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The new project of Nongfu mountain spring is planned to be settled in Nyingchi, Tibet. Wei Longchuan’s IPO will raise $500million. Bellamy milk powder will be shipped to the United States. Zhou Heiya will lower the threshold for joining. The management of China Resources Department will settle in golden seed wine

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Nongfu mountain spring and Nyingchi City symposium held

Recently, a symposium was held between Nongfu mountain spring Co., Ltd. and Nyingchi city. At the meeting, zhongfuxin, chairman of Nongfu Shanquan, introduced the basic information of the company and the purpose of the visit, and spoke highly of the investment environment of Nyingchi.

China Resources Yibao provides freight subsidies to logistics enterprises

China Resources wechat official account said today that China Resources Yibao has nearly 12000 suppliers, mainly private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. By the end of May, it had cooperated with China Resources Bank, Weizhong bank and Ping An Bank to help obtain credit lines from nearly 300 downstream distributors. At the same time, Cr Yibao offered freight subsidies to logistics enterprises to help small and medium-sized logistics enterprises resume production as soon as possible. (issued by the company)

Wei Longchuan’s third IPO in Hong Kong

According to Bloomberg news today, Wei long plans to go to Hong Kong again and will restart the US $500million (about HK $3.925 billion) IPO plan, which is less than the fund-raising scale announced in the market last year. Weilong, a spicy snack brand, passed the listing hearing on May and 11, 2011 respectively, but the listing was postponed due to poor market environment. (Bloomberg)

Bellamy milk powder will be shipped to the US market

Bellamy, an Australian milk powder brand under Mengniu, will be able to land in the US market, which is troubled by the “milk powder shortage”. Today, the US FDA issued a notice that it is expected that 696000 cans of Bellamy milk powder will be successively transported to the US market since early July. The authorities are evaluating the plan to transport the product to the local market as soon as possible. (snack generation)

Zhou Heiya lowers the threshold of joining to attack the sinking Market

Zhou Heiya recently launched the light version of single store franchise 2.0. The overall investment in a single store was reduced from 200000-250000 yuan to 80000-100000 yuan. At the same time, the deposit and franchise fee were reduced. In terms of optional areas, horizontally, the number of cities licensed by Zhou Heiya has expanded from 99 to nearly 300. Zhou Heiya hopes to have 4500-5000 stores nationwide in 2023, with a long-term goal of 10000 stores. (Interface)

The management of China Resources Group settled in Golden Seed Wine Group

Today, the management of China Resources has gradually entered the management of golden seed wine group. According to Tianyan survey, houxiaohai, CEO of Cr snow, Weiqiang, CFO of Cr snow, and zhangkun, head of Fuyang CR power were appointed as directors of golden seed wine group, and chenmeng, head of Cr Anhui / former Beijing, was appointed as general manager of the group. In addition, Jia Guangming, chairman and general manager of golden seed group, was adjusted to Chairman of the group and no longer held the post of general manager. (Interface)

Hefei rail transit and Yuanqi forest sign strategic cooperation agreement

Recently, Hefei rail transit group and Yuanqi forest held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. At present, Hefei rail transit group has customized 100000 bottles of mineral water from Yuanqi forest. Meanwhile, Yuanqi forest self-service vending machines have been put into operation in Hefei rail stations such as Hefei South Railway Station, Hefei railway station, xiqilitang station, etc. (Zhong’an online)

New modern animal husbandry company

Recently, Hyundai animal husbandry (Group) Co., Ltd. newly invested in Inner Mongolia Hyundai zhenniu Investment Management Co., Ltd. with the legal representative sunyugang and the registered capital of 100000000. (business system)

Ruixing coffee establishes a trading company in Hainan

Recently, Ruixing Trading (Hainan) Co., Ltd. was established with the legal representative Zhang Yihui, the registered capital of 10million yuan, and the business scope includes food business; Liquor business; The company is wholly owned by Ruixing coffee (China) Co., Ltd. (tianyancha)

Wolong food passed through a shares

Recently, Qingdao Wolong Food Co., Ltd. disclosed its prospectus, and the company plans to land on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Wolong food plans to raise 700million yuan, which will be used for the construction of intelligent production transformation and intelligent warehousing and logistics center, brand image and omni channel sales network, and to supplement working capital. From 2019 to 2021, the operating revenue of Wolong food was RMB 1.165 billion, RMB 889 million and RMB 1.108 billion respectively, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was RMB 131 million, RMB 88.9248 million and RMB 120 million respectively. (Zebra consumption)

