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Three trends: Food and beverage innovation – fbic go! Innovation live broadcast Preview

at 14:00 on June 20, the live studio is waiting for you~

Under the current market consumption situation which is still hit by the epidemic, the demand of Chinese consumers for food nutrition and physical and mental health has become a new round of general trend.
according to the survey data of IMINT, 90% of the consumers interviewed said that the epidemic has improved their understanding of the importance of immunity, and consumers pay more attention to the role of food and beverages in helping them maintain their overall health than ever before. Due to the impact of the epidemic on the real industry, the original lifestyle has been disrupted. In line with this change, “home consumption” has become the mainstream consumption form.
the new consumption scenario of food and beverage under the family centered lifestyle of consumers, from “planting grass” to “pulling grass”, may only need a comment. Consumers’ demand is highly segmented, and they are constantly looking for brands that can help them more easily obtain a sustainable lifestyle. In the reality of rapid iteration of market demand, what can we do to resonate with consumers?
at 14:00 p.m. on June 20, roshena de Leon, Global Insight Manager of Fonterra NZMP, and Li Chen, deputy director of inminster Food & beverage, will share three major consumption trends worthy of attention in China’s food and beverage industry, interpret innovative food and beverage cases that conform to consumption trends, help everyone better grasp the development trend of the industry, and find new opportunities for growth in the post epidemic era, And stand out from the competitive business environment.
Opening time: 14:00-14:45, June 20 (Monday) activity cost: free guest introduction: roshena de Leon, Global Insight Manager of Fonterra NZMP
roshena joined Fonterra in early 2015 as the Global Insight Manager of Fonterra NZMP, responsible for communicating her in-depth views on the global market, product categories and consumption trends through research and analysis of strategic initiatives and opportunities. Roshena is passionate about telling the story behind the data and working with NZMP and its customers to explore innovations and initiatives that can bring insight into life. Roshena mainly focuses on FMCG categories and has more than 20 years of qualitative and quantitative research experience.
before joining Fonterra, roshena worked in several global market research and media institutions and multinational companies.
Li Chen, deputy director of food and beverage at inminster
Li Chen is mainly responsible for studying and observing all the latest innovations and trends affecting China’s food and beverage market. Before joining Mintel, she worked for an international consumer research company and accumulated 10 years of consumer insight experience. Daisy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
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