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Danone’s acquisition of Dumex was publicized. Li Jie may or may not consider giving up the overall sale of Mead Johnson. Dongpeng beverage is planned to be listed in Switzerland. Starbucks’ Shanghai store is fully restored. CDH investment sells the company to Nestle

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Publicity of Danone’s acquisition of Dumex

According to the official website of the State Administration of market supervision today, the case of Danone Asia Pacific Holdings Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of Dumex Infant Food Co., Ltd. is being publicized. The publicity form shows that after the transaction, Dumex China (excluding Yashili trade business) will be wholly owned and controlled by Danone Asia Pacific and indirectly controlled by Danone Sa; In addition, in the domestic infant formula milk powder Market and children’s milk powder Market in China in 2021, the market shares of Danone Group and Dumex China are 10-15% and 0-5% respectively. On May 26 this year, Danone announced to buy back Dumex and withdraw from Yashili and yogurt joint venture. (snack generation)

Dongpeng beverage to be listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Today, Dongpeng beverage released the suggestive announcement on planning for overseas issuance of global depositary receipts and listing on the Swiss stock exchange, revealing that the company plans to plan for overseas issuance of globaldepositoryreceiptsgdr and listing on the Swiss stock exchange. According to the announcement, we hope to enhance the international popularity and competitiveness of the brand through this issuance, accelerate the internationalization of the brand, and further expand and strengthen the “Dongpeng” brand through internationalization; Responding to the call of domestic capital market policies, we will deepen the connectivity of China EU capital markets and use overseas capital markets to promote the development of the real economy; Introduce overseas professional investment institutions and industrial investors, further optimize the company’s equity structure, and continuously improve the transparency and standardization of corporate governance. The overseas issuance and listing of global depositary receipts will not lead to changes in the controlling shareholders and actual controllers of the company. (company announcement)

Starbucks Shanghai store fully recovers food

Today, Shanghai has opened its dining hall in an orderly manner, and about 800 Starbucks stores in Shanghai have taken the lead in restoring hall food. Caidelin, CEO of Starbucks China, said that 800 stores were ready within 48 hours. In addition, today, the Starbucks store in Shanghai will hold a free coffee tasting activity to invite customers back to the store with this classic Starbucks Coffee ceremony. (issued by the company)

90% of McDonald’s restaurants in Shanghai open

Today, 90% of McDonald’s restaurants in Shanghai have opened hall food, and other restaurants are actively and orderly restoring hall food under the guidance of relevant departments. (Shanghai Securities News)

Production line of Guangming cold drink factory is fully opened

Recently, the bright cold drink under Bright Dairy is running at full capacity to ensure the supply. All production lines are working day and night, and the production capacity has basically recovered to the level of the same period in previous years. (issued by the company)

Mengniu refers to the large increase in the share of “Tianxianpei” during the epidemic in Shanghai

Recently, luminfang, President of Mengniu Group, said that “Tianxianpei” is a fully digital cold chain distribution system and an innovation in the supply chain and even home. The effect of “Tianxianpei” was very obvious during the epidemic isolation period in Shanghai, making Mengniu’s online market share of fresh milk in Shanghai jump from more than 10% to more than 40%. (Kaidu)

Maotai ice cream flagship store will open in many places

Today, no.003 flagship store and no.007 flagship store of Maotai ice cream have landed in Xi’an and Nanjing. I Maotai app will also simultaneously sell Maotai ice cream to Shaanxi and Jiangsu provinces. In addition, on July 9, Maotai ice cream flagship stores No.005, no.006, no.008, no.009 and No.010 will also come to Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou and Wuhan. (Shanghai Securities News)

Yuanqi forest takes the “favorite” apricot peel tea

Today, Yuanqi forest released “welcome” apricot peel tea to officially join Yuanqi forest family “on wechat official account One article. The article points out that the “favorite” apricot peel tea, a characteristic drink in Northwest China, has officially joined the camp of Yuanqi forest plant beverage. The “favorite” apricot peel tea has appeared in the catering channels of some cities in China

Liangpin store received a government subsidy of 39.5611 million yuan

Yesterday, liangpin store announced that from March 29 to June 27, 2022, the company and its subsidiaries received a total of 39.5611 million yuan of revenue related government subsidies, accounting for 14.05% of the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2021. (company announcement)

Leyaoju completed nearly 100 million yuan of round B financing

On June 28, leyanju, a high-end quick-frozen rice noodle brand, completed a round B financing of nearly 100 million yuan, which was exclusively invested by liangrun fund jointly established by COFCO group and China Resources Group. (Shanghai Securities News)

Recommendation officer of Yibao fruit juice official publicity brand

Today, the official wechat official account of Yibao announced that suxiaotong had become the recommendation officer of holiday juice brand. Holiday juice has two flavors: grape and white peach. (issued by the company)

Li Jie may consider giving up the milk powder business

Recently, according to people familiar with the matter, Li Jie is weighing whether to shelve the sale of its infant formula Department (the main business is Mead Johnson milk powder). At present, the negotiation between Li Jie Shi and potential acquirers is at an impasse. The continuous shortage of milk powder in the United States, difficulties in obtaining financing, valuation differences and other issues have complicated the negotiation of the sale transaction. Previously, the market predicted that if Li Jie Shi could sell the business, it would receive $7billion. (Bloomberg)

