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Even probiotics can be added to ice. It’s too curly!




By Sabrina Li

Source: foodaily daily food (id:foodaily)


I wonder if you have found that probiotics, which traditionally only appear frequently in yogurt, are now spreading to other food categories with a high profile and becoming a new health label. Probiotics can be found in more and more category innovations such as beverages, snacks and baking. Even in the new tea drinking, probiotics have become a popular health ingredient All things can be added with probiotics, which seems to be the new normal.


In January this year, foodaily first put forward the concept of “digestion extension” in the annual top ten business hotspots released, that is, the extension starts from the intestines and drives the attention to the overall health. With the deepening of research, the role of probiotics is also extending from supporting intestinal health to supporting general health.


According to the report of markets and markets, the global probiotic market value is estimated to be US $61.1 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach US $9.1 billion by 2026. The probiotic market is growing rapidly worldwide, while the performance of the Asia Pacific region is more active and the consumer demand is frenzied.


With consumers’ demand for intestinal health and cognitive upgrading, not only the development of functional probiotics is becoming increasingly hot, but also the application range of probiotics is gradually breaking the barriers to the development of categories and moving towards a greater journey.


Say goodbye to monotony, and make probiotic products flourish


Traditionally, yogurt is the most direct window for consumers to contact probiotics. The initial understanding of probiotics was also based on the publicity of “yogurt is good for digestion”.


In the past two years, with the scientific improvement of consumers’ health awareness and the promotion of the supply chain, instant probiotics have quickly become popular. According to the market intelligence data of magic mirror, in 2021, the annual probiotic health products / functional foods on tmall Taobao accounted for 53% of the probiotic market, and the sales reached 6.32 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.2%.


Many brands have also launched ready to eat probiotic supplements. Jiangzhong, Youyi C, Huaxi biological black zero, etc. focus on the solid drinking of active probiotics, and use a variety of probiotics to make compound and coordinated adjustment. The consumption and use scenarios are further expanded by room temperature preservation and portable packaging. Lechun and wonderlab are aware of children’s fragile gastrointestinal and growth needs, and launch powdered probiotic supplements to refine the target population. Daily bacteria is a breakthrough in the form of probiotic chewable tablets, which can be taken with you and eaten while chewing.


Source: Jiangzhong, wonderlab, Lechun, Youyi C, heizero, daily bacteria


Foodaily found that with the continuous pursuit of health by consumers, probiotics gradually penetrated from dietary supplements to more diversified food categories. Interesting, high-value and nutritious probiotic foods are frequently appearing in various life scenes in multiple forms, broadening the application boundary of probiotics.


In addition to the traditional lactobacillus beverage, probiotics have frequently appeared in the beverage category. Mengniu Youyi C has launched a “live bacteria bubble” probiotic bubble drink, which can help digestion after meals and maintain normal intestinal function. It is also the first product to introduce the concept of “live bacteria” into bubble water. Yili tea and Chaxun combine 0 sugar trend, add bifidobacteria with weight management effect, and bring a probiotic fruit drink with dual effects.


Photo source: Sohu, tmall Yili flagship store


Probiotics in the new tea is a health boom. Costa and Fonterra NZMP launched “probiotics multi probiotics peach latte” in March last year, which is not only the first probiotic coffee in China, but also the first application of Fonterra NZMP probiotics in the coffee field. Naixue’s tea, miyue ice city, coco can, shuyishaoxiancao, a yogurt, etc. have all launched a series of probiotic drinks. These drinks often contain Yakult, creating differences with innovative tastes. In addition, like tea, Naixue tea, etc. have launched probiotic ingredients. Functional ingredients with an average price of no more than 5 yuan have a “sense of value” and are popular with consumers.


