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Liu Yifei’s “happy tea” became popular. After reading her operation routine, I realized




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The play was broadcasted on Tencent video at the beginning of June 2. Only 15 hours after its launch, the number of plays exceeded 200million, and the number of bullet screen interactions exceeded 10million in five days, a record high in recent years.
At the same time, the score of this drama in Douban has soared from 8.3 to 8.8. You should know that the once divine drama legend of Zhen Huan only got 9.3.
However, due to professional instinct, the operation agency found that the process of zhaopaner (played by Liu Yifei), the heroine of the play, coming from Qiantang to Tokyo (the capital of the Song Dynasty) to open a teahouse was simply an “ancient version” of second-line new tea, attacking the operation of first tier cities.
Zhao Pan’er’s Zhao tea shop is very famous in Qiantang area and is loved by the local people. However, after coming to the first tier city of Tokyo, it was acclimatized, and for a time it was rare (there was absolutely no meaning of a “dog’s head” with a happy face).
Although the road of expansion to the front line was cold, Zhao paner quickly summarized the problems and changed the operation strategy. From the cold business to the hot business, what did Zhao paner do right in the operation? What reference ideas can it provide for the new tea drinkers?
Today, the operation agency will show you about it.

Drainage: refined operation based on geographical location

When the tea house opened, Zhao paner launched a “discount promotion”, which coincided with the Buddha’s birthday (that is, the Buddha’s birthday, a traditional festival). There was a lot of traffic, so business was good on the first day.
But after a long time, zhaopaner found that the business of the tea house was getting worse day by day.
This is because zhaopan’er comes from Qiantang in the south of the Yangtze River. Most of the Zhao’s tea houses she opened in the local area serve users with “money and leisure” (the pace of small cities is slow, and the brand positioning is similar to today’s “happy tea”), so the tea products are fine, and the production time is relatively long.
However, Zhao Pan’er and his entourage opened their shop in “maxing Street” in Tokyo, which is full of goods shops, almost no tea restaurants, and all the people who come and go are peddlers and pawns (in fact, it is similar to the logistics park on the edge of the city today).
The “express boys” are in a hurry every day. They are afraid that they will “overtime”. They simply have no time to wait for the tea lady to “gently gather, slowly twist, wipe and pick” and produce a cup of high quality tea.
Although Zhao Pan’er’s tea art is good, it doesn’t appeal to the “express brother”, so it is naturally unattractive.
In this case, Zhao paner conducted “hierarchical drainage” for users:
First, LBS (location-based services) provides adaptation services to attract low-cost users.
Zhaopaner put forward an idea: we should not only maintain the style of the tea house, but also take into account the preferences of customers.
Since the little brother of express delivery in ancient times had low income and fast work pace, Zhao paner adjusted the products. When he ordered tea with high customer unit price, he also added loose tea with low customer unit price. When he flushed cold boiled water, he could drink it and leave.
Zhaopaner proposed that “half of the casual tea and tea should be sold separately”
Second, if Zhao Pan’er wants to sell tea at a high customer price, he must attract matching users – literati who “have money and leisure” and like to taste tea.
But at that time, people in Tokyo often went to a fixed place to buy corresponding goods – to buy crude drugs to the pharmacy Lane Bureau, to buy clothes to the east of Panlou, to drink tea to tea soup lane. Guests who really knew how to taste tea would not choose to go to maxing street.
In order to accurately attract these high net worth users who really love tea, Zhao paner made three more points:
First of all, the “Zhao’s tea house” was renamed as “half covering the face”. With the meaning of “still holding the pipa half covering the face”, it provoked the curiosity of scholars and scholars, so that people can see through the tea house at a glance.
At the same time, the price of tea continued to rise. The reason why literati would recognize a tea house is that its character is high and elegant. This is the same reason that luxury brands rarely engage in discounts and promotions. Blindly reducing the customer unit price will lower the style of the brand and lead to the loss of high net worth users. On the contrary, raising the customer unit price will reflect the brand tone of “high and high”.
These two moves are equivalent to improving the potential energy and force for the brand.
Then he found a “child care” to advertise in the competitive stores (tea houses in tea soup Lane) to promote the selling point of “half covered” products. Celebrities drinking tea in tea soup lane are also high net worth users Zhao Pan’er wants to “dig”. This step of operation, put now, is equivalent to letting a plain person in a red book send notes, laying a soft field for the target user, letting the user “plant grass”, and slowly bringing up the voice.
“Child care” advertises in tea soup Lane

