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In five days, the number of fans increased by 5million, and the number of live broadcasts and goods changed. These brands caught up

live broadcast with goods, rolled up!

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Recently, Oriental selection suddenly became popular.
How hot is it?
On June 9, Dongfang screening was still a “nameless” Tiktok live studio, with only 1.06 million fans and only hundreds of thousands of goods for a live broadcast. At this time, the selection of the East seems to rely more on the “remaining power” of the new East, and the war record has just touched the tail of the middle waist anchor.
On June 10, new Oriental anchor .
Image source: screenshot of microblog topic
Until the morning of June 15, in less than a week, the number of fans selected by Dongfang had reached more than 6 million, an increase of more than 5million fans. In this week, the sales of the live broadcasting room exceeded 20million several times, and the sales on June 14 was as high as 39.2465 million.
Picture source: Tiktok account homepage of “Oriental selection”
Picture source: sales volume of the live broadcasting room on June 14 of the new platform, Dongfang selection
Today’s Oriental selection is praised as the “live broadcast ceiling” by consumers, just as New Oriental was once the ceiling in the offline English teaching and training field.
This can not help but make people wonder, why can the Oriental selection suddenly leave the circle? Will the live broadcast ecology change as a result? Which food and beverage brands have been selected in the East ahead of time and won the first step?
“Teacher” dimension reduction attack anchor
During the live broadcast of New Oriental’s transformation, some media criticized that New Oriental should not want to make fast money. At that time, YuMinHong responded that I don’t think live broadcasting with goods is making fast money, nor is it in the field of education. It’s very difficult to do it.
Facts have proved that live broadcasting is not easy. Even under the name of “New Oriental”, the number of live broadcasting rooms is still very few, and even can not sell a single order. From December to early June last year, it took six months to accumulate millions of fans. Before that, the highest single day sales were only oneortwo million, mostly hundreds of thousands.
Picture source: new shaking platform, the changing trend of fans selected by Oriental
However, after June 9, the “Oriental selection” live studio started an explosive growth. As mentioned at the beginning, after being surrounded by “New Oriental” hot spots for two days, Xiaobian paid attention to the live studio with a half curious and half exploratory attitude.
As soon as I entered the room, I saw that the gentle teacher Dunton said, “the peach is young and bright. When the son returns, it is appropriate for his family. When the peach is young, there is a truth. When the son returns, it is appropriate for his family.” The peach tree beams so red
Who would have thought that this was just another peach sale. As for oranges, he also mentioned that “big beads and small beads fall on the jade plate”. When I see peaches and oranges, I can only say “* *, the juice is so rich and sweet”.
Image source: screenshot of Tiktok short video selected by Dongfang
They are all peaches. Dongyuhui, a former star English teacher, can not only describe them in English, but also say them in a literary and artistic way, “Your brain tells you that all these things are beautiful. Beautiful things are like mountain springs, like the bright moon, like the wind through the canyon, like a midsummer night’s dream. Beautiful things are like you and me standing in an open space, facing a peach garden. When the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and the leaves are shaking, the branches are bunched, bunched, piled, gathered together, suntanned, emitting tempting blush and peeling juice The water is as beautiful as a peach. “
Who would have thought that a honey peach could be so romantic and poetic? After listening to it, I would have a picture in my mind.
At present, dongyuhui is undoubtedly No.1 of the Oriental selection studio. For all the products sold in the live broadcasting room, from rice to fruit, steak to books, from the white snow of Changbai Mountain to the bending down of the ripe rice ears in October, and the rice fragrance floating in the home is the romance of the world; From life experience to family life; From Yuhua to protagora He can talk freely.
In addition to dongyuhui, tonton, 77, yoyo and other former teachers have become anchors in the live broadcasting room. They are not only good at English, but also able to talk about life philosophy, Chinese history, youth and adults’ troubles, from all over the world to health care, from Shakespeare to Sudongpo, turning selling goods into poetry and feelings, and turning the former 123 selling live broadcasting room into a knowledge paid live broadcasting room.
Just listening quietly is also a kind of enjoyment. “New Oriental’s live studio doesn’t want to sell me anything, but really wants to teach me something”, “a clear stream of live broadcasting with goods”, “it’s good to have a culture, and reading is really useful” this is the resonance of many netizens. Many netizens commented, “I’m not shopping. I just want to pay tuition fees.”
Image source: Weibo review
Knowledge live broadcast is sneaking attack live broadcast with goods
In fact, we looked back at the short video at the beginning of Oriental selection. At that time, the content was still introducing the eating method, type or origin of the product. Maybe they didn’t find their real core of competition.
Image source: short video screenshot of Dongfang Zhenxuan Tiktok
However, over the past half a year, the live broadcasting ecology has indeed undergone some changes, and the New Oriental live broadcasting has just stepped on this tuyere.
Before the double 11 last year, lijiaqi took two new measures: one was to shoot the variety show “offers of all girls”, which was the first public interview for the price advantage of the head anchor; Second, lijiaqi had a 10 day “beauty and skin care class” in the live broadcasting room, from ingredients to skin texture to skin care knowledge.
Picture source: lijiaqi live studio
Of course, other anchors have also had small classes based on products, such as inviting star makeup artists to teach makeup on site. This is a small step in the change of live broadcast selling. Price is no longer the only advantage. The personal charm of the anchor and the “content” of the live studio will become the conditions for consumption decisions.
Let’s look at Tiktok. From the explosion of Liu Zhenhong’s fitness live broadcast in the beginning of the year, we can explore one or two. “It’s not necessarily Liu Zhenhong, but it happens to be Liu Zhenhong”, which may be a little difficult to understand.