In the candy category, the healthy probiotics of mint, Tiao Tang Mai Li Su, each contains 90million CFU Lactobacillus plantarum, which is matched with the taste of Tiao Tang to innovate the experience of Mai Li Su. The probiotic milk ball jointly launched by Guangming and big white rabbit uses white chocolate to wrap probiotics and isolate the contact of water, high temperature and air within 45 ℃, so as to ensure the number of live bacteria and realize category innovation. Laifen’s probiotic milk skin Hawthorn not only makes Hawthorn snacks more delicate and compact, but also enriches the eating effect through the strong combination of hawthorn and probiotics.


Photo source: hot goods warehouse, Laifen Jingdong flagship store


In the snack category, “daily nut” has always been a popular mixed snack. Three squirrels, liangpin shop, baicaowei, Laifen and other snack brands have launched “probiotic daily nut” with different strains. Three squirrels and Lai Yifen innovatively applied probiotic powder coating technology to the surface of nuts; Liangpin store introduced 0 sucrose type and high calcium type for sugar control population and blood glucose respectively, and adopted Bb-12 and other four strains, which gave nuts more nutritional attributes; Baicaowei focuses on nutritional function segmentation, and 2billion bc99 probiotic powder is added per 100g.


Photo source: liangpin shop, three squirrels, baicaowei, Laifen


Based on the world, what are the innovation hotspots of probiotics?


In the past, demand and technology constraints limited probiotic products to dairy products and fermented products.


Now, due to the emergence of strong probiotic strains that can form spores and more mature technology, the scope of use of probiotics has been expanded, and probiotics continue to appear in more categories, refreshing the understanding of probiotic products. Oats and fruit and vegetable products have become the most widely used ingredients for probiotics. Probiotics also appear in baking products and catering sauces.


It can be said that probiotics have become a new opportunity and innovation hotspot for various food categories.


The high temperature does not inactivate the happiness of snacks


Qwrkee probiotic puffs is a probiotic puff launched by qwrkee, a British plant-based brand. The product is made of pea protein, broad bean and sorghum. Each 100g puff contains about 1billion probiotics, which is helpful for digestion and intestinal health.


Bacillus coagulans mtcc5856 is used in puffs. This probiotic is dormant at room temperature and normal environment. It becomes active when it enters the intestine and is at the appropriate acidity and pH value. Under the special process, the probiotics in this puff can still remain active after the production process at a high temperature of 200 ℃.


Image source: qwrkee

In the part of intestinal health, chocolate beats yogurt


OHSO probiotic chocolate bars is a chocolate rich in probiotics. Each chocolate (13.5g) contains more than 1billion active lactobacillus suis and Bifidobacterium longum. Through the unique microencapsulation technology to protect probiotics, OHSO chocolate can deliver active probiotics to the intestines more effectively than dairy products, which also makes this chocolate three times more beneficial to intestinal health than yogurt.


Source: OHSO

Probiotic ice, the next innovation direction of new tea?


Iceman probiotic ice cubes are probiotic ice cubes made from filtered water and B. lactis only. This ice cube is very suitable for mixing with smoothies, cocktails or other beverages. The multifunctional use allows consumers to take probiotics in a more convenient way without damaging the original flavor of the product. According to the brand, ice contains more than 15billion active probiotics, which can protect intestinal health and restore intestinal bacterial balance; Enhance immunity and prevent influenza and other respiratory diseases; Reduce the incidence of tooth decay and tooth decay; Reduce the overall cholesterol count and increase HDL cholesterol.


With the arrival of summer, the competition for new tea is becoming more and more fierce, and the competition for raw materials, substrates and small materials tends to be white hot. As an indispensable summer necessity, the innovation and functional application of ice is still blank in the domestic market. Can probiotic ice also bring new inspiration to the new tea market?


Image source:

The more you drink, the healthier you will be. I’m excited about this kind of beer


In March this year, probient beer developed by researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) was finally listed. It was launched by the start-up company probient in cooperation with the bar and restaurant chain brewerkz. The alcohol content (abv) was 4.5%. This so-called “adult version of Yakult” probiotic beer adopts a unique pairing of proprietary strains and patented fermentation process to ensure that each beer contains at least 1billion CFU active lactobacillus paracasei L26.


