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In the cheese market, Yili has made new moves to break the situation!

In the cheese category regarded as a “potential stock”, Yili has made another big move!

Xiaoshidai noted that from June 21 to 23, 2022, the Chinese society of food science and technology held the 2022 international food safety and health conference online. At this forum, Yili cheese released its new product Yili gold cheese stick for the first time, and added weight to the cheese business.

It is worth noting that this new product is specially developed and customized for the nutritional needs of Chinese children. It has an innovative patent, marking that Yili has begun to try to change from “snack” to “nutrition” in the business of children’s cheese sticks.

Yili released new products through this expert forum, highlighting its determination to focus its children’s cheese stick business on the field of professional children’s nutrition. At the meeting, domestic authoritative experts in food science, nutrition, public health, pediatrics and other fields gathered together to discuss the nutritional status and needs of children.

In the special forum of “dairy technology and children’s nutrition and health”, many experts shared that cheese, as a newer and more nutritious dairy form, is the best choice in children’s dairy products.


According to the forecast report on the supply and demand status and development trend of China’s cheese stick industry market from 2021 to 2025 released by xinsijie Industrial Research Center, thanks to the growth of consumer demand, the domestic cheese stick market continues to grow.

The small cheese stick has boosted the huge demand of the cheese market. Players from all walks of life competed to enter the game first, and the competition in the track became more and more fierce.

In the face of increasingly fierce competition, how can we continuously enhance the product power, continue to “be proud of the Jianghu” and reap the growth dividends of the industry? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the experts’ suggestions for choosing children’s cheese.

At the forum, the experts mentioned that children’s nutritional needs are special, and children need exclusive dairy products. Dairy enterprises should, based on the dietary nutrition status of children in China, develop dairy products that meet the nutritional needs of children, maximize the retention of dairy nutritional components, meet daily nutritional needs with a small intake, have good flavor and taste, and are loved by children.

professor wangzhixu, School of public health, Nanjing Medical University, pointed out that at present, the intake of milk and dairy products by primary and secondary school students in China is insufficient, and calcium deficiency is common in all age groups. To solve this problem, Professor Wang suggested that children should choose dairy products with high nutritional quality and high nutritional density, such as cheese, which can be used as the best choice for children’s dairy products. Children can obtain rich and high-quality calcium, protein and other micronutrients.


At present, the vast majority of cheese stick products on supermarket shelves contain cheese ranging from 15% to 55%. This means that the nutritional value of different cheese sticks also varies greatly.

Let’s look at the calcium sodium ratio of cheese sticks. Experts recommend products with high calcium content and low sodium content. However, there are some products in the market whose calcium sodium ratio is less than 1, that is, the sodium content is more than calcium, and the salt content is higher.

It can be seen that although the cheese industry continues to develop well, the nutritional value of products on the market is still uneven. In the long run, stable and outstanding product R & D capability may be the key to help the brand stand out.


Based on the above experts’ suggestions and the current market situation, Yili launched Yili gold cheese stick to meet the nutritional needs of Chinese children.

Yili gold cheese stick was developed by Yili maternal and infant nutrition research institute. The Institute is a nutrition research institution for Chinese mothers and infants. For more than ten years, it has focused on the nutrition research of Chinese children.

Dr. Yun Zhanyou, assistant president of Yili Group, said that in the survey of dietary nutrition and health status of Chinese children, it was found that the average calcium intake of Chinese children was only 1/3 of the recommended amount. As a leader in the health food industry, Yili has developed golden cheese sticks to further improve the nutritional health of Chinese children. This product has achieved a major breakthrough in nutrition. It is a cheese product that better understands the nutrition of Chinese children.

Yilijin cheese stick has an innovative patent tailored for Chinese children.

Based on the research, Yili found that dietary fiber, vitamin D and calcium are the three nutrients with the highest deficiency rate among Chinese children aged 4-13 years.

On the basis of this discovery, Yili has developed a patented formula of vitamin D, prebiotics (dietary fiber contains prebiotics) and calcium to help the human body better absorb calcium and play the role of calcium in cheese sticks.

*Data from growing animal experiments

*D beneficial calcium refers to vitamin D, prebiotics and calcium sources in the patent portfolio

**Chinese invention patent, patent No.: zl202110237626.4 “

In addition to patent innovation, Yilijin cheese stick summarizes its nutritional components with “2 high and 2 low”: 9.0g high protein, 750mg high calcium, 3% low carbon water, and the calcium sodium ratio is 1.82 low sodium.


Last September, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. increased its capital to its subsidiary, Inner Mongolia yijiahao cheese Co., Ltd. The capital increase is conducive to accelerating the development of cheese business, improving business competitiveness and creating more value for the company and its shareholders. In October last year, Yili launched the normal temperature cheese stick on the basis of “suckable cheese”, and achieved good market performance.

In April this year, Pangang, chairman and President of Yili Group, said that the next three years would be a “golden development period” for the domestic cheese market. Yili regarded the cheese category as a “potential stock” and increased investment.

Now, the brand-new Yili gold cheese stick has entered the market, and Yili’s determination and action to increase the cheese business can be seen. Yili seems to have changed its low-key style in the cheese market. It is strengthening product research and development, accelerating the production of new products, and creating a more diversified product matrix, so as to share a larger cake and provide new growth impetus for the group.

The current situation of children’s cheese sticks with high-speed development but uneven product quality has given Yili a lot of room to give full play to its advantages and overtake in corners, helping it break the cheese market.

Starting from the dietary nutrition structure of Chinese children, Yili has made use of its resource advantages to design this product that understands Chinese children and focuses on professional children’s nutrition, which has found the key to breaking through the homogeneous competition for the brand and provided a new idea and demonstration for the industry to change from “snack” to “specialization”.

In the cheese stick track where “gods compete”, the emergence of Yilijin cheese stick may bring new changes to the industry.

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