To put it simply, first of all, the epidemic at the beginning of the year lengthened the time at home, and to a certain extent, it also promoted the demand for fitness at home; Secondly, liufuhong is a star, fitness is daily, and it is what he has been doing to drive more people to exercise; Furthermore, the prohibition of broadcasting excessive chest muscles and wearing down jacket aerobics seem to be an oolong, which has just become the key factor for them to get out of the circle.
There is no lack of Tiktok. After several years of peak development, Tiktok has gradually become rigid in content mode, live broadcast ecology and star creation, and the growth of user traffic has also begun to slow down. In addition, the fitness under the epidemic and the live broadcasting room of Liu Zhenhong have just become the next hot spot of Tiktok and the turning point of Tiktok live broadcasting room, which has also brought huge traffic to Tiktok.
After all, liuhuanghong not only gained tens of millions of fans a day, but also had 100000 people in the live broadcasting room, which also led to the popularity of more fitness bloggers and fitness brands.
Picture source: Liu Zhenhong’s Tiktok account
As for Tiktok, the live broadcasting room that does not sell goods has new content. What about the live broadcasting room that sells goods?
In the past, Taobao live broadcast mostly introduced products to see who could better explain the role of product ingredients; However, most of Tiktok’s scripts are played. They call the manufacturer on the spot to negotiate prices, complain about the wrong prices in operation, and so on. A series of routines have already tired consumers.
“New Oriental style” sales have brought live broadcast sales to a new stage. The products in these live broadcast rooms carry not only the brand concept, but also our food, clothing, housing and transportation supplies. Perhaps they also carry our poetry, distance and cultural knowledge.
After the double reduction, New Oriental, facing the pressure of the company to survive and the lives of thousands of employees, can only transform. Even if it is not optimistic, even if its achievements are not good, it still has to work hard to save itself. This is also the current situation of many people’s lives, which resonates.
When this group of teachers moved the classroom into the live broadcasting room, it was another kind of “New Oriental”. They used their best weapon: English to reduce the dimension and attack other live broadcasting rooms. Moreover, these anchors were not only English, but also omnipotent. They were proficient in literature and physics. Many netizens even said that they would let their children stay in the live studio all summer.
As the netizen said, “the anchor is the same, and there is one in a million cultural anchors. The transformation of New Oriental is also positive for the guidance of teenagers. They tell us that in the Internet age, the anchor who can survive for a long time is no longer 321. Knowledge is our invisible wing in the future. Whether we fly high is uncertain, but we must fly far.”
Image source: Weibo review
The audience in the live broadcasting room said, “I feel like I have signed up for a New Oriental English training class with the money for buying a bread”, “if my history teacher could speak so interesting, I would have passed 211”. This is also the reason why after the explosion, the sales of the Oriental selection studio doubled, “consumers are willing to pay for knowledge”.
Picture source: new platform, sales trend of nearly 10 live broadcasts of Dongfang Zhenxuan
Which food brands won first?
The live broadcast transformation of New Oriental has not been deeply rooted in education, but on agricultural products. Of course, at present, n product categories have been added. According to the data in the past, the top 3 categories of commodities on the shelves of the live broadcasting room selected by Oriental are food and beverage, books and entertainment, beauty and skin care.
Image source: new trembling platform, Dongfang Zhenxuan cargo data
In terms of sales, the flagship store of the steak preservation Bureau ranks first. “The price of steak is 299. 12 pieces of steak, 12 pieces of steak, 24 bags of seasonings, 24 packets of seasonings. The list of ingredients is ingredient.” This can be regarded as the ceiling for selling steak. The star anchor will introduce the characteristics of steak in bilingual, which is also a stem that has been widely spread these days.
In the first month of live broadcast, less than 700 pieces of two steaks were sold in the Oriental selection studio. According to the data of the new shake platform, only a live broadcast was held on June 14. It is estimated that nearly 8000 pieces of whole cut Xiling naked eye steak in the flagship store of the steak preservation Bureau were sold, and the sales are estimated to reach more than 2.3 million.
You know, although the steak preservation bureau is a large domestic import steak supplier, Shenzhen Green Valley cold chain Holdings Co., Ltd., from the perspective of Taobao store, the number of fans is only more than 1000, which is still a new store, and the single product with the highest sales volume is only 4000+.
Photo source: Taobao flagship store of steak preservation Bureau
According to some media reports, pengming, CEO and co-founder of the steak preservation Bureau, said that the recent happiness came suddenly. The company scraped a large wave of free products and made a circle. In recent days, the daily sales have reached the level of one million, “the order has exploded.”
According to the live broadcast data on June 14, according to the order of single product sales, in addition to the enterprise stores selected by Dongfang, the top one in terms of sales is not only the steak preservation Bureau, but also kongke, miaokolando, Yili, tianhaizang, Nongfu mountain spring and other brands, whose single broadcast sales are estimated to be more than 500000, of which kongke and miaokolando exceed 1million.
More importantly, there is no pit fee for the Oriental selection studio, nor will it ask the brand for a large number of samples to show and try before the broadcast. Not to mention the samples, the high pit fees are the pain of most brands, and more “pit fees” eventually become “pit fees”.
Therefore, for the brand, the New Oriental live studio is not only a new traffic gathering place to meet the brand’s selling scene, but also can tell a good story for the brand and achieve a good balance among the anchor, brand and users.
From liuzhenhong, LuoYongHao to Dongfang selection, their success may be difficult to replicate, but we should know that content has become an important part of short video, live broadcast and other brand marketing links.
We may not be able to achieve the brilliance of New Oriental teachers, but we must tell the brand story with good content, and form an emotional force with users through good content, which is the powerful transmission of brand values and the continuation of brand vitality.
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