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618 ranked first in food sales, Starbucks made another high-level change, KFC highlighted the “plant meat” report card, Yashili’s new plant planning details, Carlsberg raised its rates, and Danone cut its product categories in some markets

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Star map data: 618 ranking of food sales on e-commerce platforms of the whole network

Yesterday, Xingtu data released the battle report on the sales data of 618 e-commerce platforms of the whole network in 2022, showing that the total sales of grain, oil and flavoring during 618 reached 10.1 billion yuan, and wufangzhai, golden dragon fish and Fulinmen ranked among the top three. The total sales of leisure snacks reached 6.4 billion yuan, ranking the top three among three squirrels, liangpin shop and baicaowei. The total sales volume of instant food reached 2.6 billion, with wufangzhai, Master Kang and Tongyi ranking in the top three. The overall sales volume of foreign wine reached 1.4 billion yuan, and Penfolds, Martell and Hennessy performed prominently. (star map data)

Project planning details of Yashili’s new milk powder factory

The workshop has 9 production lines, with an annual output of 36000 tons of milk powder and a daily processing capacity of 1400 tons of fresh milk.

嘉士伯上调1664 Blanc特许权使用费率

今天,重庆啤酒公告,许可方嘉士伯啤酒厂有限公司提出全球市场范围1664 Blanc系列产品的特许权使用费率从目前实施的 6%提高到 7%。1664 Blanc 包含 1664 白及系列口味延展产品。本次调整自 2022 年 6 月 1 日起生效,预计2022年日常关联交易额度授权许可费类别相应增加 630 万元。(公司公告)


Haagen Dazs is here today

Municipal gska rise plan

It is reported that the gska rise plan of JD supermarket takes the upgrading of marketing digital intelligence and the promotion of brand innovation and growth as the core, and brings a comprehensive guarantee from methodology to business practice for the brand through the marketing cloud innovation model and co creation growth plan.


Guiyang Daily reported today that Gui’an new area has made overall efforts to attract investment from central enterprises, increased in-depth cooperation with COFCO group, and actively planned COFCO Coca Cola phase II project and supporting enterprises to settle in Gui’an. (Guiyang daily)

Snow ice city has opened 1000 stores overseas

Interface news recently reported that Shanghai huayuhua Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. has provided brand consulting services for snow ice city since 2018. Huashan, the chairman of Shanghai huayuhua Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd., posted on the social platform on June 8, saying that snow ice city has exceeded 1000 overseas stores. (interface News)


Recently, Master Kong (Shenyang) beverage Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes. Among them, the investor was changed from product investment (China) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Dingjin Food Co., Ltd. to “product investment (China) Co., Ltd.”. (business system)

Change of directors of Meiji (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Recently, Meiji (China) Investment Co., Ltd. changed its directors. Akio tsukuda, shinzaki and Ryuki lingmu withdrew, and new directors Nakamura Shoji and Akiyama Shicheng were added. (business system)

Naixue, Coca Cola raw material juice supplier Tianye shares rushed to the Beijing stock exchange

Recently, fieldwork Innovation Co., Ltd. formally submitted the application draft to the Beijing stock exchange and planned to be listed on the Beijing stock exchange. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of tropical fruit and vegetable products. Its main products are raw fruit juice, quick-frozen fruit blocks, fresh fruits, etc. Naixue tea, chabaidao, aunt Hushang and other well-known chain tea brands are the main suppliers of raw fruit juice, as well as the suppliers of food and beverage enterprises such as Nongfu mountain spring, Coca Cola and Wahaha

Naixue’s tea sets up a tea technology company

Recently, Shenzhen Naixue Tea Technology Co., Ltd. was established, with a registered capital of 10million yuan and a legal representative of Zhou Yi. Its business scope includes catering management; Internet sales; Sales of agricultural and sideline products; Fresh fruit retail; Production of tea products, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by Shenzhen Pindao Catering Management Co., Ltd. (business system)

China Resources and other five enterprises were officially transformed into state-owned capital investment companies

The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) recently issued the notice on matters related to the reform of state owned capital investment companies (gzgzgz [2022] No. 245), which adjusted and optimized the pilot enterprises of state owned capital investment companies. The notice clearly states that five enterprises, including China Baowu, China investment, China Merchants Group, China Resources Group and China building materials, have officially become state-owned capital investment companies; 12 enterprises including aviation industry group, state power investment, national energy group, state machinery group, Chinalco, COSCO Shipping, COFCO, China Minmetals, general technology group, CCCC, Poly Group and CGNPC continued to deepen the pilot. (Daily Economic News)

Huang Shanghuang research prefabricated dishes

Recently, Huang Shanghuang said on the interactive platform that it is currently conducting research on the pre market of prefabricated vegetables. The company’s controlling shareholder’s Prefabricated vegetable business can be mass produced and sold. In the future,


Today, according to the 2021 sustainable development report released by Yum! Brands China, KFC sold 2.5 million vegetable meat products in 2021. From 2018 to 2021, KFC reduced 240 tons of salt in total; In 2021, KFC and Pizza Hut will reduce sugar by 51 tons. (company announcement)

Convenient fast food brand “BAGOU” completed tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round financing

Recently, the convenient fast food brand “BAGOU” announced that it had completed two rounds of financing. The latest round of financing was led by qianhang capital, followed by industrial investors canming capital and peanut diary. The two rounds of financing amounted to tens of millions of yuan. It is reported that BAGOU has launched more than 20 kinds of instant food products, such as Liuzhou snail powder, Guilin rice powder, Nanchang mixed powder, Changsha lard mixed powder, Chongqing noodles, etc. (36 krypton)


Today, Nongfu mountain spring’s brand tea π announced the launch of 900ml free drinking package, which has two flavors: Grapefruit jasmine tea and grapefruit green tea. (issued by the company)

