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McDonald’s tightened the ownership rules of the restaurant, Starbucks may find CEO candidates from the board of directors, Fonterra’s multi regional business merger, and the use of Naixue automatic milk tea machine. Maotai’s share price is up to 2000 yuan

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Guizhou Moutai rose more than 2% to recover the 2000 yuan mark

Today, Moutai in Guizhou rose by more than 2%, regaining the 2000 yuan mark, hitting a new high in nearly five months. As of the closing, Moutai, Guizhou, rose 2.65%. (Shanghai Securities News, snack)

New foreign investment of Cr Yibao beverage

China Resources Yibao beverage (Wuyishan) Co., Ltd. recently, China Resources Yibao beverage (China) Investment Co., Ltd. newly invested in China Resources Yibao beverage (Wuyishan) Co., Ltd. with the legal representative zhangweitong and a registered capital of RMB 124.82 million. (business system)

CR Snow Beer sets up a new company in Shenzhen

Recently, Shenzhen Snow Beer Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of US $207.29 million (RMB 1.387 billion), which is wholly owned by China Resources Snow Beer (China) Investment Co., Ltd. The licensed business items are: production of wine products; Liquor business, etc. (business system)

The first plant in Yangxi, Guangdong was officially put into operation

Recently, green Monday announced that it has set up its own plant-based food factory adopting global standards in Yangxi County, Guangdong Province, and officially put into production to produce Omni new meat products, a plant protein brand under green Monday. The project has set up a factory in the mainland with an investment of more than 100 million yuan. After the factory is officially put into use, it is expected that the annual production capacity can reach tens of thousands of tons of plant-based food. (issued by the company)

Yili modern smart health Valley key project will be put into operation soon

Yili today reported that the core startup area of Yili modern smart health Valley industrial sector has taken shape, and key projects are about to be put into production. This time, the world’s leading 5g green production artificial intelligence application demonstration project for liquid milk and the world’s leading 5g+ industrial Internet infant formula intelligent manufacturing demonstration project will be put into operation. (issued by the company)

Naixue’s tea self-developed “automatic milk tea machine” has been put into use

Many Naixue stores in Guangzhou and Shenzhen have recently put into use the “automatic milk tea machine”. While the machine greatly liberates the manpower of the store, it can complete a cup of tea in less than 10 seconds as soon as possible, and the production capacity is increased by about 40%. It is understood that the “automatic milk tea machine” was completely self-developed by Naixue digital team. It has been tested and used in more than 100 stores. It is expected that it will be put into use in all Naixue stores in the third quarter of 2022. (issued by the company)

Yuanqi forest is considering building a mineral water plant in Huangshan

Recently, Yuanqi forest disclosed for the first time the source of “mineral” mineral water, prepared to distribute goods in a large area, and is considering building a mineral water plant in Huangshan. It is reported that in May, Yuanqi forest and Huangshan Municipal government reached relevant strategic cooperation, which will explore mineral water resources locally and consider investment in building factories. (issued by the company)

Alien electrolyte water under Yuanqi forest increased by more than 300% in the first four months

Recently, UKI, co-founder of Yuanqi forest, said in a media interview that the sales of alien electrolyte water from January to April this year increased by more than 300% year-on-year. It is understood that aliens achieved the sales target of breaking 100 million a month in the first quarter, 2.5 times that of the same period last year. (issued by the company)

Modern animal husbandry plans to establish a joint venture to invest in new pasture

Recently, Hyundai animal husbandry signed an agreement with nichin investment to establish a joint venture company to invest in the new pasture in Inner Mongolia. The registered capital of the joint venture company is 1billion yuan, 51% of which is held by Hyundai animal husbandry and 49% by Rixin investment. (company announcement)

Tiandi-1 responds to its involvement in brewing beer

Recently, Tiandi No. 1 responded that it had launched the refined beer product “No. 1 roasted beer”, saying that the company did carry out product research and development specifically for “refined beer”. At present, it is still in the early taste test and market research stage, and has not officially put it on the market. (Beijing News)

Maotai quits the shareholder of platinum liquor company

Recently, Guizhou Moutai distillery (Group) platinum Liquor Co., Ltd. was renamed Guizhou platinum Liquor Co., Ltd. before that, Guizhou Moutai distillery (Group) health liquor Co., Ltd., the largest shareholder, withdrew from the list of shareholders. (business system)

