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“Live today” in-depth disassembly, how brands play Gamification Marketing – fbic go! Innovation live broadcast




今天下午 14:00 Foodaily邀请摩西科技运营总监赵旭Alice,分享品牌如何打破传统商业模式,玩转新营销方法,用实际品牌案例深度拆解营销游戏化背后的底层逻辑,千万别错过~

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Guest profile: Zhaoxu, former director of operation of Alice Moses Technology, is the industry wide operation director of duiba. She has 8 years of retail interactive marketing experience and 4 years of member operation experience. She has been responsible for the planning and implementation of user interactive marketing schemes for new retail brands such as Yuanqi forest, adopting a cow, jiabeiaite, Paopao mart, FILA and three squirrels. Company profile: since its establishment in 2019, Moses has created an original marketing Gamification solution concept, based on SaaS and PAAS underlying system support, to help enterprises meet user needs at low cost and high efficiency, and improve private domain transformation. Over the past three years since the establishment of
, Moses has obtained a number of super first tier capital investments, with a total financing amount of nearly 100 million yuan. It has upgraded the construction of private traffic pools for more than 300 customers, such as Taobao, JD, Nestle, Yuanqi forest, adopting a cow, Zhong Xuegao, Mingren, keep, etc. in 2021, Moses technology has helped enterprises gather 30million consumers, generating a total Gmv of more than 3 billion yuan. Watch the live broadcast and win the prize
During the live broadcast, the top 10 partners who participated in the interaction will each send out a copy of “Gamification practice” to make the product design no longer confused!
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