Probioticization of alcoholic beverages has always been a major technical challenge. Ethanol, organic acids, hops and other antibacterial compounds in alcohol are not suitable for the growth and survival of probiotics.


Through evidence-based research, probient’s technical team ensured the survival potential of probiotics while maintaining the traditional beer brewing methods. As a healthier alternative to beer, probient can regulate the immune system, neutralize toxins and viruses, and enhance overall intestinal health.


Source: probient


Transboundary chassis: strain activity protection that cannot be ignored


It can be seen that in addition to the traditional dairy products, the concentration of milk free probiotic foods in the probiotic market has become higher and higher. However, it is well known that probiotics are sensitive to environmental conditions, especially pH, humidity, temperature and light, and there is a risk of inactivation if they are slightly inappropriate. With the upgrading of demand and technological progress, probiotic products are no longer limited to dairy products and fermented products. The development and application of low-temperature processing, embedding, fermentation, strain screening and other technologies have successfully enabled probiotics to break through the “inactivation” bottleneck of production and processing and cross-border appear in various categories.


In actual consumption, the efficacy of probiotics remains to be verified. Therefore, the number of viable bacteria has become one of the most critical quality indicators of probiotic products, which has gradually been valued and declared by major brands. Improving the viability and stability of probiotics has also become the primary challenge for suppliers and brands.


Based on the possible inactivation of probiotics during manufacturing, transportation and digestion, Swiss manufacturer Omya International AG has developed a new mineral solution that can improve the stability, performance and survival of probiotics before reaching the intestine.


The new product solution has been proved to be an effective stabilizer in the process of spray drying, shelf life and in vitro digestion of active probiotics. It performs better than maltodextrin in both matrices (milk powder and lactose tablets) and can provide up to 1000 times of probiotics. This mineral can be used as a stabilizer for probiotics and paves the way for new expertise in the production, supply chain and use of probiotics.


Image source: IDM


Probiotic supplier Lallemand of France launched nutrajit ® Technology, which is a patented all natural oral delivery platform. Lallemand is authorized by aventus innovations to exclusively apply this technology in probiotics. NutraJIT ® It is a derivative of food protein, which can be used in capsules and tablets to control the release of a variety of active ingredients. Embedding in the outer layer of probiotic tablets or capsules. It can form a gel barrier in low pH environment, protect probiotic formula from gastric acid, reduce gastric side effects, decompose with the increase of pH after reaching the intestine, release probiotics and play a role.


Image source: aventus innovations


In addition to the inactivation factors of probiotics such as gastric acid and high temperature, the harm of oxygen to anaerobic bacteria cannot be ignored. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a polyphenol based coating (MPN) to protect anaerobic bacteria from oxygen. The coating is made of iron (III) ions and three polyphenols. Anaerobic intestinal probiotics Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron also has a higher survival rate when it is coated with MPN and lyophilized without traditional cryoprotectants.


Nanyang Technological University has developed coated probiotics that can effectively enter the human intestines. By spraying the probiotics with alginate (a carbohydrate extracted from brown seaweed), they can protect them from the harsh acidic environment in the stomach.


Not only does it refresh the category boundary, but also the probiotic function is extending outward!


While probiotics constantly refresh the category boundary, probiotics food is not satisfied with the basic intestinal health function, and products with specific functions such as fat and weight reduction, emotion management, oral health, respiratory health, etc. are constantly on the market.


The analysis report on global probiotic clinical trials published by nutrition Outlook Magazine shows that more and more industrial companies and academic institutions are increasing their investment in the field of probiotics. The top ten health fields of probiotic clinical trials include: gastrointestinal health (33%), oral health (10%), mental health (10%), female health (9%), infant health (9%). In addition, weight management Metabolic diseases are also hot areas.

