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Starbucks toilet restrictions will not affect China. Coca Cola promotes new cocktails, Mars appoints the global president of pet nutrition business, and “crowdsourcing and picking” covers Wal Mart stores across the country. Wang Laoji is a cross-border king

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Today, in response to the fact that Starbucks may consider restricting the use of toilets for safety reasons, Starbucks responded that it only involves the U.S. market, not for domestic stores, and does not affect the practice of using toilets in domestic stores. (blue whale Finance)

“Crowdsourcing and picking” covers Wal Mart stores nationwide

Wal Mart China today announced that its crowdsourcing picking mode has covered all hypermarket stores after nearly two years of operation. Wal Mart o2o’s overall performance efficiency and average picking efficiency have achieved double-digit growth year-on-year, creating flexible employment opportunities for more than 35000 people. It is reported that crowdsourcing picking is an innovative model jointly promoted by Wal Mart and dada. By matching the online order demand of stores with the “dada excellent picking” platform, it flexibly solves the performance demand at different times, and greatly improves the performance efficiency and customer experience. (issued by the company)

Wal Mart launched cloud factory to develop cross-border E-commerce

Recently, Wal Mart’s global procurement matchmaking meeting was successfully held in Jiaxing. Wal Mart’s senior procurement manager introduced in detail the latest settlement policy and selection direction, as well as the “Wal Mart cloud factory” plan launched for many traditional enterprises that have not yet involved in the cross-border e-commerce field, to help more foreign trade enterprises in Jiaxing quickly enter Wal Mart’s online platform, develop cross-border e-commerce business, and prepare for the next step of offline procurement. (chamber of Commerce for import and export)

Muyuan shares’ response to the query of inflated profits: illogical

Today, in response to the media’s query that muyuan shares falsely increased its profit by about 3.9 billion yuan in 2021, the person from the company’s Securities Department responded that “the predicted sales weight of fattening pigs used in the company’s impairment calculation at the end of 2021 is 110kg, which is not the 118.7 kg indirectly calculated in the text based on other data. The realizable value of the company’s on hand pigs is higher than the cost of on hand pigs, and the absence of impairment fully meets the requirements of accounting standards.” (Securities Times)

Thomson Beijian: continue to be optimistic about the probiotic supplement track

Recently, Thomson Beijian said in institutional research that the company continues to be optimistic about the probiotic supplement track. In recent years, probiotics have achieved rapid growth in all channels and performed well in the industry segments. In the first quarter of this year, probiotics ranked among the top three in the industry segments of Alibaba platform. In addition, the company said that this year, the rise of raw materials has a certain pressure on the cost side, and the internal calculation will not have a great impact on the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin. (36 krypton)


Recently, Shanghai Naixue Catering Management Co., Ltd. was fined 15840 yuan by Shanghai Putuo District market supervision and Administration Bureau for publishing false advertisements and ordered to stop publishing. According to the investigation, the raw materials of the drinks used by Shanghai Naixue Catering Management Co., Ltd. in the case came from Nanjing Kangyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. and were bred and picked by farmers in the place of origin. That is, “domineering black mulberry” mulberry is not the wild product claimed in its advertisement. Therefore, the advertising content of Shanghai Naixue Catering Management Co., Ltd. is inconsistent with the objective facts. (Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision)

Mengniu Group successfully issued 1.5 billion yuan of accounts receivable ABS

Recently, “Ping An Securities – Mengniu Dairy phase 4 special plan for asset support of accounts receivable” (hereinafter referred to as “the current project”) was successfully issued and established in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The issuance scale of this phase of the project is RMB 1.5 billion. The parties to the project continue to optimize in combination with the previous issuance practice and the characteristics of industrial enterprises. The issuance covers 26 regions, with a total of 159354 assets, realizing the capital return of RMB 1.5 billion, greatly invigorating the stock assets at a lower cost, thus improving the operation efficiency and better promoting the management of the supply chain integration of industry and finance of Mengniu Group. (21st Century Business Herald)

Recently, 54.3 tons of green mood ice cream produced by Mengniu Dairy (Ma’anshan) Co., Ltd. were successfully sent overseas after passing the inspection of Ma’anshan customs. (Ma’anshan daily)


Recently, Henan Kedi Dairy Co., Ltd. and its normal temperature milk branch added a new information to restore the execution, with the execution target of more than 1.16 million yuan. The related case is a sales contract dispute, and the execution court is Shantou Chenghai District People’s court. (tianyancha)


According to the announcement on Tiandi No. 1 of the new third board, on June 10, Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau issued the acceptance completion letter, and Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau completed the acceptance of CITIC Securities for the company’s application for IPO and listing on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. (Securities Times)

Xifeng Liquor backdoor company listed? Qujiang Cultural Tourism: there is no such rumor at present

”In response, Qujiang cultural tourism said that the company has no such rumor at present.