At present, the special medical food production line of Huasen pharmaceutical is in the commissioning stage. Huasen pharmaceutical said on the investor interaction platform today that the special medical food production line is in the commissioning stage, and the company will adopt the mode of “production based on sales” and “minimum inventory” for production. (Daily Economic News)

Maotai ice cream landed in Nanjing on June 29

On June 29, Maotai ice cream joined hands with Mengniu. The first Maotai ice cream flagship store in Jiangsu will open in Jinying new street, Nanjing. There are three flavors: original flavor, green plum boiled wine and vanilla. (issued by the company)

Opening of the first McDonald’s cube restaurant in Zhejiang

Recently, the first cube style McDonald’s restaurant in Zhejiang, as well as the 1400th LEED certified McDonald’s restaurant, opened in Xingyao center, a fashion business district in Binjiang District, Zhejiang. (issued by the company)

Six additional projects of Aoyou jiabeiaite Nutrition Research Fund

Yesterday, the 2022 Aoyou jiabeiaite nutrition research fund review meeting and expert seminar was officially held. After careful deliberation, the meeting finally decided on six major scientific research projects, and conducted in-depth discussions on the related topics of “scientific research on maternal and child nutrition and health and the nutritional value of goat milk”. (issued by the company)

Yili has launched 36 types of joyday ice cream in Indonesia

On June 22, Yili, together with the social service center of Jakarta capital special zone, distributed joyday ice cream free of charge to the esiya children’s welfare home, Jakarta government staff and the general public participating in the anniversary celebration. At present, Yili has launched 36 types of joyday ice cream in the Indonesian market, selling well in more than 300 cities and becoming the “youngest and most dynamic” ice cream brand in Indonesia. (issued by the company)

25th anniversary of coco brand

In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of coco brand this year, coco launched the activity of “coco invites the whole network coco to drink coco”. During the activity, more than 800 stores nationwide participated in the activity and delivered more than 20000 drinks. (issued by the company)

Tsingtao Beer fine brewing beer garden opens for customers

Yesterday, Tsingtao beer · time coast fine brewed beer garden opened in Qingdao West Coast beer city. It is reported that Tsingtao beer · time coast fine brewed beer garden is “the world’s first immersive beer + consumer life experience mall with the largest scale, the most complete business types and the most abundant experience”. (Economic Observer network)

Kirin will export Zero sugar beer to China and Singapore

Kirin Beer of Japan will export “Kirin extra sugar” beer to China and Singapore in mid July. The products are divided into 350ml and 500ml, and will be sold to chain retailers such as Japanese supermarkets and restaurants. This is the first time that Japanese manufacturers have exported Zero sugar beer. It is scheduled to sell 40000 cases in two countries. (Nikkei)

Heineken Acquires Taiwan distillery

On June 27, Heineken, a beer brand from the Netherlands, announced that it had reached a cooperation agreement with Sanyo Visby group in Taiwan to take over most of the ownership and management rights of its subsidiary, Taiwan Longquan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Neipu Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan. The industry believes that it is the first case for an international liquor giant to acquire a Taiwan brewery. (Interface)

Yizi will restart the Ukrainian potato chip factory

Recently, a spokesman for Yizi International said that it planned to restart a potato chip factory in the suburbs of Kiev, which had been closed due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Yizi’s potato chip factory suffered serious damage in March, and Yizi will continue to repair the factory. (Reuters)


Quick reading of food industry information



The State Administration of market supervision revised the provisions of the State Council on the standards for the declaration of concentration of undertakings

Today, the State Administration of market supervision drafted the provisions of the State Council on the standards for the declaration of concentration of Undertakings (Draft for comments on the revised draft), which is now open to the public for comments. The main contents of this revision include raising the turnover standard. The requirements for the global total turnover, the total turnover in China and the unilateral turnover in China are raised from the current RMB 10billion (the same below), RMB 2billion and RMB 400million to RMB 12billion, RMB 4billion and RMB 800million respectively. Concentration below this standard does not need to be declared in principle. (General Administration of market supervision)