Multiple buff innovations for oral health


In the traditional impression, the main function of gum is to freshen the breath. Life’s gum Wellness & immunity is a gum that mainly improves immunity and cognitive function. Each product contains 20mg patented lifeinu ™ Probiotics, which help the body support the immune system, have even been shown to reduce upper respiratory tract infections by 45%. At the same time, multiple ingredients supporting immune system health, vision and heart health are added to the gum to further improve the efficacy of the product.


Image source: LIQUIDCORE


In the field of oral health, the efficacy of probiotics is not easy to underestimate. Data show that 10%-65% of the world’s people suffer from halitosis, and the incidence of halitosis in China is as high as 27.5%, that is, about one in four people has halitosis. The orali sb probiotics combination of xianle health is specially developed for oral care. The Brady yeast contained in it is an active yeast probiotics isolated from Vietnamese litchi peel, which can specifically adsorb harmful microorganisms in the mouth and intestines. When combined with lactic acid bacteria, it can better protect gastrointestinal health.

Women need more understanding and support at special moments


Menopause is a special stage in which women are troubled in their forties and fifties. According to relevant statistics, by 2025, more than 1million women in the world will enter menopause. However, women’s psychological and physical problems have been neglected for a long time due to their lack of understanding and understanding of menopause.


Elruby menolacto is a probiotic capsule for menopausal women. The main component of the capsule is “YT1 lactic acid bacteria”, which contributes to the health of menopausal women by promoting the secretion of female hormone estrogen.


Source: pharmnews


Probiotic eye care has become a reality?


“Mobile phone does not leave the body” has become a common problem of contemporary people. The survey shows that adults spend more than 13 hours using the screen every day. The long-term overexposure of the eyes to blue light and digital screens has increased the burden on the eyes, and the demand for alleviating visual fatigue is growing.


Last April, Kyowa Hakko, a subsidiary of Kirin holdings, launched an eyemuse in the United States ™ A new eye health care ingredient. EYEMUSE ™ It is Lactobacillus paracasei kw3110, a heat inactivated probiotics. This epigenetic organism after clinical research can promote healthy eye function, reduce the stiffness of waist and shoulder in patients with severe eye fatigue, and help reduce daily eye fatigue caused by digital pressure by helping to induce regulatory cytokines and supporting balanced immune response. In vitro studies have also shown that this probiotic may also help filter blue light.


At present, Kirin has launched the functional food imuse eye (kw3110) kW lactic acid bacteria in Japan under the brand of imuse, which has the effect of reducing visual fatigue.


Source: eyemusehealth, Kirin

Improve sports endurance and make it easier to train with Liu Zhenhong


“Do not lose weight in April, but be sad in May”. I do not know how many minutes we can hold on to liuzhenhong’s live jump drill?


Last year, probiotic producer Lonza launched the sports probiotic twk10 ®, This unique strain, originally isolated from the Naturally Fermented Taiwan pickle, has been proved to improve sports endurance by up to 75%, which can be used to solve the health, performance and endurance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts at all levels, and help the elderly maintain the performance of body functions.


At present, this strain has been applied to the kaged muscle Pro biological sports supplement. The product can improve endurance, improve performance, reduce fatigue and promote intestinal health, and can significantly improve sports performance.


Image source: Lonza

One more heart protector


In January this year, probiotix health, a subsidiary of optibiotix health, found in a study that its patented probiotics, Lactobacillus plantarum lpldl, can significantly reduce LDL cholesterol levels, a biomarker related to the increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).


This probiotic was originally isolated from vegetable juice and was discovered by probiotix from more than 4000 candidate microorganisms. The strain was screened using the company’s optiscreen technology platform, and was selected for its ability to survive in harsh intestinal conditions and excellent bile salt hydrolytic enzyme activity. This patented strain will also be used to produce the company’s cholbiome series products.


