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McDonald’s changed CFO, Wangwang closed nearly 24billion yuan a year, a new high after listing, the price of convenient bee coffee increased, Beijing Huiyuan’s restructuring plan was passed, Wang Xinling endorsed new coke products, and kafheinz invested in wind energy for the first time

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Zongqinghou: increase employees’ wages and solve housing problems every year

The second ESG Global Leaders’ summit was held online from the 28th to the 30th. Zongqinghou, chairman of Wahaha Group, said in his speech that the company does not forget its employees on the road of development. Employees are the cornerstone of enterprise development. We should share the development achievements with employees, increase their wages every year, and solve the housing problem for them, so that employees can have a sense of belonging. In this way, employees will develop the enterprise at ease, and the enterprise will have good benefits. He also said that at present, Wahaha has three aseptic cold irrigation intelligent production lines, which will be put into operation in succession this year. After the cold filling line is put into use, the weight reduction of cold filled bottles will be reduced by 10%~15% compared with that of hot filled bottles, and the packaging of PET particles can be reduced by more than 3000 tons a year. (Sina Finance)

Wangwang China has an annual revenue of nearly 24billion yuan, a new high since its listing

China Wangwang announced today that as of the end of March

The annual income of the controlling shareholder of Nissin food increased by 16%

Today, Nissin foods, an instant noodle manufacturer listed in Hong Kong, announced that its controlling shareholder Nissin Foods Holdings had achieved a full year revenue of 57.255 billion yen by the end of March this year, a year-on-year increase of 16.1%. The profit for the period was 4.835 billion yen, an increase of 7.8%. (company announcement)

Beijing Huiyuan reorganization plan was approved

Yesterday, Huiyuan said on its wechat official account that the restructuring plan of Beijing Huiyuan food and Beverage Co., Ltd. was passed and approved by the first intermediate people’s Court of Beijing. As of the benchmark date of July 16, 2021, the total assets of the parent company of Beijing Huiyuan company are RMB 1.093 billion, the total liabilities are RMB 12.467 billion, the asset liability ratio is 1140.99%, and the amount of insolvency is RMB 11.37 billion. (issued by the company)

Mengniu’s privatization of Yashili has not reached any preconditions for the plan

Last night, Yashili international and Mengniu Dairy jointly announced that as of yesterday, no preconditions had been reached for the planned privatization of Yashili international by Xinglai Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mengniu Dairy. (issued by the company)

Liushouping resigns as director of Carlyle

Today, jiashili, a biscuit manufacturer listed in Hong Kong, announced the voting results of the annual general meeting of shareholders. Among them, the proposal to re-elect liushouping as a director was rejected (99.99% of the votes were against). Carlisle said that in view of the voting results, liushouping had resigned as a director. According to the data, liushouping

Price rise of convenient bee coffee

Recently, the price of coffee from the self-service machine in the convenience bee shop has increased. The original ice American style of 6 yuan a cup is now 8 yuan, and the original price is marked as 16 yuan. Zhongxin finance and economics called the official customer service of convenience bee. The other party said that the price of convenience bee coffee was raised across the board due to the rising price of raw materials. (Zhongxin finance and Economics)

“Coca Cola” peach flavor goes public with Wang Xinling

Today, Coca Cola peach flavor is romantically listed. Wang Xinling has become the new product recommender of Coca Cola peach flavor, and has been listed in Wal Mart applets and stores across the country. (issued by the company)

New flavor of magic claw sugar free series

Today, the magic claw energy sugar free series launched a new flavor, sunrise, which surpasses the citrus flavor. The product boasts Zero sugar and zero fat, and adds ginseng, taurine and vitamin B group. (issued by the company)

New flavor of xingbingle comes into the market

From today on, Starbucks China will launch white peach Mianmian xingbingle and mangye Nuo xingbingle in its stores in mainland China. Starbucks said that these two new flavors will further enrich xingbingle, a product series loved by all kinds of people, especially young customers. (issued by the company)

Budweiser Asia Pacific was rated as the “most respected company” by the magazine

Recently, the international authoritative financial magazine institutional investor announced the winners of the “best management team” in 2022. Budweiser Asia Pacific won the title of “most respected company”. Yang Ke, CO chairman and CEO of Budweiser Asia Pacific, was awarded the “best CEO” in the field of consumer necessities in Asia (except Chinese Mainland). It is reported that Budweiser Asia Pacific won the first place in the “best environment, society and governance” (ESG) list. (issued by the company)

McDonald’s promotes new CFO internally

McDonald’s will appoint Ian Borden as its new chief financial officer, effective September 1. Borden is a senior employee of McDonald’s. He is currently the president of international business. Kevin ozan, who was replaced by him, will become the senior executive vice president responsible for strategic activities. (Bloomberg)

Kafheinz invests in wind energy for the first time

Kafheinz today announced that

Fislan raised the purchase price of milk in July

Yesterday, the Dutch dairy cooperative fislan raised the guaranteed price for milk purchase in July to 60.00 euros per 100 kilograms, compared with 56.50 euros in June. The company said the increase was partly due to its

Heineken expands Mexico Business

Yesterday, Heineken said that it would build a 1.8 billion Peso (US $90million) filling plant in northern Mexico, which is also Heineken’s seventh plant in the country. After opening, it will bring about 120 direct jobs. (Reuters)

General manager of Danone France: substantial cost increase

Recently, Fran ç OIS Eyraud, general manager of Danone France, said that all departments of Danone’s business in the country have been affected by tight supply and inflation, including milk, packaging (especially plastics), transportation, etc. “In this case, our costs have increased significantly.” He said that it cannot be denied that these factors will have an impact on the price of products. (LSA)

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Establishment of China dairy industry green development Working Committee

Recently, China Dairy Industry Association held the inaugural meeting of “China dairy industry green development working committee”. Wang Wei, associate professor of animal husbandry, School of animal science, China Agricultural University, believes that at the end of the “14th five year plan”, the domestic per capita consumption of milk is expected to reach 44-45 kg, and the self-sufficiency rate will always remain between 65-70%; It is estimated that there are 7.07 million and 7.8 million dairy cows in the scale pasture respectively, and the milk output can reach 40 and 45 million tons. The huge output and huge stock will cause further environmental pressure on greenhouse gases in the future, which requires enterprises to make an early layout. (official release)

Yunnan Pu’er coffee beans open up new export routes

Recently, a Sino Laos railway international freight train carrying 12 containers of 307 tons of Pu’er raw coffee beans set out from Pu’er City, Yunnan Province and arrived in Chongqing after passing the inspection and Quarantine of Simao customs at the place of origin. After arriving in Chongqing, it took the China Europe train to leave the country from Alashankou port, Xinjiang, and smoothly shipped to Europe. This batch of goods is the first batch of Pu’er coffee beans exported by railway. According to Wang Hai, head of Simao coffee purchasing station of Dongguan Nestle Co., Ltd., the company’s export orders have increased by 30% this year. According to statistics, since this year, the export volume of coffee beans in Yunnan Province has reached 18000 tons, with a value of 550million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.3 times and 3.8 times respectively, and exported to the European Union, ASEAN, the Americas, the Middle East and other places. (farmer daily)

Ernst & Young fined US $100million by SEC

The auditors of Ernst & Young (ey), a big four accounting firm, were fined $100million by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for cheating in the CPA examination, which is the largest fine ever imposed by a single accounting firm. The incident involved 49 Ernst & young professionals “obtaining or transmitting” key answers in the CPA exam, and hundreds of others cheated in the CPA ethics section. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

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