea industry and bring more high-quality and affordable products to consumers.
Photo source: Xi cha
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