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5w+ super users are deposited in a single month. Where does the private domain traffic of “vitality forest” come from? Fbic go! Innovation live broadcast Preview

14:00 on June 21, waiting for you in the live studio~

In recent years when the real economy has suffered setbacks, many brands have laid out online one after another, forming a complete set of links from marketing to sales. However, with the increase of contestants, the flow bonus gradually disappeared, the brand expansion entered a cooling off period, and the brand marketing cost continued to increase. More and more enterprises chose DTC business model.

The rise of DTC mode has not only broken the barrier of customer acquisition in traditional channels, reduced channel costs, but also expedited the new logic of brand marketing. It is undoubtedly the best choice to motivate users and improve their value through a more “grounded” playing method.

At 14:00 on June 21, Zhaoxu Alice, director of operation of Moses Technology, will share how the brand breaks the traditional business model, plays with new marketing methods, and deeply disassemble the underlying logic behind marketing Gamification with actual brand cases. Don’t miss this live broadcast~

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Opening time: 14:00-14:45, June 21 (Tuesday)

Activity fee: Free

Guest profile:

Zhaoxu Alice

Moses Technology Operation Director

Qianduba, the industry wide operation director, has 8 years of retail interactive marketing experience and 4 years of member operation experience, and has been responsible for the planning and implementation of user interactive marketing schemes for new retail brands such as Yuanqi forest, adopting a cow, jiabeiaite, paopaopaomat, FILA and three squirrels.

Company profile:

Since its establishment in 2019, Moses has created an original marketing Gamification solution concept, based on SaaS and PAAS underlying system support, to help enterprises meet user needs at low cost and high efficiency, and improve private domain transformation.

Over the past three years since its establishment, Moses has obtained a number of super first tier capital investments with a total financing amount of nearly 100 million yuan. It has upgraded the construction of private traffic pools for more than 300 customers, including Taobao, JD, Nestle, Yuanqi forest, adopting a cow, Zhong Xuegao, Mingren, keep, etc. in 2021, Moses technology has helped enterprises gather 30million consumers, generating a total Gmv of more than 3 billion yuan.

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During the live broadcast, some lucky friends will be drawn out to get “Gamification practice” for free, so that the product design is no longer confused!
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