CDH investment will sell the company to Nestle Health Science

CDH investment and the founding shareholders of the better health company (tbhc) announced today that they have signed a final agreement to sell tbhc to Nestle Health Sciences. The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed and are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022. Tbhc owns go health, a health care brand with the largest market share in New Zealand’s professional channels, Egmont honey, the largest manufacturer and distributor of Manuka honey, and New Zealand heath manufacturing, a leading health care manufacturer in Oceania. (36 krypton)

Beyond meat will provide sliced steak products

Yesterday, Ethan brown, CEO of beyond meat, said that this year the company plans to launch steak products in retail stores and restaurants. Sliced steak aims to replicate the whole meat, rather than the company’s existing products that imitate sausage, tender meat, hamburger patty and meatballs. He said that this would become one of the company’s “best products” at present. (Wall Street Journal)

Diageo will exit the Russian market by the end of the year

Yesterday, Diageo said it would shut down its business in Russia in the next six months. As early as March, Diageo has stopped shipping goods to Russia and selling goods in Russia. The source said that once the liquidation process is completed, Diageo will have fewer than 10 employees in Russia. (Reuters)

Herbalife nutrition raises prices to fight inflation

Recently, Herbalife said that it would raise prices to cope with inflation, or the pricing applicable to most markets. A Herbalife spokesman said that the price increase affected all products. However, the price increase will not fully compensate for the high cost of the company. Herbalife must consider the impact of its decision on consumers and distributors. (Natural Products Insider)

Danone plans to launch innovative products of nutritia in the coming months

Recently, Frank den Haan, the director in charge of Danone’s Dutch retail business, said that Nutricia’s product portfolio will introduce some “very good innovations” to meet the market growth trend and consumer demand. He also said that Danone Netherlands has paid a lot of attention to the development of plant-based products, hoping to expand alpro’s role and develop hipro, a protein product to improve sports performance. (levensmiddelenkrant)

Ala food raw materials determine the types of protein consumers through research

Recently, a large-scale global market research conducted by Danish ala food raw materials company showed that more and more mainstream consumers are seeking protein as sports nutrition, but their demand and purchase motivation are different. Among the 12000 consumers surveyed, 43% said that they would prefer products with added protein when choosing sports food and beverage, while among the respondents aged 18-29, the proportion rose to 52%. People are more and more interested in protein. 31% of people said they had increased their protein consumption in the past two years, and only 7% of people had reduced their protein consumption. (issued by the company)

In July, M & T will launch its only 10-year rye whisky of the year

In July, M & T will launch the first and only batch of 10-year-old rye whisky in 2022, with a bottle of 750ml, and the recommended retail price in the United States is $185. The 10-year-old rye whisky is a Kentucky style single barrel product. A large amount of corn and barley are used in the brewing process, bringing a sense of balance and more complexity to the spicy flavor of rye grains. (issued by the company)

Quick reading of food industry information


Cancel the “Star” mark on the communication travel card

China Wine Association collects drafting units, and the digital collection of wine industry will have standards

The official website of China Wine Industry Association issued a notice to solicit the drafting units of the group standard of the technical specifications for wine industry digital collections. From the perspective of qualification conditions, the drafters and drafters of this solicitation need to work in blockchain, digital collection technology, Internet platform and other related fields, and their enterprises have experience and examples in social responsibility. It is also mentioned in the description that the core technologies of the wine industry’s digital collections include underlying standard technology, blockchain platform technology, casting manufacturing technology and publishing and trading platform. (36 krypton)

On site verification of formula registration of infant formula milk powder manufacturers in Inner Mongolia

Since June 28, the evaluation and inspection center of the State Administration of market supervision has organized experts to carry out on-site verification on the formula registration of four infant formula milk powder products of Inner Mongolia oushimeng dairy products Co., Ltd. Yang Lin, the first level inspector of the market supervision bureau of the autonomous region, attended the first meeting of registration verification and delivered a speech. The meeting pointed out that great importance should be attached to the verification of the formula registration. The acquisition of new formula plays a decisive role in whether the enterprise can quickly occupy the market and obtain key market share. The influence of formula registration on the whole infant formula milk powder industry is huge and far-reaching. (Inner Mongolia market supervision)

Tangshan strengthens cold chain food management

Recently, in order to further strengthen the supervision and management of cold chain food, effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of epidemic spread, and comprehensively build a “physical defense” defense line, Tangshan Lubei and Lunan districts have issued notices respectively. Cold chain food entering the jurisdiction at the initial station must be reported 24 hours in advance. (CNR)

Last year, there were more than 42000 new food production and operation entities in Chongqing

Today, the press conference on food safety in Chongqing was held. The reporter learned from the meeting that in 2021, Chongqing added more than 42000 food production and operation entities, investigated and dealt with 12671 illegal cases of general procedure food, and the overall food safety situation in Chongqing was stable and good. So far this year, 4295 cases of illegal food in general procedures have been investigated and dealt with, 109 criminal cases have been uncovered, 179 people have been transferred for prosecution, and the high-pressure situation of cracking down on illegal food has been maintained. (

Japan’s “swamp” food became popular online

Recently, a slimy diet food that looks like a “swamp” has become popular on Japanese social networks. Its main materials include rice, chicken breast, okra, dried mushrooms and dried Undaria pinnatifida. The only seasonings are salt and curry powder. This diet food was developed by a 35 – year-old chef named jiyouxi. He developed this food based on his previous experience of cooking in the hospital. However, it is pointed out that if you eat this food for a long time, it will easily lead to the loss of iron, calcium and other important nutrients. (Global Times)

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