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Nestle China’s first carbon neutral product has been launched and is promoting the process of net zero carbon emission at full speed

Nestle, a world-renowned food and beverage company, is making every effort to accelerate the process of “net zero carbon emission” in China. Recently, Nestle announced the launch of its first carbon neutral product zhuochun neng’en 3 organic milk powder in the Chinese market. The launch of this product was supported by the Swiss Ministry of agriculture and obtained the carbon neutral product certificate granted by the global authoritative environmental protection agency South Pole in March this year.

“As the high-end organic milk powder of Nestle neng’en series, zhuochun neng’en 3 has led the high-end process of Nestle’s infant products and further promoted Nestle’s goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions.” Nestle’s mother and baby said in reply to the snack agent’s query that, including Zhuo Chun neng’en 3, the group’s six brands, Nan natura, Nan bio, Nan ekologiskluomu, BEBA bio and guigoz bio, were certified by the global authoritative environmental protection agency South Pole in March this year and obtained the carbon neutral product certificate.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Multiple carbon reduction measures

According to the data, the milk source of the newly listed zhuochun neng’en 3 organic milk powder comes from the organic pasture in the Swiss Alps. Through a number of carbon reduction actions and high-quality carbon offset, the whole link has been achieved to achieve carbon neutralization.

Swiss Embassy in China Counsellor Yves reymond, director of the finance and Commerce Department, said at the new product launch of Zhuo Chun neng’en 3 organic milk powder: “Zhuochun neng’en 3 organic milk powder has received support from the Swiss Ministry of agriculture, which represents Switzerland’s quality and professionalism in the practice of sustainable development. At the same time, it is hoped that the listing of zhuochun neng’en 3 organic milk powder will promote more cooperation opportunities between Switzerland and China in the important field of sustainable development.”

瑞士驻华大使馆经济、金融与商务处主任雷毅夫(Yves Reymond)参赞

As Nestle’s first carbon neutral product in China, liumeiju, Secretary General of China Dairy Industry Association, also highly recognized its carbon neutral concept, and said: “the listing of zhuochun neng’en 3 organic milk powder has laid a good foundation for the dairy industry to formulate carbon neutral industry standards, and further helped China’s dairy industry achieve the ‘double carbon’ goal.”


The data calculation results provided by the company also show that each can of zhuochun neng’en 3 organic milk powder can offset 14.2 kg of carbon emissions. “We hope zhuochun neng’en 3 organic milk powder can not only meet the nutrition needs of the baby, but also protect the future living environment of the baby.” The responsible person of Nestle’s mother and baby said that the new milk powder was implemented in accordance with the organic standards from the source of the pasture, including no use of chemical agents, no fattening in the natural fallow of the pasture, no growth in the natural ripening of the pasture, and no lactation in the natural grazing of cows.

At the same time, zhuochun neng’en 3 organic has reduced manual intervention in all production links, and adopted 100% renewable clean energy. Plant based materials are also used for packaging covers and spoons, and the carbon footprint of the whole link is calculated.

On the basis of emission reduction, zhuochun neng’en 3 also actively participated in and supported large-scale afforestation projects in Guizhou, offsetting the carbon footprint by naturally absorbing carbon dioxide, and truly achieving the net zero emission target.

Breakthrough of dairy products

It is worth noting that for Nestle group, milk and milk raw materials are not only the largest raw materials, but also the largest single carbon emission source. Because of this, the dairy business where the milk powder is located has also become a breakthrough for Nestle to promote the implementation of the first carbon neutral product in China.

The company described zhuochun neng’en 3 organic milk powder as a pioneer product with the concept of carbon neutrality, which is an important link for Nestle China to fulfill its commitment of “net zero carbon emission in 2050”.

“Nestle has always adhered to scientific standards on the road to achieving net zero carbon emissions, among which reducing emissions is our top priority, and the carbon emissions of Nestle’s dairy products and livestock and poultry supply chain are our top priority.” Nestle told the snack generation that the group has carried out many key actions to reduce emissions, including feed and livestock management, farm energy and efficiency, and projects related to manure treatment.



It is understood that Nestle is currently using its own scientific expertise and analytical capabilities to cooperate with external partners to establish research farms for testing new solutions. These solutions will also be upgraded in model farms around the world.

“In the future, we will work with all our partners in the dairy supply chain around the world to comprehensively promote projects and pilot work, and expand relevant solutions to reduce our environmental footprint.” Nestle said.

Carbon neutral brand transformation

In addition to dairy products, including milk powder, Nestle has listed a timetable for many of its brands to achieve carbon neutrality.

Xiaoshidai learned that after the 2050 net zero carbon emission commitment was put forward in 2019, Nestle group released the net zero carbon emission roadmap in december2020, which identified two milestones: 20% in 2025 and 50% in 2030. Eight key actions are clearly put forward in this net zero carbon emission roadmap, one of which is “transformation to a carbon neutral brand”.

According to the plan, Nestle will achieve carbon neutrality in all categories of global water business by 2025, and give priority to promoting carbon neutrality in 2022 for international brands, including Perrier, S.Pellegrino, acqua Panna and Vittel. Various brands in Nestle’s coffee business and food business, such as Nespresso, Kit Kat and Jiazhi food, are also actively transforming to carbon neutral brands.

In addition, each business department of Nestle group will set targets for reducing carbon emissions in agriculture, production, packaging, logistics and other links every year. In fact, by continuously upgrading the greenhouse gas emission reduction actions in the operation and supply chain, Nestle group has reached the carbon peak in 2019 and successfully reduced the greenhouse gas emissions by 4million tons in 2021.

Source: Nestle China

Nestle also said that it is gradually changing the mode of production, packaging and operation in the supply chain, including continuing to vigorously promote the development of renewable food system, accelerating the introduction of safe packaging schemes with low environmental footprint to the market, and continuing to make efforts in sustainable procurement, “In the future, we will strive to provide the industry with samples of sustainable development in the three areas of further reducing the carbon footprint, accelerating the transformation of sustainable packaging and realizing sustainable procurement”.

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