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egg? Honey? Interpret new trends, new products and new ingredients of functional food!

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In the post epidemic era, people’s awareness of physical health care and nursing is increasing day by day, and consumers who pursue oral and external feeding are emerging in endlessly. Especially at the moment when the “beauty economy” is popular, the concept of beauty care has been constantly upgraded. People’s pursuit of beauty is no longer just about appearance, but about the conditioning and maintenance of the upper body.

For this reason, oral beauty has become hot for a time by allowing consumers to obtain the beauty of “from the inside out”, and has received extensive attention.

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No matter from the product form, ingredient efficacy or marketing channel, the brand players are all enjoying a good time, and the oral beauty market as a whole is also maintaining the trend of continuous expansion. Nevertheless, at present, it is still facing problems such as backward supervision and unclear laws and regulations, and there may be a risk of industry reshuffle caused by macro-control in the future.

Therefore, brands that want to enter the market need to stay calm, do more homework, and understand the development stage of oral beauty market at home and abroad? What is the future market size? What are the new trends in the oral beauty functional food track? Who are the main consumer groups, and what are their perceptions and demands? What new ingredients have made breakthroughs in application? What new brands and products have achieved sustained growth?

With these problems in mind, “FDL digital food chain” and “the consumer and Market Research Center of COFCO nutrition and Health Research Institute” will cooperate with the scientific and technological knowledge center of the Chinese Academy of engineering, the national sugar and wine fair, Zhongguancun material testing technology alliance, the Committee of COFCO nutrition and health Research Institute of the Communist Youth League, digital chain, shangsheng international, newsbow, Houde food and other partners at 7:30 p.m. on June 16, Bring 2022 functional food (oral beauty) online live topic sharing meeting to all new and old friends.

Through the latest functional food consumption data and new product cases at home and abroad, the meeting will carry out in-depth interpretation of the new trends, new products and new ingredients of functional food. In addition, Meiye Yan Research Institute, voice of consumers, foodaily daily food, Zhiti bridge, jianshihui and food and beverage innovation forum will jointly participate in this event as cooperative media.

During this session, I will meet you in the live broadcast room and interact with you!

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| food chain:

The digital food chain is a big data service platform vertical to the food field. It aims to actively carry out product selection services, open up new online channels, and help brands, factories Customers in the whole food industry chain, such as raw materials and channels, respond to changes and challenges in the industry, provide business intelligence decision-making solutions, and drive industrial upgrading.

︱ consumer and Market Research Center of COFCO nutrition and Health Research Institute:

COFCO nutrition and health research institute is the first R & D center in China that takes enterprises as the main body and conducts systematic research on the nutritional needs and metabolic mechanism of Chinese people to realize the health demands of Chinese people. With the mission of “based on life science, committed to nutrition and health, serving the industrial chain, developing good products and improving people’s quality of life”, and the vision of “innovation surpasses customer demands and science and technology leads a healthy China”, Focusing on supporting the industrial development of the group in an all-round way, adopting two modes of open innovation and independent R & D, R & D and innovation are carried out around “product development with nutrition and health as the core” and “technology development with quality improvement and efficiency increase, energy conservation and emission reduction, and green and sustainable development as the core”.

The consumer and Market Research Center, based on product sensory evaluation, consumer psychology, ethology and industry trend research, has insight into consumer demand and market opportunities, helps transform brands into effective business actions, and improves brand market competitiveness and influence.




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