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This year, Zhong Xuegao broke out again

In this summer’s ice cream war, Zhong Xuegao once again came out of the encirclement.

Xiaoshidai noticed that during the recent 618 promotion in 2022, the online red ice cream brand, which was born in 2018, is no different in many mainstream e-commerce platforms. According to the data, Zhong Xuegao ranked first in the category of tmall’s ice products for the third year, and won the top in the sales of tmall’s fresh food category and the first in the sales of JD pop store’s ice products category.

In the emerging e-commerce platform, Zhong Xuegao has also made great efforts to outdo a number of old brands. Not only does Tiktok ice cream brand rank first in self broadcast sales, but also the first in the double lists of Tiktok e-commerce ranking, ice cream industry hot list and recommendation list.


What’s more impressive is that Zhong Xuegao’s “Youth Series” has won the first place in the sales of tmall ice cream items, while the “dark horse” item, which topped the list, has only been on the market for more than two months. “Within 72 days of the launch of our youth series products, the retail sales of e-commerce reached 20million yuan, which is a very difficult new product sales performance.” Zhong Xuegao disclosed to xiaoshidai.

This also means that, even though there are constant disputes, many consumers are still voting with their mouths, and the ability to continuously create pieces with explosive potential is also becoming an important driving force for the growth of Zhong Xuegao’s sales scale.

Today, the snack generation connected with Zhong Xuegao, the relevant person in charge, and talked in detail about the story and logic behind this young ice cream brand’s “hot money”. Now, we might as well learn about it together.

“Challenge yourself”

In the final analysis, any “hot money” favored by consumers needs a breakthrough in products.

As introduced by the snack generation, this new series officially launched in March this year has five flavors, including low sugar · small grain coffee ice cream and low sugar · velvet cocoa ice cream, both of which have sugar content lower than 5g/100g, and low fat · guava coconut ice cream, with fat content of only 3g/100g; The protein content of Meili milk ice cream and Haiyan coconut ice cream with high protein content reached 7g/100g and 6.3g/100g respectively.

Low sugar velvet cocoa ice cream

It can be seen that in the newly popular “Youth Series”, Zhong Xuegao’s product research and development direction is not novel, that is, taking into account both delicious and healthy. In terms of specific selling points, he chose “low sugar”, “low fat” and “higher protein content”. But it is challenging to put these simple ideas to the ground.

Take low sugar for example. Behind this, Zhong Xuegao faces the same problem as Coca Cola and dove: like drinks and chocolate, it is not easy for ice cream to be as delicious as the regular version on the basis of sugar reduction.

Generally speaking, white granulated sugar (sucrose) is an important raw material for making ice cream and ice cream. It can provide sweetness and keep the ice cream soft and smooth at a lower temperature. To make low sugar ice cream, the common practice in the industry is to use sugar substitutes to supplement its sweetness when sucrose is reduced or not used.

“Some products will use synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame and cyclamate, but the products added with these substances have unpleasant flavors such as astringent aftertaste and too cold. It may be necessary to add additional essence to cover up the bad flavor, but our product development principle is not to use essence.” Shenjiani, the R & D director of Zhong Xuegao, told xiaoshidai.

So, how did Zhong Xuegao do it?

Take low sugar and small grain coffee ice cream as an example. Xiaoshidai learned that, first of all, in order to eliminate the unpleasant “false sweet feeling” that a single sweetener may bring, Zhong Xuegao chose natural sweet substances such as stevioside, xylitol and maltitol for compounding. Secondly, Yunnan Coffea arabica, which is burnt in the mouth, is selected as the raw material, plus cocoa liquid block and cocoa powder to balance the taste of sugar substitutes with strong flavor.

“The development of the low sugar version is a challenge to ourselves.” Shenjiani told the snack generation that the total sugar content of low sugar · small grain coffee ice cream is only 2.7g/100g, while the sugar content of the low sugar version of velvet cocoa is 72% lower than that of the conventional version, but “the taste is almost the same”.

Joint research and development mode

Interestingly, the R & D of this new popular series has also opened a “plug-in”.

Xiaoshidai learned that the youth series was jointly developed by Zhong Xuegao and the National Olympic Sports Center. “The Olympic sports science training service has done a lot of research on the athletes’ diet, including the realization of low-fat ice cream. Guava is the raw material recommended by the other party. It is a fruit with low fat content and a good sense of chewing. Therefore, we finally chose guava puree made entirely of guava puree.” Zhong Xuegao tells xiaoshidai.

In fact, compared with sugar reduction, it will not be easier to reduce fat in ice cream, because fat is also an integral part of ice cream and ice cream, which will bring a dense taste and richer texture.