Retention: let users feel the value through multiple services

Zhao Pan’er is not only unique in drainage, but also worth learning from her “retention methods” after users are attracted to the store.
How to keep these “rich and free” elegant scholars?
The key is to let them feel the value of the “half covered” tea house. For this reason, Zhao paner has made great efforts in basic services, value-added services and surprise services.
First of all, as a tea house, serving tea and delivering water is the basic service.
Zhao Pan’er’s tea making skills and sun Sanniang’s fruit making skills are both first-class and good, and their prices are naturally high.
It is obviously inappropriate to directly shout high prices to new customers, so Zhao Pan’er provided them with a free osmanthus drink. Aha moment is coming!
Sure enough, the two new customers were full of praise after drinking, so they could place an order with confidence.
Secondly, after doing a good job in the “tea house”, we also need to cultivate users’ goodwill through “value-added services”, so that the brand image can penetrate into users’ lives and minds.
The reason why the tea house is popular in Jiangnan is clear: the tea name is elegant, the cup is not vulgar, there are calligraphy and paintings on the wall, and there are wild interests in the market. Therefore, Zhao Pan’er provided a series of value-added services around the core users.
For example, on the basis of the delicious fruit, add the names with artistic conception such as “peach blossom, laughing at spring life, and more red in the evening” and match them with beautiful and stylish decorative boxes. In this way, the simple dessert preserved fruit can become a high-end gift box for users to manage their human relations.
For another example, literati often like elegant life style. In order to enhance the user’s sense of experience, Zhao paner collected “nine color famous porcelain” as a cup for holding tea, paired with the dragon and Phoenix Group tea loved by the officials, to create an atmosphere for users to drink “tribute tea”.
In the long run, although the “half covered” tea house sold more expensive, its style was better than that of ordinary tea houses, and its reputation gradually spread, forming a “superior” brand image in the hearts of users.
Finally, if you want to get 10% satisfaction, you should also provide “surprise service” for users.
At that time, scholars and poets loved music, so it was not rare for tea houses to have music skills. What was rare was that the “half covered” music skills were the first Pipa player in the south of the Yangtze River – Song introduction.
How well did song yinzhang play the pipa? In fact, the play has made explicit and implied many times.
In the Ming Dynasty, song yinzhang was known as the first Pipa player in the south of the Yangtze River and officially endorsed by the rich princess Wang. Soon after her music books were transferred to Tokyo, song yinzhang joined the Tokyo music studio as a coach.
Today, Sister Zhang is equivalent to being admitted to the National Grand Theater as a tutor, and also enjoys the in-service allowance of public officials.
Secretly, her Pipa is so good that Zhang, the “Tokyo Huakui” who is the best singer in the world, is convinced. Su Niang, a special Pipa player in a five-star hotel (Fanlou), is willing to accept hundreds of gold as her apprentice
In the history of China, Fanlou is the most famous restaurant in Tokyo, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty. During the Northern Song Dynasty, the restaurants in Tokyo were prosperous and famous all over the world. Fanlou has attracted numerous rich businessmen, princes, scholars and poets to come here for fun and banquets.
For high net worth users who like music, they can definitely enjoy “surprise service” when they can hear music that can not be heard in fan Lou, a five-star hotel, in a small “half covered” tea shop.
In this case, yinzhang attracted a large number of fans and gradually became a half covered KOL. She occasionally promoted the store, just as the brand’s own KOL broadcast for its own store. The effect is self-evident.

Transformation: making good use of hunger marketing and star effect

In order to improve the conversion rate and repurchase rate of products with high customer unit price, Zhao paner also “played” hunger marketing.
For example, only three Pipa songs can be played a day, and only 10 customers are allowed to listen to them at a time; The special product “Jiu Jiu Gui Yuan Tea” in the store is made of famous porcelain, which is extremely precious. Therefore, it only sells 10 sets a day; The purchase of tea and fruit is limited. One customer can only buy one set a day
The first Pipa player in Jiangnan, famous porcelain, food These elements have successfully aroused the curiosity of celebrities. In addition, rare things are more expensive. The more “treasures” people can’t get, the more they want to get. When a customer came to the tea house again, he sighed that “today, we must hear Pipa music anyway… First come ten boxes of Osmanthus fruits”.
Zhao Pan’er took advantage of the writers’ psychology of comparison and showing off to arouse their consumption impulse, so that they could become “repeat customers” of the tea house and improve the repurchase rate.
In addition, Zhao paner also found a star, KOL Zhang Haohao, to bring tea and fruit products. Zhang Haohao is the most famous flower leader in Tokyo. The guests who go to listen to Zhang Haohao sing are either rich or expensive families, or literati. The portraits of his fans and the target users of the tea house are highly overlapped.
Zhaopaner persuades Zhang Haohao to “bring goods” for him
Seeing Zhang Haohao’s recommendation and the quality of the product itself, fans must have volunteered to pay for it. Find a star KOL to bring appropriate products to accurate users, which can not only expand the volume of stores, but also improve the sales of products.


If you really want to give this play an alias, the operation agency still wants to choose one: “on how Zhao Pan’er starts a business with contemporary Internet operation thinking”. The play is still being updated. I believe there will be actions in the operation of the tea house in the future.
You might as well make a bold guess. Will Zhao Pan’er open Vip permissions for users and start to build private domains?
It must be admitted that some exaggerated effects have been added to the film and television plays. In reality, only a few people can make a “big turnaround” in a short time like Zhao Pan’er. However, some of the operational ideas used by Zhao Pan’er do have reference value and can be used for reference.
As Zhao Pan’er said in his play, “there can be no ups and downs in doing business”. The important thing is to think about the problems and solve them from the perspective of users.
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