Swisse Swisse promotes new brand image

Recently, Swisse Swisse joined hands with key customers to launch a large-scale nationwide tour to comprehensively promote the new brand image of “natural health, our new fashion”. This year, Swisse’s offline channel strategy focuses on “expanding distribution, strengthening image and promoting sales” to further deepen the offline channel penetration. (issued by the company)


Yesterday, Changjin biology, a microbial synthetic protein enterprise, recently completed a round of financing of 140million yuan, which was led by bits x bites, sto capital, Sherpa investment, Hillhouse venture capital, Yuanyi investment and country garden venture capital; By the end of 2021, the company completed the pre-A round of financing of 55million yuan. Yuanqi capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor. (investment community)

Dayuan beverage, a beverage supplier such as Haidilao, completed financing of tens of millions of yuan

Recently, RIYUAN beverage, which provides customized beverage solutions for chain restaurants, has completed a new round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investors are Jiamei packaging, Jinding capital and Shengyin. More than 500 brands have cooperated with COSCO, mainly including Haidilao, xijiade, zuotingyouyuan, HEMA fresh and other leading chain enterprises. (FoodBud)

Release of two group standards drafted by jiabeiaite under Aoyou



Recently, some primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Shaoguan City have been closed due to floods caused by rainstorms. Boarding school students are stranded in schools and have a great demand for milk and other nutrients. The Red Cross Foundation of China, together with Yili Group, immediately sent nutritional milk to Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province to provide materials for the trapped students in local schools. (surging)

COFCO Coca Cola delivers drinking water to Guizhou disaster area

Recently, COFCO Coca Cola beverage Guizhou factory joined hands with one foundation to quickly launch the “24-hour water purification” disaster relief emergency mechanism. It has allocated drinking water for three times, giving 108000 bottles of drinking water to Guizhou Tongren Songtao, Xingyi Ceheng and Kaili Congjiang. ( Guizhou)

Meituan invested 100million yuan in subsidies for Shanghai riders

Recently, meituan distribution launched the plan of “honoring those who keep Shanghai”. It will invest 100million yuan in distribution subsidies to Shanghai meituan riders this summer, all of which will be used to stimulate riders’ distribution. While supporting catering retailers to do a good job in taking out, it will effectively protect riders’ income rights and interests. (Shanghai Securities News)

For the first time, blue bottle coffee launched the “rare quantity single origin” series of coffee in mainland China

Today, blue bottle coffee launched the “Zhenliang single origin” series of coffee for the first time in mainland China – coe7 from awatala Jiayou manor, Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. Following the launch of the first “Zhenliang single origin” coffee in the mainland this time, blue bottle coffee will launch this series of new products one after another. It is reported that the new products have been sold out within three hours after their launch today. (issued by the company)

Jiapei kiwi fruit helps lululemon international Yoga day special community activities

Recently, as a close friend of lululemon community, Zespri Jiapei kiwi fruit supported the special community activities of lululemon store on this year’s international Yoga day in Suzhou and Shenzhen, advocating “physical and mental health” and reminding people to choose a lifestyle conducive to physical and mental health. (issued by the company)

Wangzai milk red bottle comes into the market

Today, Wangzai milk was put into new clothes, and the “little red bottle” came into the market in light. It is packaged in 245ml pet and retains the classic image of Wangzai. It is light and light, and can be drunk with the lid. It can be purchased from tmall, offline supermarkets and other major channels. (issued by the company)

New “domineering Durian” on Naixue’s tea

Naixue’s tea official wechat official account announced yesterday that its new product “domineering Durian” was listed nationwide (stores in Shanghai were listed one after another). It is reported that the new product adds D24 Sudan durian. (issued by the company)

Peach flavored Coca Cola listed in Dalian, Liaoning

Yesterday, the launch of new products of honey peach Coca Cola in Dalian, Liaoning Province was held at the South China Wal Mart in Dalian. Ruan Jianyang, party secretary and general manager of COFCO Coca Cola in Liaoning, said that Liaoning is an important market for COFCO Coca Cola. (Netease Dalian)

McDonald’s will tighten restaurant ownership rules while looking for new franchisees

McDonald’s is planning its biggest overhaul of the franchise system that underpins its U.S. operations in decades as it seeks to revitalize the roots of its restaurant owners. According to an e-mail sent to franchisees read by the Wall Street Journal, the executives informed the franchisees of the hamburger chain this week that they must be subject to a stricter review every 20 years before they can keep their restaurant. McDonald’s will consider new factors, such as performance records, and require owners to submit applications to retain their positions. The company will also consider new factors, such as customer complaints, to determine which McDonald’s franchisees can add new branches. (Wall Street Journal)

