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The number of public “milk merchants” has reached the highest in the past five years, and more than half of the candidates for milk tea mainly focus on fresh milk

In the third year of COVID-19, has the public strengthened the habit of supplementing nutrition through drinking milk? Xiaoshidai learned from the 2022 China dairy index report (hereinafter referred to as the report) just released today that China’s dairy index has risen steadily in the past five years and reached the highest score of 63.2 this year. People are more and more concerned about high-end and functionality when buying dairy products.

The above-mentioned report was jointly released by Royal Holland, together with China Dairy Industry Association and China Association for the promotion of international exchanges in health care. In addition to evaluating the public dairy merchants from the three aspects of milk drinking awareness, milk drinking knowledge and milk drinking behavior, the report also published the survey results of breast milk and milk powder feeding of 0-3-year-old children, and also showed the latest trends in dairy consumption.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Highest intake increase

The above report shows that, compared with the previous survey data of milk merchants’ index, the public’s milk drinking knowledge and behavior have continued to improve this year, but still failed to reach the passing level.

In terms of milk drinking behavior, over the past five years, the score of intake has increased the most, an increase of 17.4% compared with 2018. The public’s cognition and purchasing habits of dairy products have improved significantly. However, in 2022, the average daily intake of dairy products by the public was 255ml, and the compliance rate (i.e., the average daily intake ≥ 300ml) was 24.2%, both lower than the previous year, but higher than the relevant indicators in 2018.


The public’s functional demand for dairy products mainly comes from health, and activating / enhancing immunity is also the first choice. The report cited experts’ views and pointed out that dairy products have many benefits for health, such as promoting immune regulation, promoting nutritional balance, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Zuoxiaoxia, director of the Nutrition Department of the eighth medical center of the General Hospital of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, said: “milk is an ideal food for people of all ages. It is not only rich in high-quality nutritional protein, but also contains many nutrients needed by the human body. However, to ensure the intake of 300-500g, in addition to regular and quantitative milk, you can also choose milk powder, cheese and other diversified dairy products to supplement nutrition.”

Pursue functionality

The report also points out that the survey of China’s dairy index reflects that consumers tend to buy high-end dairy products. The main reason behind this is that they attach importance to the quality assurance and health functions of high-end products.

For example, in this survey, 34.1% of the public believed that lactoferrin in milk was the most helpful to enhance immunity, while among the parents of children aged 0-6, the recognition rate of this item was as high as 38.2%.

In this regard, Chenwei, executive director of the China Association for the promotion of international exchanges in health care and deputy director of the Clinical Nutrition Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, pointed out at an online press conference today that lactoferrin has certain antiviral and broad-spectrum antibacterial effects, can participate in the regulation of immune function, prevent and treat diseases, and can also promote the maturation of infant intestinal immune system.

“If conditions permit, 0-6-year-old infants should first choose breast feeding. When breast milk is insufficient, they can choose formula milk rich in lactoferrin as supplement to help infants establish immune barrier.” Chen Wei said.

It is worth noting that this milk merchant index report also announced the time when children under 3 years old drank breast milk, formula milk, breast milk, formula milk and began to eat other dairy products. The survey results show that the average breastfeeding time of the children under 3 years old is 15.8 months, which has not yet reached the 24 months recommended by the World Health Organization.

The formula milk powder was fed from the average age of 7.2 months to 26 months. The first tier cities cut off formula milk powder (23.2 months). Compared with the first and second tier cities, the third tier and below cities started drinking formula milk powder the latest, and the month age of cutting off formula milk powder was relatively late (28.6 months). The time of feeding formula milk powder reached 20 months.

Experts suggest that newborns should be breast fed until the age of 2. When breast milk is insufficient, infant formula should be used as supplement. Diversified dairy products should be gradually added from 13 months.

Diversified consumption

With the emergence of new applications of dairy products, the public’s consumption scenarios and consumption patterns of dairy products and dairy foods are becoming more and more diversified.

According to the report, the consumption of dairy products is no longer limited to three meals a day, but has also become a choice in outdoor leisure, social networking, work and other scenes.

Among the dairy consumption scenarios listed by the interviewed public, outdoor leisure ranked first (accounting for 47.2%), and the remaining options in the top five were drama brushing (accounting for 46.4%), insomnia improvement (45.2%), exercise and fitness (42.7%) and Party (41.3%).

In terms of product form, the public has a richer variety of dairy foods.

According to the survey, cream cake / cheese cake (54.5%) ranks first among the food / drinks made from milk used by the interviewed public, and the top ones include milk coffee (48.5%), milk tea (47.6%), milk pudding and other desserts (45.1%). Cheese pizza and cheese hamburger are also popular with consumers.

Among them, milk tea, as one of the most popular new drinks in recent years, is especially popular with young consumers. Among the various factors that the public choose when buying milk tea, milk has become the most concerned factor.

“When purchasing milk tea, 82.2% of the public will pay attention to the milk / milk cover (what milk is used, whether it is made of fresh milk, etc.), and more than half of them will list it as the first element of concern.” The report states that.


Facing the new trend of public dairy consumption diversification, yangguochao, senior vice president of fisland China, said today that fisland will adhere to its responsibility of “providing the world with natural nutrition derived from milk”, actively develop diversified products in line with the current trend, and promote China’s dairy industry to move towards the era of high-end, quality and functionality.

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