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Bright cold drinks are all new! Chew fresh milk and turn coffee into popsicle

After the summer solstice, the national temperature continues to rise, and cold drinks are undoubtedly the favorite summer food in summer. With the phased success of the epidemic in Shanghai, Guangming cold drink, a national cold drink brand representing the classic Shanghai style, is running at full capacity to ensure supply.

All production lines are working day and night, and the production capacity has basically recovered to the same period in previous years, meeting the public’s demand for bright cold drinks.

After 70 glorious years, Guangming cold drink has produced more new products this summer, with continuous cross-border cooperation. In the face of the dazzling array of new bright cold drinks, many citizens sigh: “innovation is always worth looking forward to, and quality is always worth trusting.”


“When the epidemic was under control, I wanted to drink coffee. Unexpectedly, I bought a coffee flavored popsicle after the closure!” In this midsummer, the new “Yipin coffee” of Guangming cold drink has been frequently praised on social platforms.

“Yipin coffee” is a new product of the “one city, one thing” strategy of Guangming cold drink. The national high-quality Yunnan Baoshan Arabica coffee is selected. It tastes mellow, fragrant, refreshing and refreshing, meeting the public’s love for coffee, so that coffee can be eaten.

Among the new products of Guangming cold drink this year, there is another unique product – Guangming youbei fresh milk ice cream. This is another innovation and upgrade of Guangming cold drink after the great success of the “no water” youbei fresh milk ice cream.

The new product continues the previous unique production process of “not adding a drop of water”, restores the pure and simple flavor of fresh milk, takes pure youbei fresh milk as the core, integrates the fragrant egg milk flavor, and makes the sense of satisfaction and happiness reach the tip of the tongue.

In addition, the “Guangming valley wind series ice cream” has also been listed simultaneously. The series has 3 flavors, with a variety of grains and dietary fiber added to create a new concept of “national tide health preservation”, so that the cold drink is not only cool and refreshing.


Nowadays, everything can be made into ice cream. Various innovative concepts have been incorporated into the category of ice cream. From mosleyan ice cream to white rabbit ice cream; From bright little red brick to new youth ice cream, bright cold drink has been forging ahead on the cross-border road. This year, Guangming cold drink joined hands with partners in different industries to play with new fashion trends:

Guangming cold drink is 7 minutes sweet in hand. It turns the classic drink Yangzhi manna into ice cream, and restores the pure taste and taste of Yangzhi manna with fresh and rich ingredients; Join hands with Wal Mart to bring “brick” and “Wo” version of bright milk brick; Together with the whole family, we upgraded the classic ice bricks and launched the stick supported snow-white ice bricks that “people who move bricks support themselves”

Whether it is bold and eye-catching packaging colors or catchy popular golden sentences, these cross-border products will integrate classics with trends to create a fashion model of national fashion ice cream.


In 1951, the bright brand came out. Just like its name, the birth of Guangming cold drink not only brings sweet taste to citizens, but also lights up the progress of national industry. Today, Guangming cold drink has become one of the oldest national cold drink brands in Chinese history, carrying the good memories of generations.

In recent years, despite the rising price of cold drinks in the market, Guangming cold drinks has always adhered to the parity supply of some classic products, becoming a affordable choice for citizens to prevent heatstroke.

During the epidemic period, Guangming cold drink not only actively carried out the business of guaranteed supply and group purchase, but also sent condolences to the medical staff and police personnel who stuck to the front line under the high temperature. Whether insisting on affordable supply or being enthusiastic about public welfare, Guangming cold drink always adheres to the original intention of the brand, making Guangming cold drink a more warm cold drink brand.

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