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The CEO of fislan was appointed as a director of Unilever, the CFO of Carlsberg resigned, the price of kale was higher than that of Japan, the retail volume of tmall 618 was growing, Coca Cola fruit drink was signed, and the latest Chinese shopper report was released

Hot company information and announcement


Jianhe brand 618 multi platform wins the first place

As of today, Jianhe’s brands have achieved many good results: synbiotic has been among the club of RMB 200 + million for two consecutive years, and the probiotics category of the whole network has been ranked No.1 for consecutive years; Swisse continued to achieve platform grand slam and won multiple No.1; Solid gold is highly competitive. The two stores in grew 10 times year-on-year, and the flagship store of grew 120% year-on-year. It has become the No.1 of imported cat staple food stores and single product and double product of platform, and the No.1 of single product category and pop merchants of pet industry. (issued by the company)

Thomson Beijian has been the “double champion” of tmall and 618 for three consecutive years, with total online sales exceeding 600million

During the period of 618, the whole brand and network sales of Thomson Beijian exceeded 600million yuan. From the 20:00 p.m. on May 31 to the end of the event, Thomson Beijian’s all brand network sales exceeded 500million, with a year-on-year increase of more than 30%, and won the first place in the sales rankings of several categories of brands, and won the “double champions” of tmall and 618 for three consecutive years. (issued by the company)

COFCO packaging plans a new acquisition project

COFCO packaging, which is listed in Hong Kong, announced today that the public shareholding of the company remains at the level of about 21.72% on January 26, 2022, which is 25% lower than the minimum percentage specified in the listing rules. It plans to carry out a new acquisition project to restore the public shareholding. (company announcement)

China Red Bull release statement

Today, regarding whether Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Red Bull”) changes its chairman and legal representative,

Ningxia 100 billion level milk industry cluster project jointly built by Yili was launched

Yesterday, the launching ceremony of the “three bases and three centers” construction project of Ningxia’s 100 billion level milk industry cluster was held in Wuzhong City. The project construction is a specific action for the implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement between the autonomous region and Yili Group to jointly create a 100 billion level milk industry cluster. In addition, the event announced the good news that Ningxia Agricultural Reclamation group supplied 1000 tons of fresh milk to Yili Group in a single day.

Feihe and Heilongjiang Bei’an signed a 600million yuan dairy processing project

Recently, Bei’an city of Heilongjiang Province signed a dairy processing project with an investment of 600million yuan with Feihe group, realizing the extension and reinforcement of Feihe (Heihe) dairy industry chain. It is reported that Feihe original ecological animal husbandry will carry out project investigation in Heihe recently to promote the process of project cooperation. (Heihe daily)

China Resources Yibao establishes a new company in Heyuan

Recently, China Resources Yibao (Heyuan) wanlvhu Beverage Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of RMB 35667million, which is wholly owned by China Resources Yibao beverage (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Business scope: beverage production; Food production; Food sales (for items that must be approved according to law, business activities can only be carried out after being approved by relevant departments, and the specific business items shall be subject to the approval documents or licenses of relevant departments), etc. (business system)

Jingtian Meizhou Wuhua Baisui mountain mineral water project completed and put into operation

Yesterday, Meizhou Wuhua Baisui mountain mineral water project was completed and put into operation in Wuhua County. The project is constructed by Jingtian (Shenzhen) food and Beverage Group Co., Ltd. with an investment of 500million yuan. It is estimated that the annual output will be 500million to 800million bottles and the annual output value will be 500million yuan. (Meizhou daily)

Coca Cola sterile fruit drink Changsha project signing

Recently, Changsha open economy Symposium and signing ceremony of major projects were held, and six major open economy projects including Coca Cola sterile fruit drink Changsha project were signed. (China News Network)

Nowwa coffee stores open

Yesterday, nowwa coffee announced the opening of all its stores. At present, Nova coffee has opened stores in more than 30 cities, with 1500 stores online. (issued by the company)


Recently, the interface news learned from a number of people close to HEMA that HEMA has started a new round of layoffs since May this year, mainly focusing on the procurement and operation departments in local regions. The buffer period is one month until the end of June. In this regard, the official of HEMA has not responded yet. (interface News)

Maotai and Suning Tesco explore and deepen cooperation

Recently, Gao Shan, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of Guizhou Moutai group, led a team to the headquarters of Suning Tesco group for investigation and exchange with gongzhenyu, President of the headquarters of Suning Tesco group FMCG. Gaoshan expressed the hope to promote the sales and promotion of the whole series of products of Maotai Group in Suning Tesco and jointly serve consumers. (Chinanet Technology)