GOS manufacturer for older children

Recently, in gut2022 × At the 4th China intestinal industry conference, fislan, as an official partner, shared the latest research results. It is reported that fislan has become the world’s largest producer of GOS (galactooligosaccharides) for infants and is still developing a better combination of oligosaccharides for infant formula milk powder. The combination of GOS and HMOs can provide a wide variety of oligosaccharides. Yangguochao, senior vice president of Royal Netherlands fisland China, said that fisland will continue to promote localization research and development. (issued by the company)

Starbucks mobile coffee cart makes its debut in Qingdao

Recently, Starbucks mobile coffee cart has “entered” the coastal city of Qingdao for the first time. It will stop at the flag square of Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center for nearly two months, and create a star mobile journey with the theme of “shining Olympic sailing”. (Shandong News)

Starbucks launched “ice shock concentration” series for the first time

Today, Starbucks China announced the launch of a new iced coffee category – “ice shock concentrated” series. Two coffee drinks, sea salt caramel ice shock concentration and Tahiti vanilla ice shock concentration, made with the new generation of “ice power shake” coffee preparation technology, were launched in major stores and special star delivery platforms in mainland China. (issued by the company)



Dongpeng beverage released “bubble special drink”

According to the wechat video number of Dongpeng special drink today, a new product named Dongpeng “bubble special drink” was released. (issued by the company)


Yesterday, Mars announced the appointment of ikdeep Singh as global president of pet nutrition business, who will become a member of Mars’ global leadership team for pet care. It is reported that the new strategic task of ikdeep Singh is to expand the company’s product portfolio in more than 50 key markets around the world. Xiaoshidai learned that Singh had previously been dispatched to China when he held a brand management position at P & G. (issued by the company and represented by snacks)

Coca Cola delays IPO of African company

Coca Cola announced today that it will postpone the plan to make coca cola beverages Africa (CCBA) a listed company. The company said today that it would continue to assess the macroeconomic situation to determine the time of IPO in 2023, and reiterated that the plan to deal with a bottler focusing on Africa as an independent listed company would remain unchanged. (issued by the company)

Coca Cola launches new canned cocktails

Reuters reported yesterday that brown Forman, a maker of Coca Cola and Jack Danny whisky, plans to launch canned cocktails and new products


Yesterday, Danone launched a 1million pound marketing campaign to promote its low-fat Greek yogurt brand “light&free”. (the grocer)

Quick reading of food industry information



From January to may, China’s absorption of foreign capital increased by 17.3% year-on-year

According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce on the 14th, from January to may, the actual amount of foreign capital used nationwide was 564.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.3%, equivalent to 87.77 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 22.6%. (CCTV)

National food safety risk assessment released coffee consumption tips

According to the report on dietary caffeine intake and its risk assessment of Chinese residents issued by the national food safety risk assessment center, adults weighing 60kg consume 969g of liquid coffee every day, and their caffeine intake is acceptable. If calculated by 360ml per cup, it is recommended to drink less than 3 cups of coffee per day. In addition to controlling the consumption of coffee, if you consume tea, tea drinks, milk tea, chocolate, cola and other caffeinated foods, you should reduce the consumption of coffee accordingly. The best time to drink coffee is in the morning. (wechat official account of Chinese society of food science and Technology)

Instant retail channel drives home consumption of beer

Today, the Kaidu consumer index boasts in its wechat public that its outdoor consumption sample group research shows that from March to April 2022, the beer market in key and provincial capital cities shows no signs of warming up in the current drinking channel, while the growth rate of non current drinking channels is also in a downward trend. However, the rise of instant retail channels makes beer perform very well in the home consumption scenario. (Kaidu consumer index)

Global plastic consumption remains high

Recently, at the kick-off meeting of the “national action to end plastic pollution”, the plastic baseline report “plastic production, consumption, waste and recycling from the world to China” was officially released. Data show that from 1950 to 2017, the world produced about 9.2 billion tons of plastic in total. It is estimated that by 2050, the world’s cumulative plastic production will increase to 34 billion tons, and the annual plastic waste production will be about 300 million tons. (Science and technology daily)

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