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The nut jam is injected into the jujube core. Rollin’n bowlin’s alternative “juice explosion” experience | daily new product stew Vol.9

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High sugar coconut dates with peanut butter, sweet new realm
Compared with other date snacks, the date used in this product is not only larger, darker, but also tastes more like caramel. As a tropical fruit, the rich water content makes jujube meat soft and sticky. After drying, the sugar concentration in jujube meat is higher, which makes jujube meat extremely rich and sweet.
Source: rollin’n bowlin’ official website
Fill the jujube meat with peanut butter, and set off the sweetness of jujube with the aroma of nuts, with endless aftertaste. This product creates a precedent for adding nut jam to dates and provides a new example for fruit and vegetable snack innovation.
The small package is light and portable, which is suitable for a delicious snack to relieve boredom during the journey.
Natural and pure, low calorie and environmental protection
The product is made of all organic ingredients, without genetically modified ingredients, soybeans, dairy products and gluten, without added sugar or sweeteners, and each package contains only 150 calories. Compostable packaging (box + inner flap) is adopted to add strength to the earth’s health when enjoying delicious food.
Source: rollin’n bowlin’ official website
The collection contains three flavors: peanut butter, peanut butter cocoa and almond butter.

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Nut jam + dried fruit, “cross-border” provides new ideas for the innovation of dried fruit snacks
Jujube with walnuts, jujube with glutinous rice dumplings, jujube walnut cake, milk jujube, crisp jujube… The changing eating method of jujube is not new to Chinese people who like “innovation”. However, there are people outside the world, and there are days outside the world. Rollin’n bowlin’ cleverly integrates the nut jam of “everything can be built” into the plump dates. The seemingly exotic cross-border combination is surprising. Nut jam and dried fruit are intertwined with strong mellow and sweet fragrance, bringing a new tongue experience.
So, can the nut jam, which is necessary for Western restaurants, blossom and bear fruit in the domestic dry fruit matching? The answer is, of course. Although nut consumption has been popular for a long time, the consumption scene similar to peanut butter is still based on tradition: smearing (bread slices) and mixing base. Domestic jujube products have not appeared in this form. In contrast, it is a bright spot to inject nut jam into the dried fruit core, and it is just around the corner to become a popular element in this category.
Photo source: www.polleandgrace com
In China, a hundred billion level commercial scuffle has been going on for a long time in the field of nuts / dried fruit snacks. Wolong, qiacha, three squirrels, baicaowei The layout of snack giants makes the leisure snack track extremely crowded. However, in the face of the increasingly homogeneous snack market, such as dried fruit and candied fruits, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, how to push through the old to bring forth the new and meet the consumer demand in different scenarios has become an urgent problem for major brands.
In fact, the domestic market has made some small moves. In 2021, inme novelties became famous through a series of innovative CP preserved fruits with double fruit sandwiches, cashew nuts with innovative seasoning and light processing, fruit coconut crisp, etc. Not only refused to roll in, but also opened a new road for the leisure snack track. Many cases are enlightening us that the seemingly simple ingredients, after ingenious reorganization, may produce new concepts. The cross-border cooperation between ingredients may be a new idea for the innovation of dried fruit snacks.

Basic product information:

Country of origin: United States
Company & Brand: rollin’n bowlin’
Category: snacks / fruit and vegetable snacks
Applicable group: all groups
Ingredient list: [peanut butter jujube] organic jujube, organic peanut butter; [almond butter jujube] organic jujube, organic almond jam; [peanut butter cocoa dates] organic dates, organic peanut butter, organic cocoa
Nutrient composition table:
Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place
Specification & Price: $39.99/12 pack
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