Do not blindly and unilaterally pursue “zero addition” and “pure natural” food

The National Health Commission held a press conference today. At the meeting, Li Ning, director of the national food safety risk assessment center, introduced that no matter what is marked on the label as “zero addition” or “pure natural”, or whether food additives are used in the food production process, they are safe as long as they comply with China’s relevant laws and regulations and food safety standards. Remind consumers not to blindly and unilaterally pursue the “zero added” or “pure natural” food marked on the label, but also comprehensively consider the nutritional value of the food. When buying food, you should look at the nutrition label and choose food reasonably according to your health needs. (CCTV News)

From June 29, Shanghai’s catering industry has resumed its hall food in an orderly manner

According to the research and decision of Shanghai Municipal Office of prevention and control, since June 29, the streets and towns in Shanghai that have no medium risk areas and no social epidemics in the past week will open their dining halls in an orderly manner. The specific areas for the restoration of dining hall food shall be determined by the district governments after comprehensive assessment of the epidemic prevention and control situation. (CCTV News)

Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone scheme involves many food enterprises

Recently, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone issued the implementation plan for high-quality development of advanced manufacturing industry from 2022 to 2025. Among them, grain and oil processing: relying on leading enterprises such as COFCO Jiayue and Lida grain and oil, the projects such as COFCO Jiayue soybean oil extraction expansion and the expansion of production line of 93 group were completed and put into operation, so as to improve the enterprise’s deep processing capacity and promote the expansion of grain and oil processing towards functionality and high added value. Food and beverage: relying on key enterprises such as Shanhaiguan, beinmei, uni president industries, guifaxiang fried dough twist, etc., we will accelerate the construction of beinmei formula milk powder and regional distribution center, Kerry Fung kitchen central kitchen and other projects, and encourage enterprises to deeply tap consumer market demand and carry out product and technology R & D innovation. (Tianjin Free Trade Zone)

Large consumer sectors such as food and beverage rose in shock

Today, major consumer sectors such as food and beverage surged. As of the press release, Golden Arowana rose by more than 8%, Dongpeng beverage and Zuming shares rose by the limit, legao food rose by more than 10%, and Juewei food, miaokeranduo, Tianwei food and daodaoquan were among the top gainers. (36 krypton)

Hong Kong Catering stocks continued to rise

Today, Hong Kong Catering stocks continued to rise. At the time of publishing, Helens rose by more than 12%, jiumaojiu rose by more than 8%, Xiabu Xiabu rose by nearly 8%, and Haidilao rose by nearly 7%. (titanium media)

South Korea will implement additional tax exemption system for imported raw coffee beans

Recently, the Ministry of agriculture, forestry, animal products and food of the Republic of Korea held an explanation meeting on the exemption system for the surcharge on imported coffee raw beans (raw beans) with the coffee industry as the object. From July 1 this year, the additional tax exemption system implemented in South Korea is only applicable to raw coffee beans. Enterprises and small and medium-sized coffee shops that use raw coffee beans to process and sell products can also enjoy input tax deduction. (food world)

P & G fined 700000 yuan for advertising

Today, the reporter learned from the credit Guangzhou official website that P & G Guangzhou Co., Ltd. had previously issued an advertisement on its official wechat that “women’s foot odor is five times that of men”, and was fined 700000 yuan by Guangzhou Huangpu District market supervision and Administration Bureau. (South + client)

YuMinHong: not too concerned about asset losses

A few days ago, YuMinHong responded to the decline of New Oriental’s share price, “The pressure is not great. After all, the stock price has fallen, but the market value has decreased, which does not mean that the company’s cash has decreased… I am relatively frugal and have no luxury goods. Eating a bowl of Lanzhou Ramen is enough to make me happy, and I spend more money on books. From my personal perspective, even if New Oriental is gone, my personal life will still be very good. I can get a lot of money from the annual royalties and royalties of my books, which is enough Support your family and live a comfortable life. ” (Financial World)

Naspers group to sell Tencent shares

Today, naspers, the main shareholder of Tencent, announced that it would sell its Tencent shares in an unlimited, long-term and orderly manner. Naspers announced in April last year that prosus had reduced its holdings of Tencent shares with a market value of more than HK $100 billion. At that time, prosus promised not to sell Tencent shares in the next three years. Naspers said that the number of Tencent shares sold every day would only account for a small part of the average daily trading volume of Tencent shares. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Naspers group sells all JD shares

Tencent earlier distributed its JD holdings to shareholders as a special dividend. The major shareholder naspers announced that its prosus had received about 132million shares or 4% of JD in kind, which had been sold out last Friday. After naspers further reduced its holdings and removed the risk, JD’s afternoon rise expanded, up nearly 8%. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

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