Danone participates in the investment of a seaweed feed production company in the United States

Yesterday, symbrosia, a seaweed feed producer headquartered in the United States, said it had completed a round of financing, raising $7million. This round of financing is led by Danone manifesto ventures, the venture capital Department of Danone. It is reported that symbrosia aims to reduce methane emissions from livestock through its seaweed feed additives. (Reuters)

Yizi plans to use some Swiss triangle chocolate bars

Yesterday, a spokesman of Yizi confirmed that Yizi will transfer part of the production of TOBLERONE (Swiss triangle) chocolate bars from Switzerland to Slovakia from the end of 2023, and the word “Switzerland” on the packaging will be deleted. The spokesman said that the TOBLERONE packaging was re launched this summer. It is understood that TOBLERONE was first introduced in 1908 and has been exclusively produced in Switzerland since the early 1990s. (Reuters)

Fonterra releases the latest milk price forecast

Yesterday, Fonterra raised the forecast range of raw milk price in 2022/23 milk season from NZ $8.25-9.75 per kilogram of milk solids to NZ $8.75-10.25 per kilogram of milk solids. This means that the midpoint of the forecast price range is the return that dairy farmers can get. (issued by the company)

Fonterra first appointed chief innovation and brand officer, multi District

Yesterday, Fonterra announced to change its organizational structure to speed up the realization of its long-term strategy and set up two new Fonterra management posts. At present, the chief innovation and brand officer has been appointed, and the managing director of strategy and optimization has not been determined. In addition, Fonterra resigned Kelvin Wickham, CEO of Africa, Middle East, Europe, North Asia and America. Fonterra merged the above regional and Asia Pacific businesses into one business region, led by Judith swales, CEO of Asia Pacific. Greater China still reports to the Global CEO as an independent market. (issued by the company)

Starbucks may seek CEO candidates from the board of directors

According to Bloomberg quoting the headhunting company that participated in the CEO recruitment of Starbucks yesterday, Starbucks may appoint a director as the next CEO. At present, Mary Dillon, former chairman of U.S. retailer ulta beauty Inc., has been a known candidate. Dillon has been a director of Starbucks since 2016. In addition, Ritch Allison, former CEO of Domino’s pizza, joined the Starbucks board of directors in 2019. Former coo Roz brewer and former CFO Patrick grismer of Starbucks, who are not members of the board of directors, were also mentioned as possible candidates. (Bloomberg)

Mars submits trademark applications for yuancosmos, NFT and cryptocurrency

Yesterday, according to a tweet from Mike kondoudis, an American lawyer, Mars submitted trademark applications for yuancosmos, NFT and cryptocurrency for its brand dove, covering nft+ digital tokens, virtual snacks + drinks, and software for authentication / transmission and storage. Previously, on June 17, Mars submitted NFT related trademark applications for its brand Snickers. (Financial Associated Press)

Ferrero Belgium plant to restart

Recently, Ferrero said that the Arlon plant in Belgium, previously suspected of Salmonella infection, will be put into operation after in-depth cleaning in the next few weeks. The Belgian food safety authority granted the factory a “conditional” authorization for three months. If all inspections have been made clear, the factory will be fully authorized to restart. (Confectionery News)

Us congressman opposes Mead Johnson’s sale to private equity fund

Recently, a US congressman is urging the Ministry of justice of the country to review and take action to prevent Li Jie from selling Mead Johnson to private equity funds, and warned that the acquisition may affect the future competitiveness of Mead Johnson, and may also aggravate the supply problem of milk powder shortage in the United States. (Bloomberg)

Heineken will raise prices in the Netherlands

From the beginning of August, Heineken beer will raise its price in the Netherlands by about 6%. Heineken’s initiative will be implemented in retail and catering customers, and the specific growth will vary from customer to customer. Heineken has not responded to the price increase. However, according to Dutch media, Heineken executives said in a letter to consumers that Heineken was facing higher pressure on staff, energy and commodity costs. (Just Drinks)


Recently, General Mills completed the acquisition of TNT crunch from a subsidiary of private equity firm peak rock capital. TNT crunch is a manufacturer of frozen pizza crust in the United States. The sales volume of this business in 2021 is about 100million US dollars (669million yuan). (Food Business News)

