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The first self operated cafe of time business opened. The price of infant milk powder in Switzerland increased significantly. Meiji began to export milk powder to Cambodia. Abbott denied that the new case in the United States was related to its products. Zero cola was not discontinued in the United Kingdom

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Mengniu Dairy was underweight by fil limited or its persons acting in concert

According to the latest equity disclosure information of the stock exchange, on June 20, Mengniu Dairy was reduced by fil limited or its persons acting in concert to hold 4582000 shares at an average price of HK $35.3185 per share, involving about HK $162million. After the reduction, the latest number of shares held by fil Limited was 314231000, and the shareholding ratio decreased from 8.06% to 7.95%. (gelonghui)

Sober company, a famous bar in Shanghai, announced its closure

Sober company, a well-known bar in Shanghai, recently issued a document saying that its operating income has decreased sharply since March 12. Under the financial pressure from all aspects, sober company finally chose to close the store. June 26 will be its last day of business at No. 99, Yandang Road. The article also said that it would move this summer, but the new site has not been officially signed. (issued by the company)

Hengshun vinegar Co., Ltd. launched 18 yuan vinegar flavored ice cream

Recently, Hengshun vinegar, the “king of vinegar” of A-share, launched three types of cultural and creative ice cream, with the tastes of soy cheese, vinegar and yellow rice wine, each at 18 yuan. In fact, there are not a few companies with cross-border transformation like Hengshun vinegar. Industry experts remind: it is better to cultivate the main business than to gain an eye. (CNR)

Youxian workshop won the first investment after Panda Dairy was listed

In the second quarter, Youxian workshop (Zhejiang) Food Co., Ltd. won tens of millions of investment from Panda Dairy Group Co., Ltd. in the first round of financing, which was the first investment after the listing of Panda Dairy. After the completion of the first round of financing, Youxian workshop accelerated its entry into the cheese snack food market, improved its product layout and took the lead in the market. (China food industry journal)

The first self operated coffee shop of times business opened

On June 23, time · C cafe, the first self operated cafe of time business under time China, opened in Guangzhou Tianhe smart city. The time business set foot on the coffee track this time, which stems from many years of operation experience in the park. (Hexun)

Kunlun Mountain mineral water: the sales of fist product 618 exceeded 12million yuan


Abbott: new death cases in the United States have no causal relationship with milk powder

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Wednesday that it was investigating a new report on the death of another child after consuming Abbott’s infant formula. The FDA did not disclose which Abbott’s milk powder the baby ate, nor did it disclose the origin of the milk powder. Abbott spokesman said that there is no evidence that there is a causal relationship between Abbott’s formula and the newly announced case. (Wall Street Journal)

Suntory launches carbonated beer drink “beer ball”

According to a report by the Japanese media “food industry news agency” on June 22, Suntory, a well-known Japanese beer and beverage manufacturer, recently released its first beer drink “beer ball” brewed with carbonation. It is reported that the alcohol content of this beer has reached the highest 16% in the history of the brand. (World Wide Web Finance)

Danone launches Activia in North America+

Recently, Danone North America announced the launch of its new product activia+, saying that it contains billions of active and active probiotics, which helps to support intestinal health, and also provides vitamins C, D and zinc to support the immune system. The company believes that people are now more inclined than ever to use functional foods and products to provide additional support for the gut and immune system. (dairyfoods)  

South African court accused Coca Cola bottling company of violating merger conditions

The competition court ruled that Coca cola beverages Africa, the bottler of Coca Cola in Africa, violated the conditions related to the merger because its local subsidiary cut 368 employees in 2019. Six years ago, South Africa approved a deal between beer giant SABMiller, Coca Cola and Gutsche family investment, which created the largest beverage bottler in Africa. (just-drinks)

Coca Cola Zero denies it will stop production in the UK

Recently, Coca Cola responded to the rumor that coke zero would stop production in the UK. This week, relevant posts were circulated on social media after some large-scale releases. In response, the company said it was certain that the product would not be discontinued in the UK. (Independent newspaper)

Coca Cola jointly launched “Le Chuang boundless” limited cola

Coca Cola’s global creative platform “Le Chuang unbounded” will jointly release the third limited product of the “Le Chuang unbounded” platform with the musician marshmell, but the official has not released the specific information of the new product. Previously, the two restricted products launched by the “Le Chuang unbounded” platform have been listed in the Chinese market, so it is inferred that this mysterious co branded product has a great chance to be listed in the Chinese market. (World Wide Web Finance)

Meiji of Japan begins to export milk powder to Cambodia

A few days ago, Meiji, a Japanese dairy giant, said that milk powder products would be shipped to Cambodia this month and labeled in local languages. These products are designed for children under 3 years of age and sell for $25 to $28 per 800 grams. Meiji aims to achieve 1billion yen (US $7.36 million) in sales in the country by 2030, and will compete with Nestle, Danone and Abbott. They all sell milk powder in Cambodia at the same price. Meiji hopes to gain 10% of the local milk powder market share by 2030. (Nikkei Asia)


柬埔寨劳工部部长毅森兴于日前与沃尔玛全球政府事务总监安平潘(Anbinh Phan)举行视频会议,沃尔玛表示将增加和多元化采购柬埔寨产品。她称,除了进口大量服装、鞋子和旅行用品外,沃尔玛计划在符合国际标准的前提下,采购柬埔寨水果、食品、电子和家具。(界面新闻)

Starbucks’ American “heritage markets” attracted attention

On Friday local time, employees of Starbucks on Capitol Hill walked out of the store and claimed that they were dissatisfied with the treatment of employees in several Starbucks stores in Seattle. This week, Starbucks transformed some stores in the name of “heritage markets”, among which the stores located on the first avenue and the landmark Park Street, and the employees are trying to unionize. One employee claimed that employees there were asked to reapply for positions, but few were selected to stay. (seattletimes)

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Swiss media: infant milk powder rose

According to Swiss media yesterday, in a few weeks, local parents found that infant milk powder products increased by 10 to 40 Swiss francs per month, and this figure is likely to increase further. When asked about the reasons for the sudden rise in prices, manufacturers all pointed their spearheads at the rise in raw materials. “We face high inflation (between 15% and 20%) throughout the production chain.” Philippe aeschlimann, a spokesman for Danone, the owner of the altami brand, said that most of the milk powder in the Swiss market came from its Irish factory, and the energy and costs of the factory were rising. Nestle, the manufacturer of B é Ba, promised that prices would not rise in the coming weeks: “in order to minimize the impact of the cost increase we are experiencing, we are optimizing all processes of all activities.” However, Nestle admitted that the price had been raised once on February 1 and had been reflected in many of its businesses. (RTS)



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