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Swire Cola increased its investment in China, and the “silent cafe” posted a post late at night to save itself. The first store was opened in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Nongfu mountain spring launched a limited digital collection, and Starbucks first launched the “ice shock enrichment” series

Hot company information and announcement



Su Wei, President of Swire Coca Cola, said today that in the next five years, Swire Coca Cola will continue to increase its investment in China. It is estimated that the investment will reach 5.5 billion yuan, including the construction of 20 production lines. She said that due to the impact of the epidemic, the main sales channels of Swire Coca Cola products have been controlled in the past two months, but this situation improved in June. (China News Network)


Today, beinmei was asked on the investor interaction platform, “which countries does the company’s milk powder export? Has the order increased recently?” The company says its export business is currently at a standstill. (Daily Economic News)


Today, the official wechat official account of chayan Yuese announced that Nanjing will become the first city of chayan Yuese in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It is expected that the opening time will be in the middle of August. The shops will be located in Xinjiekou ifcx and Nanjing Jingfeng shopping malls in Jiangning District. (issued by the company)

“Silent cafe” post late at night to save themselves

Lili time, a wanghong cafe in Shanghai, mainly staffed with deaf clerks, published a self-help article on the official account last night, pointing out the reality that the in-house food was suspended and offline activity courses could not be carried out, which directly impacted the operating income. The tweet also said that it hoped to use its own innovative coffee products to get out of the dilemma, and introduced its hand-painted hanging ear coffee bag. It is reported that more than 7000 copies of the coffee bag have been sold overnight. (see news)


Cafe de Coral group announced its annual results today. For the year ended March 31, 2022, the group’s revenue was HK $7.509 billion, an increase of 11.8% year-on-year. Profit attributable to shareholders was HK $21.214 million, a year-on-year decrease of 94.1%. (company announcement)


Today, ramen said in a statement that the company is in good operation, with stable cash flow, stable business development and positive profitability. It is reported that,

JUNLEBAO plain yogurt increased by 84% in the first five months

JUNLEBAO Jianchun yogurt Yang Mi and Bai Jingting became “spokesmen of Jianchun brand”. From January to may, the sales of simple alcohol increased by 84% year on year.)


Yesterday, the market rumors that “China resources may acquire Zhongju hi tech” resurfaced, and Zhongju hi tech raised the trading limit in the afternoon. In the evening of the same day, the company issued a clarification announcement that up to now, the controlling shareholder and the actual controller have not signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a plan for equity transfer. The brand of Zhongju Gaoxin has Chubang soy sauce, which is 80% owned by its subsidiary Meiweixian. (China Securities Journal)

Suqian phase II project officially laid the foundation

Yesterday, the launching ceremony of Mengniu Dairy Suqian Industrial Park project was held, and the second phase project of Mengniu Dairy Suqian Co., Ltd. officially laid the foundation. The second phase of the project aims to build a national e-commerce product processing base with a daily output of 2000 tons and an important student drinking milk production base in East China. (Suqian network)


According to the website of Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, recently, the Kaixuan Road store of Laoxiang chicken (Shanghai) catering Co., Ltd. was confiscated by Shanghai Changning District market supervision and Administration Bureau of illegal income of 627300 yuan and fined 80000 yuan for using food raw materials and food additives beyond the shelf life to produce food and food additives. (Zhongxin finance and Economics)


Yesterday, Jiajia food announced that didi global Inc (hereinafter referred to as “didi project”) with its indirect participation was delisted in US stocks, which had no material impact on the daily operation of the company. (company announcement)


According to latepost, Yuanqi forest has recently set up a retail business center to promote offline channels through the overweight smart retail cabinet business. Chenxiaoxin, the person in charge of the new Department, joined in May this year and reported to Tang Binsen, founder and CEO of Yuanqi forest. “As long as the office buildings with more than 100 employees on duty can apply for the free installation of smart sales cabinets in Yuanqi forest.” (interface News)

Yuanqi forest sets up “love freezer” in Hefei

Recently, Yuanqi forest has set up three “unmanned freezers” on the streets of Hefei. The freezers are unattended. All people working under high temperatures can take them for free to relieve the summer heat. (issued by the company)


At present, Nestle and its partners around the world have jointly carried out more than 100 pilot projects, including 20 pastures that are about to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the near future. Nestle’s dairy and livestock supply chain generated 34.2 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions in 2018. (issued by the company)


