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Yuexiu Huishan milk powder completed brand upgrading, showed the latest product lineup and doubled its sprint performance

Huishan milk powder, which has entered a new journey, is emerging with a brand-new brand image and is striving to seize the market at full speed.

A few days ago, Huishan milk powder announced its new brand positioning of “precious because it is rare”, and officially announced that the signing star zhangbichen was appointed as the brand spokesperson. It is worth noting that Yuexiu Huishan’s three milk powder products have also been upgraded recently. Under the new brand positioning, high-end milk source is the main selling point. In addition to some of the upgraded new products using A2 milk source and adding lactoferrin, the ultra high-end Huishan marei series is also “the first infant formula using juanshan milk source in China”.

When the snack agent inquired, he learned that the company hopes to achieve a 100% increase in sales of milk powder this year.

Key milk source advantages

In fact, the infant formula sector is one of the core businesses of Yuexiu Huishan after entering the new journey, and Huishan milk powder is also the only infant formula business of Yuexiu food group. After the previous year’s efforts to resume production, expand market channels and rebuild the marketing team, Yuexiu Huishan infant formula milk powder business has made new breakthroughs.

At present, Yuexiu Huishan plans to further expand its milk source advantages.

It is understood that at present, Yuexiu Huishan has a 400000 Mu forage and feed planting base, a refined feed processing base with an annual capacity of 500000 tons, 78 modern self-supporting pastures, 120000 pure bred imported cows and 4 modern dairy processing bases.

From the latest brand positioning of Huishan milk powder “because it is rare, it is not difficult to find that Huishan milk powder hopes to further strengthen the whole industry chain model and the unique advantages of juanshan milk source, and break through the market competition with the help of differentiation.

Juanshan dairy cow
in Huishan self operated pasture, Yuexiu

Zhanghuirong, general manager of Yuexiu Huishan milk powder business department, introduced that as the first dairy enterprise in China to build a full industrial chain integrating planting, breeding, processing and sales, Yuexiu Huishan has already realized that all milk sources come from large-scale self-supporting pastures, and has a large-scale rare juanshan cattle breeding base in China. According to the official data of the company, the number of juanshan dairy cows is only 1% of the global dairy breeds. The biggest feature is that “the milk quality is thick, the content of milk fat and milk protein is significantly higher than that of ordinary dairy cows, and the content of high-quality milk protein is more than 3.8%”.

After restarting the market, Huishan milk powder quickly made a comprehensive renewal and upgrading of its three products, further highlighting the product differentiation and functionality.

Xiaoshidai saw in the official flagship store of Jingdong Huishan milk powder that at present the company has three main products. Among them, Huishan Marui focuses on “juanshan milk source + lactoferrin” formula, the first-class milk powder focuses on “lactoferrin +opo ratio”, and Xingen milk powder also introduces A2 version and conventional version products with lactoferrin, which respectively correspond to the needs of different consumer groups.

New plan for milk powder

According to the previous introduction of xiaoshidai, it was mentioned in the press conference of Yuexiu Huishan in December last year that the company’s milk powder business will strive to achieve a revenue scale of more than 2billion yuan by 2025.

As far as this year is concerned, Yuexiu Huishan also set its first small goal.

“This year, we hope to achieve 100% growth in the sales of milk powder.” Zhanghuirong said to xiaoshidai that the milk powder category, as the core business of Yuexiu Huishan, bears the important mission of Yuexiu Huishan to enter the national market. He also disclosed that the company is promoting the new national standard of milk powder products and the registration of secondary formulas, and is progressing smoothly.

On the one hand, it injects youthful vitality into the brand through the communication on social media platforms such as Tiktok and xiaohongshu. At the same time, it also integrates the resources under Yuexiu group to help the milk powder business layout the national market channels.

In addition, Huishan milk powder has also introduced the “internal code system” to ensure product quality and safety, improve consumption experience, prevent goods fleeing and protect the rights and interests of sellers by implementing the “one can with two codes” of “outside code + inside code”. Zhanghuirong pointed out that the application of “internal code system” marks that Huishan milk powder quality traceability system has been upgraded to a new level, which will continue to empower the follow-up to enter the national market.

“At present, the milk powder market is facing challenges and changes due to the decline of the newborn population, the epidemic situation and the new national standard for milk powder. As a state-owned enterprise, Yuexiu Huishan will continue to develop the advantages of the whole industry chain, and simultaneously develop brand building to be close to young consumers.” Yuexiu Huishan said.

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