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Maotai shareholders’ meeting presented ice cream experience coupons, Unilever made a joint venture of US $120million, and fisland sold some German businesses. McDonald’s planned to pay nearly US $1.3 billion in France for settlement, and the number of fans in the New Oriental live studio exceeded 10 million

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Maotai shareholders’ meeting to buy liquor at parity and give Maotai ice cream experience coupons

The 2021 annual general meeting of shareholders in Moutai, Guizhou was held today. At the meeting, dingxiongjun, chairman of Guizhou Moutai, announced that the total operating revenue in 2022 will increase by about 15% compared with the previous year, achieve the target of revenue of 125.9 billion yuan, and complete the capital construction investment of 6.969 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that at this year’s shareholders’ meeting, the activity of purchasing alcohol at par was cancelled, and instead, accompanying gifts such as “I Maotai” image IP Xiaomao and Maotai ice cream experience coupons were prepared for shareholders. (Tianmu News)

All Naixue’s tea stores in Shanghai are back to work

According to the introduction of Naixue’s tea yesterday, Naixue’s stores in Shanghai have basically returned to work, and the sales peak of the first weekend after the return to work was ushered in on June 11 and June 12. (issued by the company)

The development of the Great Bay area of kale has been greatly accelerated

Yesterday, Cafe de Coral, a chain catering company, announced its new three-year plan, including increasing the business profit margin in Hong Kong from low to high units by adjusting the brand portfolio. In the mainland, the company will continue to focus on the development of Dawan district. Its objectives include increasing the number of mainland branches from 136 at the end of March this year to 280, which is equivalent to opening 144 more branches or 1.06 times in three years, with an average of 48 new branches each year. (Ming Pao)

Sizhou group faying police

Sizhou group, a Hong Kong food company listed in Hong Kong, announced today that it is expected that the profit for the year ended March 31, 2022 will be about HK $6million to 12million, while the profit for the same period last year will be about HK $30.127 million. The decrease is mainly due to the disruption of the supply chain caused by the COVID-19 and its related containment measures, resulting in a substantial increase in sales and distribution expenses. In addition, a loss of about HK $4million was recorded in associated companies during the year. (company announcement)


Recently, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Aoyou and the hemp Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as “the Chinese hemp Institute”) and the project of new raw materials for special food was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in the research and development of new special food raw materials, extraction of functional active substances, application of production and processing technologies, etc., based on the needs of the industrialization of new special food raw materials of Aoyou and in combination with the R & D achievements of the Chinese hemp Institute in the fields of edible and medicinal bacteria, probiotics, hemp characteristic resources, etc. (issued by the company)

Shanghai wanghong coffee shop fined 30000 yuan

According to the website of Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, recently, Shanghai pink pig catering Co., Ltd. (the store recruit is whenpigsfly as a pig fly) was fined 30000 yuan by the market supervision and Administration Bureau for using expired orfu pasteurized protein solution to process cake roll embryos. (green pupil perspective)

Chongqing beer responded that Jiawei beer had withdrawn the lawsuit on the underwriting dispute

After a lapse of 20 months, the dispute between Chongqing beer and its associated company Jiawei beer over the underwriting agreement was finally ended by the withdrawal of the plaintiff Jiawei beer. Heavy beer told Caijing. Com that the two sides have not settled out of court, and the company has not agreed to the other party’s 822million compensation request. As for the trademark assets frozen in the property preservation, the company is contacting the court to handle the unsealing procedures. (


Recently, Changsha zhugaoqiang Catering Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was established. Its legal representative is Guan Jun, with a registered capital of 500000 yuan. Its business scope includes catering management; Enterprise management consulting; Supply chain management services; Literary and artistic creation, etc. According to the shareholder information, the company is jointly held by Changsha chayue youwo Catering Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of chayan Yuese, and Changsha xuzhuo catering management consulting partnership (limited partnership). (business system)