Oatly launches dark chocolate Oatmeal Milk

Today, oatly announced the launch of dark chocolate Oatmeal Milk jointly with Daiichi Heiqiao. The new product adopts the imported cocoa powder of Heiqiao daily. The selling points of the product include plant-based and 0 sucrose, which has been launched in the flagship store of oatly tmall. (issued by the company)


Recently, dove, a brand of Mars Wrigley, participated in the tmall 618 “simple packaging is good” green activity, and launched four packaged plastic reduction products in the activity area. Among them, dove’s new single product 0 sugar dark chocolate and heart filling chocolate biscuits are packaged in paper, reducing the use of plastic packaging. While the classic single product dove bowl chocolate removes the aluminum plating on the inner tray, dove row chocolate reduces the plastic inner support, and both packaging reduce the use of original plastic. (e Finance)


Yesterday, on father’s day, McDonald’s China announced the launch of McDonald’s “parent-child reading club” series activities, and joined hands with children’s Book Brand CITIC children’s book to create a parent-child reading scene. The initial activities will cover the designated McDonald’s restaurants in Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Tianjin, Zibo, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Changsha and Foshan. (issued by the company)


Recently, torrential rain fell in Xiangxi and Northwest Hunan. After the disaster, Aoyou dairy (China) Co., Ltd. immediately donated pechun infant formula with a market value of more than 1.18 million yuan to the affected people through Hunan Red Cross Society to help the affected people recover their normal production activities as soon as possible. (red net)

Pepsi Cola creates digital fashion

Recently, the first quarter of the digital Shanghai Fashion Week was held. Pepsi Cola will scientifically recycle plastic, improve the value of plastic, reduce the carbon footprint, and produce fashion items after virtual release. (Xianning News Network)


Today, an executive of Danone said that due to the tight household expenditure caused by inflation, the company is reducing the types of products it sells to adapt to the changes in shopping habits of consumers in Europe and other regions. It is reported that factors such as rising inflation have made Danone reconsider how to sell its best-selling products, including biyou yogurt and Evian water. The executives did not point out which products might be targeted, but said “this is not a global cut in some products.” (Reuters)

Danone will deliver 750000 cans of infant formula to the United States

According to TVC news today, Danone will deliver 750000 cans of ptarmil first infant milknews to the United States

The president of Starbucks North America will step down at the end of this month

According to the Wall Street Journal today, rosann Williams, the head of Starbucks’ North American business, will leave at the end of this month. Sara trilling, the current president of the Asia Pacific region who has worked for the company for 20 years, will lead the North American business from June 21. It is understood that in the past year, Williams has been one of the key figures in the coffee giant’s efforts to deal with the growing number of baristas to form trade unions. Starbucks said that Williams was offered another position at the company, but she decided to leave. Williams did not respond to a request for comment. (Wall Street Journal)

Coca Cola has achieved 90% packaging recyclability

Recently, cloeann Durham, head of Coca Cola’s North American operations, pointed out at a meeting held at ISBT that so far, the company has used 100% recyclable pet in plastic packaging worldwide. (Packaging World)


Recently, a representative of Nestle headquarters said that Nestle is looking for more opportunities in Cambodia and plans to invest in Cambodia by establishing business in the near future. This move is widely welcomed by local dairy farmers and will promote the fresh milk market in the country. (The Phnom Penh Post)

Carlsberg spent 167million to upgrade its Malaysian brewery

Recently, Carlsberg said it would invest 110million ringgit (about 167million yuan) to upgrade its brewery in Shah Alam, Malaysia, which is Carlsberg Malaysia’s largest investment in 30 years. The company said in a statement that the investment will modernize its production facilities to provide greater efficiency, greater flexibility in packaging options and sustainability in energy, water and waste management. (The Star)

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The Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosed that Wang Xing foundation, a subsidiary of Wang Xing, sold 30000 shares, 30000 shares and 40000 shares respectively on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (the 14th, 15th and 17th) for charitable purposes. The average price of each share in the three trading days was HK $196.6337, 201.0000 and 196.6250. The cash out totaled HK $1979.40 million, with an average price of HK $197.94 per share. Wang Xing’s B shares still accounted for about 0.87%, and his holding decreased from 47.954 million shares to 47.854 million shares. Wang Xing last reduced his holdings of B shares on December 8 last year. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)


As of 23:592022 p.m. on June 18, JD 618 had reached a new high, with a cumulative order amount of more than 379.3 billion. JD logistics achieved one-day delivery or the next day delivery in 94% of districts and counties and 84% of towns and townships nationwide, and the number of individual express business orders started well, with a year-on-year increase of 140%. (issued by the company)

The total live broadcast time of Tiktok 618 e-commerce reached 40.45 million hours

According to the battle report of Tiktok 618 good things Festival, the total live broadcast time of Tiktok e-commerce reached 40.45 million hours, the short video hanging on the shopping cart was broadcast 115.1 billion times, 183 live broadcast rooms with a turnover of more than 10 million, 758 brands with a turnover of more than 10 million, the cumulative number of new customers placed orders increased by 20% month on month, 1219 live broadcast rooms with a partner of service providers breaking the one million, and the broadcast volume of related topics in the national industrial belt reached 340million. Among them, the number of users visited by Tiktok mall during the outbreak increased by 115% month on month. (issued by the company)

JD will take the lead in using Asia No. 1 intelligent logistics park in Zhejiang

Today, announced that Yiwu, Wenzhou, Hangzhou and Zhejiang are the first provinces in which logistics has invested in the “Asia one” intelligent logistics park in three cities in the same province. In Zhejiang Province, the proportion of JD’s self operated orders reaching the same day or the next day will reach about 95%. (36 krypton)

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