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Looking for 10 good flavors, Isee selects & I don’t want to eat for nothing. What’s in the co branded limited edition gift box?

let good products be seen by more people!
After counting, “618” is coming. Isee Global Food Innovation Award and “I don’t eat for nothing” have collected 10 innovative products and launched a customized gift box with a maximum of 30000 copies for sale, just to find good taste for you!
The fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. Good products depend on “saying”. At present, there are still infinite possibilities for food innovation, but the food industry is a fully competitive industry, and it is difficult for innovative brands to ensure that their products stand out and attract the attention of consumers.
As an innovative “glutton” in the food industry, foodaily has always hoped that “good products will be seen by more people, the world and consumers”, and that more delicious food will enter the public’s vision.
Now, the Isee award star chain program sponsored by foodaily has been officially launched. In the first phase, it has chosen to work with China’s No. 1 food IP “I don’t eat for free” to create a limited edition co branded gift box with 10 Isee recommended innovative products. With the image of Isee
award+ cute “don’t eat for free” and buff, it will increase the traffic of good innovative products by 100 million, and truly be seen by the industry and consumers.
So, what kind of innovative products can be recommended by Isee? What kind of surprise is there in this Limited gift box? Let’s find out!
Fuchi Fuchi shrimp sticks:
A treasure hidden in the sea
Shrimp sticks can be said to be the childhood memory of a generation. After eating for so many years, I found that most shrimp sticks do not contain shrimp. The Fuchi rich shrimp strips dug up by foodaily are really made of shrimp meat, which can be called the ceiling of the shrimp strip industry!
It only takes fresh marine shrimp, retains shrimp cake and shrimp meat, and is boiled with fish soup. It does not add a drop of water, and absolutely does not add preservatives, trans fatty acids, pigments, shrimp powder and shrimp monosodium glutamate. It is absolutely delicious. The key point is to consider the withdrawal of people from fried non healthy snacks. The Japanese non fried and secondary baking process is adopted for rich shrimp strips, which not only keeps the flavor of real shrimp fresh and consumes less oil, but also makes the taste more airy and fluffy.
In order to ensure that the fresh flavor of each rich shrimp stick comes from real shrimp meat, rich food has built its plant directly in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, on the coast of the Yellow Sea to ensure that every shrimp can be caught and used now. This is also the “natural ingredients” that Fu Shi has insisted on since its establishment in 2018. It refuses industrial raw materials and insists on using deep-sea fish and shrimp as the core raw materials of embryo body, presenting the original taste of natural and healthy ingredients.
Slide left and right to see more pictures source: rich food
Crayon Xiaoxin Xiaoxin cheese: cheese with “suction”
In the past, many people may not be familiar with cheese, but now cheese has always enjoyed a high status, especially the cheese sticks eaten by children. In order to provide consumers with delicious and healthy snacks, crayon Xiaoxin has been repeatedly tested and polished for more than 10000 times to launch the “Xiaoxin cheese” cheese drink, which makes it more convenient to “suck” cheese at any time.
“Xiaoxin cheese” cheese drink contains 5% imported cheese, containing calcium and protein, about 50mg of calcium and 2.4G of protein per 100g. It is rich in ganoderma, nutritious and delicious. Net red crispy Bobo is also added, which makes the taste rich and layered. At the same time, in the packaging design, the bottle cap block toys cater to the love of children’s consumer groups.
Slide left and right to see more pictures source: Crayon Xiaoxin
Vigorous young fish:
Not all little fish can be called jinzai
Who hasn’t eaten “Jin Zi Xiao Yu”? Sucking the finger of spicy dried fish, you can know that this “strong baby fish” is delicious at a glance. Jinzai small fish is caught in the original state waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, with a body of ⻓ 4-6cm anchovy ⻥ selected. It is kept fresh with ice during the fishing process, effectively maintaining ⼩ freshness; After many traditional techniques, 18 high-quality ingredients are selected to prepare the Hunan secret brine recipe. The entrance is the authentic Hunan flavor.
Slide left and right to see more
At the same time, the brine is selected to produce multiple senses, “spicy, sauce, brine, spicy, sweet and sour, sweet and spicy”. The independent aluminum foil packaging is small, and each bite is a different taste feast. At present, jinzai Xiaoyu has become the world’s leading stewed snack in terms of sales volume. It is exported to about 26 countries in the world, such as the United States, France, Japan and South Korea. It has sold 7billion packages, and is still the “No. 1 stock of the” category “.
picture source: Jin Zai
Deer fresh cod sausage:
Be a children’s fresh food expert
What does the child eat? It is often the most worrying thing for parents to eat healthily, cleanly, nutritiously and reasonably. Among them, the aquatic products represented by deep-sea fish can provide the protein and DHA required for the growth of the baby. Deer fresh deep-sea cheese cod intestines contain up to 75% of high-quality deep-sea cod meat. The protein content of one cod intestines is about three times that of milk protein. At the same time, the COD intestines are specially supplemented with DHA algal oil and double DHA (COD +dha algal oil, double “brain gold”).
Slide left and right to see more pictures source: Deer Youxian
In addition, on the basis of not destroying the original taste and nutrition, deer Youxian has added a certain scientific proportion of cheese to cod intestines, which makes the meat intestines more delicate and rich in taste, and can also supplement calcium. It also takes into account that the baby will have tooth decay if he eats too much sugar. He replaced white granulated sugar with trehalose, which is not easy to develop tooth decay. In short, a small cod intestines can not only satisfy the baby’s appetite, but also ensure proper nutrition supplement.
rice noodles in a small pot: a mouthful of rice noodles “see you in Yunnan”
Dreg dreg ash, a national tide rice noodle with internet gene, is hatched by playing games. With the brand proposition of “happy wherever you go”, it is committed to creating a new fast food brand that is delicious and fun.