Youran animal husbandry established a new company in Tuoketuo County

Recently, Tuoketuo County Youran animal husbandry Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 125million yuan, which is wholly owned by Inner Mongolia Youran animal husbandry Co., Ltd. The business scope is animal breeding; Livestock raising; Dairy production; Fertilizer production; Feed production, etc. (business system)

Tea loving investment in minority coffee

Recently, the industrial and commercial change occurred in Hefei our light food Co., Ltd., a minority coffee related company, and chisel beverage (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. was added as a shareholder, with a subscribed amount of RMB 136364. According to public information, Kongkong beverage (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. is a related company of Xi cha. (business system)

Dairy brand Wudao won ten million pre-A round of financing

Recently, dairy brand Ö armilk Wudao (hereinafter referred to as “Wudao”) has obtained tens of millions of pre-A round of financing, led by QY capital and co invested by Yisan capital. This round of funds will be mainly used for brand development, marketing and channel construction. (interface News)

Luminfang, President of Mengniu, was elected as the global director of the consumer goods Forum

Yesterday, the consumer goods Forum (CGF) held a global board meeting in Dublin, Ireland. The meeting announced that luminfang, President of Mengniu Group, was successfully elected as the global director of CGF. (issued by the company)

Mengniu pan transaction chain characteristic financing scheme has granted loans of more than 20million yuan in total

According to the news of ICBC Hengshui Branch yesterday,

Yili jinlinguan cooperates with Changjiang business school to create the “leading baby power” project

From June 21 to 23, the “lingyingyuan power” advanced research project jointly created by Yili gold Lingguan and the partners of “lingyinghui” club was officially launched. Relying on “Changjiang Business School”, it has built a multi-dimensional mutual learning and co creation ecology to jointly open a strategic win-win road with its partners. At present, Yili jinlinguan has cooperated with more than 700 key maternal and infant systems in China. (issued by the company)

Aoyou Nengli promotes three domestic new products

Today, Aoyou announced the launch of three new infant milk powder products, Aoyou Aiyou, Nengli duoruiyou and ruihuo, which occupy the domestic milk powder section. Through this release, Aoyou has realized the double line development mode of its star brand Nengli multi series imported milk powder + new domestic milk powder products of various series. (issued by the company)

Chun Chashe lengcui tea comes into the market

Yesterday, Chun teahouse announced the new launch of cold extract series, including Yulu green tea and Tieguanyin oolong. It is reported that the product adopts a unique cold extraction method, “0 sugar, 0 essence, 0 energy”. At the same time, Chun tea house official xuanbaiyu is the spokesman of the new brand. (issued by the company)

Small pot tea launched 3 new brands

Recently, duguoying, the founder of small pot tea, announced the launch of three new brands, namely, the “year trace” of the main year of tea, the “coffee table flavor” of the new national life tea, and c.tea O intelligent tea making machine, and proposed the strategic layout of “multi brand + multi product line”. (interface News)

Like tea to promote new fruit tea products of 15 yuan

Recently, the “seasonal fresh fruit” series of Xi tea launched a new product of fleshy peach and plum fruit tea, priced at 15 yuan, setting a new low price for Xi tea since this year. As of June 20, according to the statistics of the day when the meat peach and plum were launched, nearly 80% of the current SKUs of current beverage products under 19 yuan in the menu of conventional tea loving stores. (Shanghai Securities News)

Kalobi will raise prices in Japan

Kalobi said in a statement today that the price of snacks and cereal products in Japan will be increased by 5% to 20% from September due to the increase in the cost of materials. It is reported that the price of kale has been raised several times this year due to the lack of potato harvest and the rising cost of materials. (Bloomberg)

Heine dalsgaard, chief financial officer of Carlsberg resigned

Carlsberg reported today that Heine dalsgaard, its chief financial officer, has decided to resign as the chief financial officer of Companies in other industries. Dalsgaard will serve in Carlsberg no later than December 31, 2022. Carlsberg will start the process of finding a successor and announce the successor in due course. (company announcement)

Unilever appoints the CEO of fisland as a non-executive director

Today, Unilever announced the appointment of Hein Schumacher as a non-executive director of the company, effective from October 4, 2022. Simahan is currently the chief executive officer of Royal Holland. (company announcement)