The official wechat official account of Nongfu mountain spring announced today that its limited digital collection will debut. The limited digital collection combines many farmer spring products, such as farmer spring drinking natural water, changbaixue natural snow mountain mineral water, and drinking spring water (for tea making). Only one copy of each design is issued, with a total of 1000 designs. (issued by the company)

Create new products on weekday and meet Xiaomian

A few days ago, we jointly launched a new meal with Xiaomian on Saturday: Dengying vegetable beef noodles, which has been launched in stores across the country, and can be experienced in business districts and office buildings in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Xiamen and other regions. (issued by the company)


Recently, Budweiser’s bubble tea wine brand has launched a new “strawberry Luoshen flavor” bubble tea wine. At present, there are four flavors of Fuqi bubble tea wine series: White Peach Oolong, jasmine green tea, frozen lemon tea, strawberry Luoshen, with an alcohol content of 3.5%vol and a capacity of 330ml/ can, which are produced by Budweiser (Wuhan) Beer Co., Ltd. (issued by the company)

Hengshun vinegar industry promotes air and water

Recently, Hengshun vinegar Co., Ltd. has launched a new product called “sweet and sour hugs” across the bubble water field ™” The product details page shows that this bubble aquatic product is added with Hengshun three-year aged vinegar. (Shanghai Securities News)


Wal Mart said recently that it is seeking British retailers to join its online shopping platform. Wal Mart promises that approved British retailers will sell in the United States and consumers can enjoy two-day transportation services in the United States. Wal Mart will host a UK sellers’ summit in London on Friday. (Bloomberg)


Recently, Ferrero North America announced that it plans to invest US $214 million (about RMB 1.44 billion) to expand its chocolate processing and manufacturing plant in Bloomington, Illinois. The new plant area will be dedicated to the production of kinder Bueno. The project will be one of Ferrero’s largest production lines outside Europe. (yahoo)


Yesterday, the board of directors of monster beverage, the parent company of talons, announced that it would authorize a new stock repurchase plan to repurchase up to $500million of outstanding shares. As of yesterday, about US $157.4 million could be repurchased according to the previously authorized share repurchase plan. (yahoo)


According to CNBC yesterday, according to a complaint submitted by the labor union to the US Federal Labor Commission, Starbucks told its baristas in the country that joining the labor union “may endanger the gender recognized health care insurance provided by the company for cross gender employees”. A Starbucks spokesman said this statement was wrong. (CNBC)


Pernod Ricard recently said that it would invest 50million euros (about 352million yuan) in the next four years to make its Middleton distillery in Ireland carbon neutral. The project will phase out the use of fossil fuels in the whisky distillery. (The drinks business)

Quick reading of food industry information




Today, the National Bureau of statistics released the national economic operation data for May. In May, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 3354.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 6.7%. In that month, the catering revenue was 301.2 billion yuan, down 21.1%. The retail sales of grain, oil, food and beverage commodities of units above designated size increased by 12.3% and 7.7% respectively. (surging)


China Chain Management Association yesterday released the “top 100 chain stores in China in 2021”. In 2021, the sales scale of Top100 chain enterprises was nearly 2.3 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2.8%. The total number of stores was nearly 190000, with a year-on-year increase of 8.9%. Among them, 12 enterprises achieved double-digit growth in sales and number of stores, including aunt Qian, Meiyijia, 711, etc. Suning Tesco ranks first in the Top100, while Wal Mart and Yonghui supermarket rank in the top 10. (China Chain Operation Association)

The world’s largest coffee producer faces production reduction

According to the data recently released by the national commodity supply company under the Brazilian Ministry of agriculture, compared with 2020, the previous “big year” of production, the Brazilian coffee production is expected to decrease by 15.3% this year.


According to a recent report by South Korean media, the prices of such affordable food categories as fried chicken, fried noodles with soy sauce and spicy fried rice cakes, which are called “Korean soul food”, have increased significantly, and fried chicken is the food category with the largest increase. According to the latest statistics released by the Korean National Statistics portal (Kosis), the Korean food and beverage price index in May rose by 4.2% over December last year, exceeding the overall consumer price index (3.4%). (Global Times)


In the meta universe, e-commerce will account for about $2trillion to $2.6 trillion in the above total expenditure, while the virtual advertising business will account for $144billion to $206billion.

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