In 2022, a brand-new product – small pot rice noodles, which is made of selected secret Xuanwei ham and stir fried into meat sauce. It is combined with 8-hour slow stewed beef bone soup, which has three times the freshness. It is paired with sour soul pickles, the finishing touch of leeks and scallions, and the tooth popping indica rice noodles. A bowl of hot, sour and refreshing rice noodles is collected. With the help of new fast food technology, diners around the world can taste the delicious Yunnan small pot rice noodles.
“You haven’t really been to Yunnan without eating small pot of rice noodles.” a bowl of small pot of rice noodles is spicy and sour, making you feel a real “banzha” if you love life.
Image source: slag ash
Braised tripe with King spicy konjak:
It’s cooler and lower in fat than spicy strips
Want to eat “spicy strip” and healthy low fat? What Wang chila is making is these spicy snacks that have not been guilty after eating. For example, Wang spicy konjak makes tripe, which breaks the conventional cognition of konjak crisp. The large piece is complete, comparable to the real tripe, comparable to the real tripe. The entrance is crispy and tender, very chewy.
Compared with ordinary konjak, Wang spicy can not only feel the taste of real tripe, but also reduce the heat by about 50%, and the average energy per small bag is about 9kcal; The ingredients list is also quite clean. The fat is reduced by about 60%, and the salt is reduced by about 60%. There is no cholesterol and no trans fatty acid. It is more comfortable to eat lower fat. It also contains high dietary fiber, which is equivalent to the dietary fiber content of one Chinese cabbage. This kind of konjak tripe is more healthy and natural. It’s as addictive as spicy strips. You don’t feel guilty after eating it.
Source: Wang chila
Taurus’ secret high protein beef stick:
Enjoy the quality ceremony of “real cow”
When it comes to snacks, many people think they are unhealthy, such as puffed food, candy, dessert But this is not all about snacks. The secret of Taurus is to solve the “greedy” needs of users and solve health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to mine different cattle breeds, explore different processes and different parts, and make delicious beef snacks.
The high protein beef stick is the selected part of imported grass fed beef milong. About 3%-5% of a cow is hand refined and fattened, with less fat content. The raw materials are carefully selected, the ingredients are simple and healthy, and the original flavor ingredients are only edible salt; Cumin flavor ingredients only include edible salt and cumin oil, which simplify the ingredients to the extreme.
Moreover, the high protein beef stick is rich in high-quality protein. The protein content per 100g is about 41.2g, and the heat of each bag (20g2 pieces) is only about 56 calories, less than half the heat of an apple. It can be used as breakfast stick, meal substitute stick, afternoon tea, overtime snack, travel snack, etc. it is delicious and affordable.
Slide left and right to see more pictures source: the secret of Taurus
Shuijun black gold pot
Redefining the new Chinese snacks of Guoba
For most people, Guoba is no stranger. Like melon seeds, it is almost a lonely snack for Chinese people to pass the time. However, the Shuijun team chose to redefine the category of Guoba. It not only had glutinous rice Guoba, but also developed a series of products with different tastes, such as black gold Guoba, pepper Guoba, crisp Guoba, etc. according to the characteristics of different raw materials.
Black gold Guoba is one of the most popular products. The main raw material is Pearl glutinous rice from Shuijun international rice planting base. After nine steams and nine suns, the real original dark rice is created. The production process is healthier and the heat is lower. In addition, sprinkled with high-quality pork fluffy, blended with corn flour, and scientifically proportioned, the pot is more fluffy and crispy, which is really an irresistible temptation. The outer packaging is cute, capturing the hearts of thousands of girls.
Photo source: Navy
Hongxiangji marinated beef and bean curd:
“Double critical attack” of real beef + plain beef
“What with what” is a new idea in the snack industry in recent years. What would beef with preserved beans taste like? Hong Xiang Ji tells us the answer.
Marinated beef and bean curd, only imported beef from Australia, interweaves the fresh flavor of beef with the mellow flavor of soybeans. The flavor overflows. The more you chew, the more fragrant you will be. It is not only delicious, but also a double protein combination of animals and soybeans. Every 100g contains 16.8g protein. The meat and vegetable mix is just right, and the nutrition mix is also balanced. Moreover, this product has won the international itqi delicious award.
Slide left and right to view more pictures source: Hong Xiang Ji
Spicy spicy beef:
Snacks are delicious and fun
What snacks can be delicious and fun? Spicy spicy beef, selected NIULIN meat, only accounts for 7% of the whole cow. 28 natural spices are cooked in slow stew. Zigong cold food has 12 processes to lock the heat, without adding preservatives and artificial colors.
At the same time, spicy beef is combined with snacks such as persimmon, peanuts, Guoba and fried dough twist. Users can DIY by themselves, pour the product into the packaging bag, shake it for 15s, and then eat it. With the interesting and trendy combination form and the “shake it”, the on-site atmosphere is directly in place, and they no longer worry about looking at each other at the party!
Photo source: Spicy halide
Well, here comes the fan welfare!
From now on, pay attention to the microblog account of “@isee Global Food Innovation Award” and forward “@isee Global Food Innovation Award and two-dimensional food expert @ I don’t want to eat m for nothing”. On June 14, three cute kids were selected to give out a limited number of CO branded gift boxes~
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