Source: nutracingredients Asia

Common emotional problems of modern people, probiotics help relieve stress


The survey shows that 65% of adults in the world say stress is part of their daily life. Long term stress can have negative effects on mood, sleep and digestive system health. Howaru launched by IFF ® Calm is a probiotic designed to help dietary supplement manufacturers reduce consumer stress cycles. Clinical studies have shown that the characteristic strain of this product – L. paracase I lpc-37 ® It can significantly reduce the pressure felt by users and meet the market demand for probiotic supplements to reduce stress and promote mental health.


This probiotic has also been commercialized. Dr. formulated CBD probiotics + stress relief launched by garden of life has added this strain and combined with howaru rhamnosus ((L. rhamnosus hn001) probiotics to achieve the triple effects of digestion, immunity and stress management.


Image source: the vitamin shop

Bacterial antibacterial, breakthrough solution of Helicobacter pylori


Helicobacter pylori (HP) is listed as a clear carcinogen in the list of carcinogens in the 15th edition issued by the U.S. Department of health and human services. China is the country with the largest number of people infected with Helicobacter pylori, with an infection rate as high as 59%, and about 1 in 2 people carries HP. However, at present, the biggest challenge in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection is the failure of eradication treatment caused by the increase of antibiotic resistance.


The original strain pylopass of Novozymes onehealth ™ (Lactobacillus reuteri dsm17648) can play a positive role in the prevention and treatment of Helicobacter pylori. In the case of gastric acid and inactivation, it can still form polymer with Helicobacter pylori with high specificity and high affinity, which can be excreted through gastrointestinal peristalsis. Clinical studies have shown that long-term administration (e.g. lasting for 8 weeks) may improve the eradication rate to close to the effect of antibiotic treatment, or it can be used as an alternative to alternative therapy for some people. At present, there are more than 110 pylopass ™ It has been widely used in tablet, powder, capsule and other dosage forms.


Probiotic food, why so roll?


Back to the original question, why should probiotics be added to ice? Functional breakthrough from intestinal health to general health, probiotic food, why is it so voluminous?


Under the epidemic, consumers’ demands for enteral and parenteral health are even stronger: according to the 2022 National Health insight report released by Dr. clove, in 2021, people had an average of 4.8 health problems, and the top 3 were mood, body and skin problems. In addition, sleep, intestines and stomach are also the main problems affecting health. With the rise of more scientific and rational health awareness, the demand for general health from the intestinal tract will be strengthened.


The consumption habit of probiotics has been formed, and eating in different ways has become a new demand: after a long time of publicity and consumption education, domestic consumers’ awareness of probiotics has increased rapidly, and the consumption habit has been formed to a certain extent. However, at present, powder and yogurt are the primary forms of probiotics supplement. However, consumer surveys show that some consumers may not be satisfied with the traditional product forms, and they also put forward higher expectations for the functionality of probiotics. Eating in different ways and functions has become a new demand.


Tradition & rookie breakthrough, fierce competition under the high-speed tuyere: according to the data of Tianfeng securities, China’s Probiotic market share exceeded 80billion yuan in 2020 and is expected to be close to 100 billion yuan by 2022, with an average annual growth rate of about 14%, and the market scale is growing rapidly. It is not difficult to find that new and old brands have realized the development prospect of probiotics and have increased the number of probiotics racetracks. From traditional industrial enterprises to new start-ups, from drinks to snacks to baking and catering, the market pattern of traditional probiotics has been impacted.


Joint efforts of industry, University and research institutes and support of mature solutions: the internal volume and popularity of probiotics cannot be separated from the joint promotion of industry and academic research institutions. The maturity of technology and solutions also supports the continuous internal volume and breaking of the probiotic market.

In the future, from intestinal health to general health, from traditional dairy products to whole category application, the probiotic track will be in the future.

Reference: white paper on trends of global probiotics R & D exhibition 2021

Cover image source: Iceman Singapore




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