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Bellamy Australia has obtained the registration license from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and has entered the U.S. market strongly

On June 27, Bellamy Organic Infant Formula in Australia obtained the registration license from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the next few months, about 696000 cans of Bellamy organic infant formula will successively enter the United States, which will help alleviate the supply shortage of infant formula market that has plagued the United States for months.


FDA – internationally recognized authority for professional recognition

Internationally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considered to be one of the most authoritative food and drug regulators in the world. Many other countries seek and accept the help of FDA to promote and monitor the safety of their products.

Since 1980, FDA has formulated strict standards for all aspects of infant milk powder from raw materials, nutritional components, packaging materials to production specifications, and required manufacturers to prove that the infant milk powder produced can support the physical development of babies. The registration license from FDA once again confirms Bellamy’s internationally recognized good nutrition and high quality. Bellamy is also the first Australian pure organic infant formula brand approved to be imported by FDA, with outstanding quality and strength to follow.

Bellamy has only been organic for 18 years

Bellamy was founded in 2004 and originated in Tasmania, the southernmost island in Australia. The irrigation of Antarctic glacier water ensures the purity of this soil. The long-term high-quality PM 2.5 index has become a global air quality benchmark.

Over the past 18 years, Bellamy has insisted that the whole line is only organic. The cooperative farmers and manufacturers have complied with strict organic standards to ensure that the pasture does not use chemical synthetic pesticides, that the cows do not use antibiotics and hormones, that the food of the cows does not contain genetically modified substances, and that no additives and preservatives are used, so that the organic milk contains more nutrition, from the soil of the organic pasture to the milk powder canning line, and even the containers and trucks for transportation, warehousing management, Adhere to the whole process and whole chain organic. Bellamy organic Australia has obtained the double organic certification of Nassa (Australian Association for sustainable agricultural development) and ACO (Australian organic certification authority).


The birthplace of Bellamy – Tasmania


Debondt farm

Integrate cutting-edge technology to create higher organic nutritional value

As a well-known brand of organic infant formula milk powder in Australia, Bellamy has been deeply loved and trusted by consumers since it entered the Chinese market. At present, Bellamy has become a global high-end organic milk powder brand with food safety certification in the five major markets of Australia, New Zealand, China, Southeast Asia and the United States, and has achieved the market position of “organic king” in the world.

Bellamy not only focuses on infant nutrition research, but also perfectly integrates cutting-edge technological innovation and rare organic ingredients to bring its unique pure organic products and protect the healthy growth of babies. Only less than 1% of the rare milk sources in the world can obtain the authoritative organic certification. Bellamy always insists on using only organic certified milk sources, with more than 62% of the original organic milk fat. It adds a combination of double organic prebiotics and probiotics, cooperates with organic lactose, regulates the intestinal flora, helps the baby digest and absorb easily, and builds an organic self-defense.

Bellamy organic A2 platinum infant formula

Pay attention to global infant nutrition and health, and practice the social responsibility of Multinational Enterprises

Faced with the “milk powder shortage” in the US market, Bellamy will also provide relief to the affected families while exporting milk powder, reflecting its social responsibility as a multinational enterprise.

Tarsi Luo, Bellamy’s Global CEO, said: “We are very happy to help thousands of American infant families with Bellamy’s Organic Infant formula. The original intention of the founder of Bellamy’s brand, Ms. dully Bellamy, is to create the brand so that her children can have the nourishment of pure organic food. This value has always been the core of Bellamy. We are very happy to help American parents who are suffering from the shortage of milk powder to tide over the difficulties.”

Bellamy is with thousands of families around the world

Over the years in China, Bellamy has always been committed to practicing corporate social responsibility and providing care for families in need. During the epidemic period in Xi’an in 2021, baby rations were once in short supply. Bellamy and the China Charity Federation donated 13000 cans of milk powder to Xi’an children’s welfare home, Civil Affairs Bureau and other organizations for the first time, solving the urgent needs of many families and welfare institutions.

In the first half of this year, faced with the plight of material shortage and insufficient transportation capacity during the period of Shanghai epidemic control, Bellamy applied to the Shanghai Commercial Commission for a supply guarantee pass at the first time, actively mobilized resources from all parties, helped Shanghai families through material donation, community supply guarantee and other forms, and delivered one order, one can and within 48 hours. At the same time, Bellamy, together with the Shanghai women’s Federation, Shanghai Children’s fund, Shanghai Lianquan public welfare foundation and other organizations, successively donated 19000 cans of organic milk powder and supplementary food to the Shanghai first maternal and child health care center, the children’s Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, the Shanghai Children’s welfare center and poor families in some streets of the city, to protect the continuous supply of nutritional rations during the Shanghai Baby epidemic.

Bellamy always believes that every baby deserves a pure starting point in life, and Bellamy will do its best to highlight global corporate social responsibility and give more positive care and help to the whole society.


As one of the leaders in the global high-end organic baby food industry, Bellamy gathers global high-quality resources. This time Bellamy landed in the North American market, which accelerated the process of Bellamy’s globalization strategy. In the future, Bellamy will integrate global advantageous resources, comply with the localization needs of markets in different countries, optimize the product structure, speed up the development of new products, and adhere to the organic commitment to provide more comprehensive and rich choices for the organic feeding of babies around the world.

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