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Danone plans to greatly increase Yashili’s procurement volume. The largest R & D center of Mars Wrigley starts construction. Wahaha’s revenue is nearly 52billion yuan. Du Guangyi, the former vice president of Maotai, has no time for the first trial, and JD has explored takeout services

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Today, Yashili announced that according to the actual transaction amount as of the first five months of this year and Danone’s expected increase in demand for Yashili New Zealand’s products from June to December, the board of directors of Yashili raised the annual upper limit of the supply agreement between the two sides from 52million yuan to 150million yuan. It is believed that this will help its New Zealand company further improve its utilization rate, so as to achieve greater synergy with Danone. (company announcement)


Jiumaojiu announced today that its Guangzhou Pinxin Yuegu Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and Chen Rui entered into an agreement on the sale of Guangzhou two eggs catering Co., Ltd. for 509400 yuan, involving 80.85% equity, and Guangzhou jiuchenhui has 19.15% equity. (company announcement)


(Daily Economic News)

It is said that Syngenta plans to IPO in Shanghai before the end of the year

Today, Bloomberg quoted a person familiar with the situation as saying that Syngenta, a seed and fertilizer giant under China National Chemical Corporation, is considering an IPO in Shanghai before the end of this year, paving the way for becoming one of the largest IPOs in the world this year. The group may seek to land on the Shanghai Science and technology innovation board with a valuation of 65billion yuan, or distribute the issued shares worth about 30billion yuan to strategic investors. The above review is ongoing, and the details of the IPO, including the scale and schedule, may still change. Syngenta declined to comment. (Bloomberg)


Today, miaokerando said on the investor interaction platform that the company has reached cooperation with the Oriental selection Tiktok live studio to provide live broadcasting and delivery services for miaokerando’s products. (Daily Economic News)

Revenue of RMB 51.915 billion in 2021

Yesterday, the full list of “top 500 Zhejiang merchants in 2022” was released. According to the list, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. had a revenue of 51.915 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 18.04%, ranking No. 45. (Shanghai Securities News)


Yesterday, in a continuous interview with Bloomberg, Jingdong Xin Lijun said that the company had “considered and explored” the launch of on-demand meal delivery service. (Bloomberg)

Jingdong supermarket signed a stable supply agreement with more than 100 fresh food and FMCG enterprises

A few days ago, JD supermarket signed the long-term strategic cooperation agreement to ensure the stability of the supply chain with 111 enterprises in the fresh food and FMCG industries. The enterprises participating in the signing of the agreement regard JD as the main marketing channel and supply chain partner. On the basis of the existing long-term supply and supply chain cooperation between the two sides, they strengthen the coordination of technology, data and supply chain, and further deepen the cooperation. (issued by the company)


Today, Yili announced that it successfully issued the 15th ultra short term financing bonds of 2022 on June 15, 2022, with a total amount of 1.5 billion yuan.

High end formula milk powder project with an annual output of 20000 tons

Since the construction of Feihe (Qiqihar) intelligent ecological industrial park project started last September, 331million yuan has been invested, accounting for 64% of the total investment. It is planned to be officially put into use in July 2023. (Qiqihar daily)


Yesterday, Mengniu China Dairy Industrial Park Phase 8 conducted a survey. It is understood that the intelligent manufacturing area of Mengniu China dairy industrial park has six business types: normal temperature, low temperature, ice products, milk powder, fresh milk and cheese, including Mengniu phase 1-7 and the newly built phase 8 large low temperature plate and phase 9 milk powder factories. After completion, a cluster of modern dairy intelligent manufacturing factories will be formed. (Hohhot daily)

Construction of Xingan Yili dairy liquid milk intelligent factory demonstration project



Yesterday, nine projects in Jinshan District, Shanghai were signed at the 2022 global investment promotion conference. Among them, jiawo group will be in Jinshan landing alternative protein research institute and production center. Its main products are plant meat series, including plant beef, minced pork, hamburger beef pie, plant meat balls, etc. (China Youth Daily)

Chayan Yuese establishes two new companies

Recently, Hengyang Shulin Beverage Co., Ltd. and

A little response milk tea drinks the whole fly

Recently, a consumer said that he drank a complete fly from a little milk tea he bought at HUAFA North Road store in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and insects crawled out of the flies. In this regard, the store concerned responded that it would check the milk tea produced, and said that it was unreasonable to produce such a complete fly after passing through the machine, but it also expressed its willingness to refund or remake, but the two sides could not reach an agreement. (Sina Finance)


Recently, Guizhou forty nine wine industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of forty nine square, obtained the new shareholding of Guizhou new kinetic energy industry development fund partnership. From the perspective of equity penetration chart, Guizhou new kinetic energy is indirectly controlled by Guizhou SASAC. (Red Star capital)

“Niushuangshuang” obtained nearly ten million yuan of angel round financing


36 krypton today, the tea brand “looking for tea duck” announced that it had obtained millions of angel round financing led by Han monkey technology venture capital fund. Lori, founder and CEO of zhaocha duck, said that this round of financing will be mainly used for IP upgrading of zhaocha duck, research and development of new tea products and channel expansion. (36 krypton)

Fonterra promotes the midpoint West core, and helps boxma and zhiweiguan go up to the new level

Fonterra announces its (issued by the company)