Huabin presents energy drink

Recently, Huabin cultural foundation, Huabin FMCG group and zhanma company jointly set up “zhanma energy gas stations” in 19 provinces and cities across the country to carry out the activity of giving warhorse vitamin energy drinks to express brothers and front-line anti epidemic workers. By the end of May, 200000 cans had been distributed. (issued by the company)


Today, the public welfare day 2022 of Polaroid was officially launched worldwide. In the Chinese market, with the theme of “discovering the beauty of biodiversity around us”, baoleli encourages employees and the public to understand the beauty and uniqueness of the creatures around us, and then practice the care of nature and species from a small place. (issued by the company)

Qingdao beer official Xuan Xiaozhan was appointed as brand spokesperson

Today, the official of Tsingtao Beer announced that Xiao Zhan had become its brand spokesperson and released a new endorsement advertisement for Tsingtao Chunsheng. (China News Network)

The new chairman of Yanjing beer will broadcast the first show live

On June 17, a live show by gengchao, chairman of Yanjing Beer, will be staged in Jingdong. On May 18, Yanjing Beer official announced the official change of command, with gengchao as the new helmsman. (China search)

Fisland sells part of its German consumer business

Yesterday, fisland said it planned to sell part of its German consumer business to unternehmensgruppe Theo m ü ller in Germany. The deal includes the landliebe brand and three German production facilities. (issued by the company)


Recently, bubs, an Australian infant formula manufacturer, announced that it had signed a supply and marketing agreement with Wal Mart. According to the agreement, Wal Mart will purchase a batch of bubs milk powder and sell it in 800 Wal Mart stores in about 20 states in the United States. (Australian finance and Economics)


Yesterday, McDonald’s agreed to pay about $1.3 billion in fines and back taxes to settle its tax dispute in France. McDonald’s in France faces a long-term investigation into whether it has correctly declared all its activities. In 2014, French tax officials were investigating whether McDonald’s transferred the fees paid by its franchised restaurants to restaurants in other countries, thereby reducing its taxable income in France. (Wall Street Journal)

Unilever launches US $120million joint venture

Today, Unilever announced the launch of a joint venture with biotech company genomatica (geno),

United Airlines menu adds impossible foods products

Yesterday, United Airlines added two new menu items of impossible foods to some flights and some airport lounges to add more choices of vegetable foods. Starting this week, eligible customers can make reservations. (issued by the company)

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Sales volume of some milk powder brands in “618” increased significantly

According to the latest terminal price tracked by Anxin securities, on June 3, the average retail price of imported infant milk powder was 268.07 yuan / kg, up 2.7% year on year; The average price of domestic milk powder was 218.06 yuan / kg, a year-on-year increase of 2.2%. China business reported that the sales promotion of 618 milk powder enterprises this year was the same as or less than that of previous years. However, at present, the demand for hoarding goods by consumers is high, and the sales of some milk powder brands are still growing significantly. (Economic Observer network)

General rules of probiotics for food

Today, the general rules of probiotics for food, led by the Chinese society of food science and technology and jointly participated by 19 scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises, including Jiangnan University, the national food safety risk assessment center, Shanghai University of technology, China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd., Yili Group, Danisco (China) Co., Ltd., was released. The general rules put forward that “the number of viable probiotics within the recommended shelf life is ≥ 107cfu/g (ML). If the number required to achieve the expected effect is less than the above recommended amount, the number of viable probiotics with scientific proof can be used”. (China Economic Net)

New Oriental live studio has more than ten million fans

On the afternoon of June 16, the total number of fans of “Oriental selection” exceeded 10 million. Previously, on June 9, the total number of fans just exceeded 1million. As of press time, the share price of New Oriental online has risen by more than 80% to HK $30.2. Since June, the share price has risen by 716%. (Financial Associated Press)

Network anchor xuguohao was prosecuted for tax evasion and fined 108million yuan

The Fuzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation announced on the 16th the results of the handling of the tax evasion case of xuguohao, the network anchor: Xu Guohao was chased for tax payment, imposed a late fee and fined a total of 108million yuan. (China News Agency)


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