Carlsberg’s first trial introduction of fiber beer bottles

Today, Carlsberg announced that it will carry out the pilot program of fiber beer bottles in 8 Western European markets. It is reported that this packaging shell is made of wood fiber that can be purchased sustainably. The PEF lining is made of natural raw materials, which is compatible with the plastic recycling system and can be degraded in nature. This pilot project is the first time Carlsberg has introduced fiber bottles to consumers. Feedback will be collected to provide information for the next generation of design. (issued by the company)

Unilever CEO said that the path to achieve carbon emission goals has not been defined

At yesterday’s consumer goods forum, Alan jope, CEO of Unilever, said that he had not yet determined how to achieve Unilever’s “scope 3” carbon emission target. He said that the energy used by consumers to cook food, wash clothes or clean hair and skin “accounts for 60% of our total carbon footprint”, compared with the energy emissions of factories and distribution networks “almost insignificant”. (Bloomberg)

Carrefour claims to be able to face sustained inflation

Yesterday, Alexandre Bompard, chief executive of Carrefour, said that global inflation would continue. With its business portfolio and experience in coping with inflation in South America, the company can cope with the current situation of sustained inflation. “When we talked with the CEO of Argentina, we said that this was very serious because our inflation in Europe reached

McDonald’s new Russian owner will speed up opening

According to Reuters news today, after McDonald’s completely withdrew from Russia and sold its stores to local franchisees, the new restaurant with the brand name “taste and that’s it” sold nearly 120000 hamburgers on the opening day, a record high. Oleg paroev, the CEO of the new company, said that he hoped to achieve the goal of 1000 stores in the next four to five years ahead of schedule. (Reuters)

Buffett’s Dairy Queen

Recently, Susan Richard Nelson, a district judge in Minnesota, US, ruled that day queen had no evidence to show that consumers confused the “blizzard” brand, nor did it show that w.b.mason, an office supplies dealer, deliberately misled consumers by selling “blizzard” bottled mineral water. It is reported that Dairy Queen began to use the name “blizzard” in 1946 and has five related trademarks. Dairy Queen said in a statement that she was disappointed with the results and was studying whether to appeal. “We will vigorously safeguard our rights when necessary to protect franchisees.”. (interface News)

Starbucks Malaysia sacrifices profits to cope with inflation

The CEO of Berjaya food Bhd, the Malaysian operator of Starbucks, recently said that in order to cope with inflation, the company is seeking to control costs internally. Now it may have to sacrifice profits instead of passing on rising production costs to consumers. He said that “the last thing we want to do is to raise prices”. (Bloomberg)

There is a shortage of potatoes. Burger King in Japan uses pastry instead of French fries

Recently, affected by the shortage of potatoes in the United States, Burger King in Japan is asking customers to replace French fries with “kid star dim sum wide noodles”. Before the resumption of potato supply, Burger King, which operates more than 150 stores in Japan, will require customers to replace French fries with dim sum noodles to slow down the consumption of potatoes. However, some customers said that if Burger King did not have French fries, it would eat McDonald’s instead. (Ming Pao)

Arla foods plans to increase instant coffee production

Recently, Arla foods, who is responsible for the production and sales of ready to drink coffee in Starbucks Europe and other markets, said that the company is planning to increase the production capacity of one of its portable refrigerated coffee factories, and will invest 41million euros (about 289million yuan) to expand its production, packaging lines and refrigeration areas. The production capacity will be increased by about 20% to meet the “growing global demand”

Polaroid sells its whisky brand tormore

Recently, Pernod Ricard sold its Scotch Whisky brand and distillery tormore to elixir distillers. A statement by the two companies showed that the annual output of the distillery was close to 5million liters. The detailed terms of the transaction were not disclosed. (Bloomberg)

Quick reading of food industry information


The scale of China’s low alcohol liquor market is expected to reach 74.3 billion yuan in 2025. Today, the 2022 low alcohol beverage trend report jointly released by the tmall liquor industry and tmall new product innovation center (TMIC) was released. The report shows that the market scale of low alcohol liquor in China is expected to reach 74.3 billion yuan by 2025. In 2021, the overall e-commerce sales of low alcohol liquor increased by 42% year-on-year. In terms of sub categories, rice wine and tea wine both led the low alcohol liquor market with a three digit growth rate. (Kaidu)