The first healthy ice cream series of “ideal freezing point” on the shelves

In June this year, the ice cream brand “ideal freezing point” officially launched its first healthy ice cream series – ideal freezing point fruit stick series in tmall and Tiktok. This series “focuses on 99% fruit ingredients, 0 additives and 0 fat” and is mainly aimed at young women, exquisite Baoma, weight control people and many other people who pay attention to their own and their families’ health. (issued by the company)


Recently, the winners of the 2022 World Dairy innovation award were announced to the world. Yili Group and its holding company, Aoyou, were nominated for 13 awards and successfully won six awards. (issued by the company)

Construction of Mars’ largest R & D center in the world started

Yesterday, the new global R & D center of Mars Wrigley started construction in Chicago, with millions of dollars, and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023. The new center will build a testing kitchen and a technology development zone for developing new products. (issued by the company)

Nelson Peltz, the new director of Unilever, is about to take office

Today, Unilever announced that it had confirmed that Nelson Peltz, a radical investor, was appointed as its non-executive director and a member of its Remuneration Committee, with the effective date of July 20, 2022. Unilever announced on May 31 that Nelson Peltz had joined its board of directors. The latter had helped consumer goods giants such as P & G to carry out reforms. (company announcement, snack agent)

Louis Vuitton will open the second restaurant in the world

Today, Louis Vuitton opened a restaurant called mory SACKO at Louis Vuitton in Riviera town of Saint Tropez, which will launch menus inspired by African and Japanese flavors. It is understood that this is the second Louis Vuitton restaurant in the world, and the first restaurant has been opened in Osaka, Japan in 2020. (Bloomberg)

Nestle sells organic cold extract coffee chameleon coffee

Yesterday, Nestle confirmed in a statement that it would sell chameleon organic coffee, an organic cold extract coffee brand, to systm foods, a food and beverage brand platform, but did not provide the sales amount and reasons. Nestle acquired the brand five years ago. Commenting on the sale, the company said it would continue to focus on its coffee brand portfolio. (fooddive)

“Champion pet food” refers to options such as re exploration and sale

Yesterday, Bloomberg quoted informed sources as saying that champion petfoods of Canada is exploring various options, including the potential sale of the company valued at more than 2billion US dollars. Previously, the market once spread rumors that nestle planned to buy it. (Bloomberg)

AB InBev is trying to catch up with inflation in some markets

Recently, AB InBev said that as the company is trying to catch up with inflation in the United States and other places, AB InBev will raise the prices of some beer products and adjust the product specifications. “Overall, I think inflation is higher than we expected,” said Fernando tennenbaum, its chief financial officer (Wall Street Journal)

General mills will continue to reshape its product portfolio

Recently, Jeffrey L. harmening, chairman and CEO of general mills, said that if the growth rate is to reach more than 3%, the company will need more acquisitions and potential divestitures., The company’s $1.2 billion Tyson pet food business.

Coca Cola bottlers’ inventory in Russia

Coca Cola said its bottler Coca Cola HBC and its existing customers in Russia were “running out of inventory”. Once the inventory is exhausted,

McDonald’s Big Mac is still available in Russia

Recently, most of McDonald’s restaurants in Russia have reopened with new brands and ownership rights, but other franchised restaurants remain open. They sell authentic McDonald’s dishes in stores that rarely hide McDonald’s brands, including Big Mac burgers, although the latter has been renamed “Bolshoi Burger” or “big burger”. (Reuters)

PepsiCo launches limited edition bubble alcohol free Cocktail

Today, PepsiCo announced the launch of a limited edition non-alcoholic cocktail drink, bud Bellini bliss, under its bud brand. This is the first non-alcoholic cocktail under the brand. (foodbev)

Quick reading of food industry information



Luo Wen was appointed secretary of the leading Party group of the State Administration of market supervision

Five departments: support dairy products, wine making, grain and oil industries to build high-quality raw material bases

Today, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other five departments issued guidance on promoting the high-quality development of light industry, which proposed to speed up the industrial chain to supplement and strengthen the chain, and support the construction of high-quality raw material bases in dairy products, canning, wine making, grain and oil and other industries. (Zhongxin finance and Economics)

Shanghai: from January to may, the total retail sales of social consumer goods decreased by 18.7%

According to the official website of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of statistics, from January to may, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in Shanghai reached 604.754 billion yuan, a decrease of 18.7% over the same period last year. From January to may, the wholesale and retail sales reached 564.315 billion yuan, a decrease of 17.5% over the same period last year; The retail sales of accommodation and catering industry reached 40.439 billion yuan, down 32.2%. (First Finance)

New Oriental live studio is exposed to try to build its own supply chain and consider developing its own products in the future

Today, the source said that orient select is trying to build its own supply chain, and will vigorously develop “Orient select” self operated products in the future. “The goal is to build Oriental selection into a brand.” The person said. According to the above sources, the main purpose of considering self built supply chain is to ensure after-sales and product quality. “In addition, self built supply chains can indeed reduce product costs.” (surging News)

It is said that JD broke up the Jingxi business group, and Jingxi was merged into the retail business

Recently, JD is undergoing a new round of organizational structure adjustment. The Jingxi business group under JD retail group will be dismantled within this month, and the original business lines are expected to be integrated into other business groups with similar businesses by the end of June. Among them, Jingxi app, jingxitong (the original Jingdong new channel) and Jingxi Pinpin will be merged into Jingdong retail. Before the merger, Jingxi business group will carry out a series of personnel and business optimization. This is the second of the original seven business groups of to be broken up. Previously, in March, the retail V business group was also split and restructured. (36 krypton)

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