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The herbal tea market is hot! Heqi is innovating to launch a new style of “flower +” herbal tea

The herbal tea market is getting hot!

Recently, Coca Cola has initiated heated discussions in the mainland to test water herbal tea. The local herbal tea brand Heqizheng is not willing to be outdone. In the hot summer, Heqizheng tea with a new taste is launched.

It is reported that he is positioning “taicha” as a “new style herbal tea”, which is an important step in his herbal tea category innovation strategy. So where is the new place of Chinese tea compared with traditional herbal tea? And what is its brand innovation strategy? How do you play chess with him?

“Ingredient revolution + taste breakthrough”

What do you think of when you mention herbal tea? Is it to prevent getting angry? Or is it the scene of a group of people eating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot gulping herbal tea? In the long run, consumer education has made ready to drink herbal tea a solidified label in the hearts of the audience. In the pioneering era of ready to drink herbal tea, such cognition has effectively promoted herbal tea to enter more scenes. However, in today’s “post intensive cultivation era” of herbal tea, cognitive solidification has limited the growth of ready to drink herbal tea, and it is difficult for consumers and consumption scenes to make greater breakthroughs.

It is understood that Heqi’s new product “taicha” aims to refresh the public’s consumption awareness of ready to drink herbal tea, promote the extension of consumer groups and boundaries, attract more young people to enjoy herbal tea, and then expand the category growth space.

In terms of taste, Heqizheng “taicha” adds flowers and tea through ingredient innovation, and specially brings out two single products: Gardenia oolong tea and luoshenhua black tea. “Flower + tea + herbal tea”, a triple taste, injects new vitality into the taste of herbal tea.


“Luoshen flower and Gardenia Flower are the favorite tastes of young people in the past two years. Through appropriate composition, we hope that herbal tea can maintain its core ‘fire reducing function’ and bring better taste. We also hope that young people will prefer herbal tea, a plant beverage derived from Chinese traditional wisdom.” The person in charge of research and development of Heqi said that the flavonoid index of taicha still follows the industry standard through the reasonable proportion of “flower + tea + herbal tea”.

It is understood that flavonoids are important physical and chemical indicators in the herbal tea industry standards issued by relevant institutions. According to the standard of plant beverage herbal tea issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in november2019 and implemented in 2020, the total flavone content per 100ml should be greater than or equal to 20mg.

In terms of product research and development, in addition to its core interest of “reducing fire”, Hezheng tea also hopes to meet more needs of “health preservation”. According to the new product information, gardenia can protect the liver and gallbladder, oolong tea can refresh and eliminate fatigue, luoshenhua can clear away heat and heat, and black tea can generate body fluid and clear away heat. The addition of these natural flowers and tea raw materials, as well as the characteristics of low sugar, make it a “light birthday drink” aimed at the young generation, meeting the health needs of young people.

In terms of image, it is also bold and innovative, and is closer to the aesthetic preferences of young consumers. It is reported that there are four packages for the two single products of Zhengli tea, corresponding to four brand stories respectively. Each story revolves around the romantic encounter between spirit and fairy grass, and constructs a fresh and vibrant world.

In terms of visual presentation, Heqi ZHENGBO tea adopts a fantastic and romantic style, and leads consumers to intuitively feel the beauty of Chinese traditional culture behind the tea through exquisite national fashion illustrations.

Herbal tea “post intensive cultivation era”

As a traditional Chinese plant beverage, herbal tea has always had a broad market space. However, in recent years, the consumer group, consumption frequency and scene have tended to be stable, resulting in the failure of the whole category to bring a new consumption experience. Especially with the slowdown of the overall growth rate of the beverage industry and the emergence of various new products in the past decade, the herbal tea industry is also facing more and more competition.

The beverage era has changed, and herbal tea has ushered in the post intensive cultivation era. As the market share is divided up by other products, the competition in the herbal tea industry should no longer be limited to “internal fighting”, but should return to product innovation, so as to compete for more consumers in the new era.

This means that herbal tea brands must adapt to the taste changes of the new generation of consumer groups, and innovate on the basis of inheriting the inherent characteristics and functions, so as to win back more markets. How to promote the crowd expansion and border extension of the herbal tea market is the key to whether the whole herbal tea industry can achieve a new round of growth.

Optimistically, from the perspective of the whole industry, herbal tea is still one of the few categories with an overall scale of more than 10 billion. In addition, the characteristics of its natural herbs and its unique “fire control” function also mean that herbal tea has certain rigid properties. According to the data of guanyantianxia, the scale of China’s herbal tea market will reach more than 80billion yuan in 2019. After years of consumer education of major brands, herbal tea has a good consumer awareness among consumers.

The major brands have made great efforts in the field of herbal tea one after another, which is precisely because they have seen the “consumption stickiness” and broad market space brought about by the functional attributes of herbal tea.

As one of the representative brands of ready to drink herbal tea, it has a high national degree and consumer base. At the beginning of the layout of the herbal tea industry, Hezheng herbal tea adopted the on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line on-line. This also enables it to win favor of the consumers with the its excellent product strength under fierce competition in herbal tea industry. At the same time, the current extraction technology has also obtained the certification of national patents.

In fact, in addition to the introduction of the new tea, there are many innovative measures in the past two years. The snack generation noted that based on its accurate insight into young consumer groups, consumption ideas and consumption needs, it launched bubble herbal tea and sugar free herbal tea successively last year.

Heqi Zhengqi herbal tea

This time, Zhengpu tea has subverted the composition ratio of traditional ready to drink herbal tea “three flowers, three grasses and one leaf” and revolutionized the addition of “flower + tea”, aiming to better realize the link with young consumers in taste, break the impression of traditional herbal tea, and lead the innovation and development of herbal tea industry as an innovator.

It can be expected, and it is expected to explore a new explosion point of ready to drink herbal tea market on the right road.

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