The rise of home consumption is good for food and beverage

Yesterday, Bain and KDO consumer index released the 2022 China shopper report, series I. The report shows that consumers will continue to hoard large packaged food and home care products in the short term after the outbreak of the epidemic in 2022, reducing consumer spending on high priced products such as skin care products and cosmetics. The rise of home consumption will also benefit food, beverages and home care products. Consumers pay more attention to health and hygiene, which will continue to promote the growth of milk, personal cleaning products and other categories. (issued by the company)

The Department of consumer goods industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology organized a symposium on milk source construction in the dairy industry

Recently, the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology organized a symposium on milk source construction in the dairy industry. The Department of consumer products industry requires dairy production enterprises to further strengthen the construction of milk source bases, and strengthen the upstream and downstream cooperation and benefit sharing of the industrial chain by establishing a close interest connection mechanism with upstream pastures and dairy farmers, so as to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the dairy industry. (Securities Times)

China’s demand for imported pet food grows rapidly

Recently, Aohua Finance Online reported that the demand for high-quality imported pet food in the Chinese market is rising. According to the prediction of Austrade, China’s pet breeders are increasingly seeking imported pet food rich in nutrition and protein, and this trend will be maintained at least in the medium term. According to the data of the General Administration of Customs of China in 2022, the import volume of pet food in China has increased from 9813 tons in 2016 to 97560 tons in 2021. According to the 2022 data of the US Department of agriculture, the market value of China’s pet food is expected to exceed US $16billion by 2025. (Aohua Finance Online)

Tmall 618 retail sales recorded positive growth again

Dai Shan, President of Alibaba’s domestic digital commerce sector, said that this year, tmall 618 retail sales again achieved positive year-on-year growth. Alibaba said that this year, more than 260000 brands participated in tmall 618, and the turnover of nearly 100 products exceeded 100million yuan. However, the company did not disclose the actual Gmv amount or growth rate. Alibaba pointed out that the turnover of nearly 2300 commodities exceeded 10 million yuan, that of more than 30000 commodities exceeded 1 million yuan, and that the turnover of 410 new brands increased by more than 100%. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Two employees of Jingdong Logistics’ supply chain company steal high-end drinks from the company

Judgment document network recently disclosed that Feng Moucai and Kong mourong, two employees of Guangdong jingbangda Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. under Jingdong Logistics, were sentenced to one year and six months’ imprisonment, one year and two months’ imprisonment and one year and six months’ probation respectively for constituting the crime of duty embezzlement. In May, 2021, fengmoucai and kongmurong conspired to take advantage of their position of knowing the commodity inventory and handling problem orders, place orders for low-cost drinks with low inventory in Jingdong Mall for many times, hide the ordered drinks in the warehouse, deliberately create out of stock problem orders, and replace the ordered drinks with high-end drinks such as Benfu and Martell. The two men packed and delivered the above-mentioned high-end drinks to a fixed express point, and transported part of the drinks to the faliyan hotel located in Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province for sale, with a total of more than 250000 yuan. (Caijing Tianxia weekly)

The French Spirits Industry Association said that inflation led to a decline in exports

Recently, the French Spirits Industry Association said that due to inflation and other pressures, the industry will face difficult challenges in 2022 after its sales partially recover in 2021.

Mexico forbids subcontracting avocado and berry pickers

Luisa Maria alcalde, Mexico’s labor minister, said recently that the Ministry of labor will issue a guideline to prevent the industry from using subcontracting labor in certain activities, especially prohibiting the subcontracting of avocado and berry pickers. Part of this is to ensure that the company complies with the requirements of the country’s trade agreements with the United States and Canada. (Reuters)

Preparation for the 5th China International Fair for promoting fast forward steadily

According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce a few days ago, the contracted area of the Fifth China International Fair has exceeded 75% of the planned area, and the number of the world’s top 500 and industry leading enterprises has exceeded 250. It is reported that the Fifth China International Fair will be held as scheduled from November 5 to November 10. (China government website)

The two departments jointly issued the code of conduct for network anchor

Today, the State Administration of radio and television and the Ministry of culture and tourism jointly released the code of conduct for network anchors. The “specification” specifies that for live broadcast content that requires a high professional level (such as medical and health care, finance and economics, law, education), the anchor shall obtain the corresponding professional qualification and report the professional qualification to the live broadcast platform, which shall review and record the qualification of the anchor. The “specification” requires that the account of the network anchor who has serious problems, has problems for many times and refuses to change after repeated education should be banned, the relevant network anchor should be included in the “blacklist” or “warning list”, and it is not allowed to start broadcasting again in the form of changing the account or platform. (CCTV News)

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