Zhong Xuegao said that in view of this industry problem, the solution idea developed by both parties is to use the fruit with “dense pulp texture and high fiber content” as the base, so as to provide a taste similar to fat and supplement the sense of tightness lost after fat reduction. According to the formula of this low-fat ice cream, its main raw materials are guava pulp, skim milk and skim milk powder.

In addition, the juvenile series jointly researched and developed include Meili milk and Haiyan coconut ice cream with high protein content to meet the needs of people seeking nutrition.

Shenjiani said to xiaoshidai that when developing new products professionally in the direction of health, zhongxuegao and the National Olympic Sports Center agreed that the taste experience of ice cream should not be sacrificed simply for the sake of “health value”, and the combination of delicious food and health is the direction of this research and development. “This series of new products has achieved a relative balance, which is their biggest highlight and what our team thinks is great.”

This is also the latest attempt of zhongxuegao, who has been taking the high price route, to enhance the sense of value of its products.

According to the feedback on the current social media platform, Zhong Xuegao’s product innovation has indeed had a good response. Even though there are disputes over the price of ice cream, Zhong Xuegao still withstood the challenge in some online evaluations, regardless of the value or taste.

For example, the snack generation has noticed that recently, some netizens have evaluated a number of low sugar and low-fat ice cream and ice cream “popular all over the Internet”, including Zhong Xuegao, Baxi, heluxue, comicool, Jianfa and other brands, and sent the products to the Beijing Institute of nutrition for testing the sugar content and fat content. The results show that Zhong Xuegao passed all the indicators. In the blind test, all three fitness coaches pick zhongxuegao for the products they think are “the best to eat”, followed by Jianfa.

Guochaofeng and other emotion cards

In fact, with a good product formula, an ice cream has to be “designed by people” to be pleasant and the brand “can play” to become a potential pop.

For a new product, it is undoubtedly the most important to make consumers have the desire to try before relying on the taste circle powder. Here, in addition to the selling points of the product itself, such as delicious, healthy and nutritious, its packaging “appearance” and “temperament” also play an important role in attracting consumers.

The snack generation noticed that in terms of product modeling and packaging design, zhongxuegao juvenile series continued its consistent national fashion. First of all, the ice cream of this series is also made into the shape of “Chinese tile” with high recognition of Zhong Xue, and the top is provided with a back word pattern; Secondly, the package is printed with “Chinese style” poems and illustrations, such as “silver saddle shines on the white horse, rustling like a meteor”, “the sky is healthy, self-improvement” and so on.

This new series also has a very special name: youth, which injects a layer of spiritual characteristics into the cold ice cream. “We hope to take this opportunity to express the spirit of Chinese youth to fight and not admit defeat. Youth is a kind of spiritual direction, regardless of gender and age. You and I can be teenagers.” Zhong Xuegao said.

As a matter of fact, it is Zhong Xuegao’s usual practice to distinguish different product lines with memorable names to create distinctive features and even “personal designs”. For example, the snack generation noticed that the Baijiu ice cream jointly launched by Zhong Xuegao and Luzhou Laojiao in 2019 was named “fragment”, which attracted high attention. After the launch of the new product, 150million people read about Baijiu ice cream .

In addition, xiaoshidai learned that in order to interpret the spirit of “Youth”, Zhong Xuegao will also work with the Chinese women’s football team and the first youth film exhibition to shoot a series of short films in order to seek emotional resonance and narrow the distance with consumers.

Zhong Xuegao’s cake Zhi Mei Long Li

This is not the first “hot item” of Zhong Xuegao. From light milk and velvet cocoa, which are still popular items all the year round, to the latest youth series, many consumers also started to plant Zhong Xuegao from these popular items.

It can be seen that behind the rapid creation of tens of millions of pieces, Zhong Xuegao used a set of combination boxing. The product itself is the most core competitiveness. It has a good positioning at the beginning of product research and development, and uses various forces to implement solutions; At the same time, we should seek to resonate with consumers from the ingenious thinking of naming and packaging design.

In the ice cream market where new products come out one after another, Zhong Xuegao is also keeping a fast pace of innovation. The snack generation learned that this summer, in addition to the new ice cream product “Youth Series”, Zhong Xuegao also launched the new ice cream product “ice on trees”.

“Next month, we plan to launch Zhong Xuegao’s new cake series; this autumn and winter, we will also launch jinguihong Xiaodou ice cream and new wine ice cream.” Zhong Xuegao told xiaoshidai “spoilers” that in the future, he will continue to increase investment in research and development and continue to launch products that meet consumer needs.

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