Some Hershey products

Recently, due to the rising inflation rate, Hershey will raise the prices of some of its products in the U.S. market. The price of standard Hershey Chocolate Bars has increased by 17%, the price of extra large chocolate bars has increased by 13%, and the prices of other bagged products will also rise. (yahoo)

Australian food company strategic review or divestiture of non core dairy assets

Recently, Maggie beer holdings, an Australian food and beverage group(

Talons launches new instant nitrogen coffee

According to the news from the vending market watch today, Monster Energy has launched a new instant nitrogen coffee Java monster cold brew, each containing 200 mg of caffeine, with two flavors of latte and sweet black. It boasts Zero sugar and low-fat milk. (Vending Market Watch)


Quick reading of food industry information



Today, the decision on Amending the antimonopoly law

Tmall 618 released the ranking list of food industry and sales of mother, baby and parent-child

(issued by the company)

Haixia pickle factory, an enterprise involved in “tukeng pickles”, was fined 1.09 million yuan, and the person in charge was restricted from working

The pickle factory is a processing enterprise involved in the “pit pickled cabbage” exposed at the 315 party. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Fast Dog Taxi IPO fell sharply on the first day

Today, kuaigou taxi opened flat on its first day of listing in Hong Kong. It once rose by more than 6% in the morning, and fell by more than 7% in the afternoon. It was quoted at HK $20, with a market value of HK $12.3 billion. (Sina Finance)

It is estimated that the market scale of sugar free tea in mainland China will exceed 10 billion yuan by 2025

Recently, Zero2IPO released the insight report on China’s sugar free tea industry in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report shows that the sugar free tea industry has entered a growth period and entered a new stage of rapid and stable development. With the further maturity of the category market, it is expected that the scale of the sugar free tea market in mainland China will exceed 10 billion by 2025. At present, sugar free tea accounts for only 5.2% in China, and there is a huge space in the future. Among them, consumers of sugar free compound tea are expected to increase by 8.9% in the next year, and consumers of sugar free plant tea are expected to increase by 33.9% in the next year. It is expected that by 2028, the market share of sugar free plant tea will reach 22%, which will leap to the second place in the market. (interface News)

Two months after stepping down as CEO, liuqiangdong cashed out 1.8 billion yuan from

Recently, following the continuous reduction of JD health’s shares valued at more than HK $440million (about RMB 376million) at the end of April and early May, Liu qiangdong reduced his holdings of JD health’s shares valued at about US $279million, about RMB 1.871 billion. Prior to the reduction, liuqiangdong held more than 12% of Jingdong shares and more than 70% of the voting rights. This reduction will not affect his control over the company. (later Finance)

Global M & A enters a “dry period”

According to Reuters news today, as rampant inflation and the stock market crash have restrained the boards of many companies from expanding business through acquisitions, global M & A transactions are entering a “dry period”. According to Dealogic, the value of the announced transactions fell by 25.5% year-on-year to US $1trillion. In the second quarter, M & A activities in the United States fell by 40% to US $456billion, while those in the Asia Pacific region fell by 10%. (Reuters)

Brazilian coffee harvest or delay, affecting coffee export

Safras & Mercado, a Brazilian consulting company, said yesterday that as of June 21, the amount of coffee crops harvested in Brazil accounted for about 35% in 2022, which slowed down compared with the historical average level in the same period last year. The main reasons include the different ripening time of coffee beans and the lack of labor force. The company estimates that Brazil’s coffee production in 2022 will be 61.1 million bags, much higher than the 53.4 million bags estimated by the government. Safras analysts said that the delay would affect coffee exports and lead to a rise in spot prices of high-quality coffee. (Reuters)

LVMH’s investment fund sold shares held by several companies in Asia

Yesterday, l catterton, a private equity company under LVMH, will sell its minority interests in some investment portfolios in Asia to Hamilton lane and other institutional investors for $360million. The companies designed for this transaction include beauty and personal care, consumer services, health and health care, pet care and other industries. (Wall Street Journal)

23million bottles of imported milk powder will arrive in the United States

Recently, the White House announced that it had purchased a total of 23million 8-ounce bottles of infant formula from Mexico, Germany and Australia. This batch of milk powder will be delivered to Texas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia in four batches from June 24 to July 5. The milk powder brands come from Nestle, bubs Australia and Garbo and can be purchased through target, Wal Mart and other channels. (Forbes)

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