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Coca Cola is “Crazy”? It is only in the mainland that herbal tea is sold, and even cocktails should be arranged

In this peak season, Coca Cola, the global beverage giant, is constantly creating topics — from the concept of “meta universe”

Not long after the hot debate over testing herbal tea drinks in the mainland market, Coca Cola announced yesterday that it had established a global partnership with the brewer Brown Forman (hereinafter referred to as “baifumen”) to launch the iconic “Jack & Coke” ready to drink pre mixed cocktail.

Jack & Coke ready to drink pre mixed cocktails are made by Coca Cola and Jack daniel’s (hereinafter referred to as “Jack Danny”) in cooperation with the whisky brand Jack daniel’s under baifumen. They are prepared by Coca Cola and Jack Tennessee whiskey. They will be available in sugar and sugar free versions.

Ready to drink pre mixed Cocktail


Will Coca Cola consider listing this product in China? What are the considerations behind its continuous entry into new categories? Let’s get to know each other.

“Rolling out”

The snack generation noticed that for the ready to drink pre mixed cocktail launched this time, James Quincey, CEO of Coca Cola, said when connecting CNBC yesterday that his company has been pursuing a consumer-oriented strategy. Since 2018, he has been exploring the categories of alcoholic beverages and low alcohol wines.

Jack & Coke即饮预调鸡尾酒无糖版

“We believe that the combination of Coca Cola and jackdanny can push the existing pre mixed cocktails to a new level of development and bring consumers favorite products, which is a good attempt for Coca Cola,” he said at that time.

It can be seen from the pictures released by the company that the cans of the above products will be printed with

It is understood that in the future, the two companies will hold marketing activities separately or jointly in multiple markets around the world to promote these products.

Whether this push will be listed in the Chinese market in the future? Coca Cola can reply to the snack generation’s query and disclose that, “”

“Drinking” routine


According to the data, it has been drinking “lemon path” with low flavor wine before

The snack generation of hard soda sparkling wine once introduced that TOPO Chico’s breakthrough attempt marked another important achievement of the company in promoting the strategy of “full category beverage”.

As for lemon Dou, the snack generation has also introduced that at that time, lemon road introduced three flavors in Chinese Mainland, namely, honey lemon flavor (alcohol 3.4%, total lemon juice content 10%), signature lemon flavor (alcohol 5.6%, total lemon juice content 15%), and salt lemon flavor (alcohol 7.5%, total lemon juice content 10%).

Coca Cola low flavor wine drinking lemon channel

Among them, from the entry of lemondao into China, we can see that Coca Cola has a “routine” to explore alcoholic beverages, that is, it first tests in one market, and then introduces it to other regional markets through localization. The company once told xiaoshidai that the successful listing of this product in Japan has also attracted the attention of the global market, so it will introduce this brand into the Chinese and Philippine markets, and then promote it to more global markets.

The company hopes to learn more about this category. This category has long-term potential and many consumers. We will continue to study it and promote its development. Let’s see “CEO of Coca Cola

Category wide strategy

Like selling herbal tea, Coca Cola continues to bet on alcoholic beverages, which is also inseparable from the “new handsome” whole category strategy.


Under this strategy, it is not necessary to cover everything.

“When we test the waters of these new products, we need to have a perspective that once they are successful, we can scale them up, which will be related to Coca Cola.” He said that only in this way can we have something worth discussing.

On this basis, Zhan kunjie further introduced the company’s specific ideas on the layout of alcoholic beverages, which are divided into three categories: 1) hard seltzer, which is an alcoholic beverage containing air and usually has different flavors, such as strawberry guava flavored TOPO Chico, which has been listed in China; 2) Alcohol + hard something, hard lemon or hard tea with alcohol, such as lemon channel; 3) Pre mixed cocktail.

“All these (new product actions) need to start with a deep insight into consumers. You can’t say I can do it, I will launch it.” He said, “we also need to learn from and accumulate experience in different markets to think about. We still need to consider whether these three categories of alcoholic beverages are a big enough idea (with large-scale potential) worth pursuing by Coca Cola.”

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