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Maixier received a letter of concern because of “unqualified milk”, Shenzhen Stock Exchange terminated the IPO audit of gem, Naixue “drank tea and sent virtual stocks”, blue bottle coffee will be restored, and kraft Heinz withdrew from Tesco

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Letter of interest received by Macquarie from Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Today, Macquarie Group Co., Ltd. (, Macquarie) received a letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, asking to explain whether the low toxic additive propylene glycol reported in pure milk is true, and asked Macquarie to explain whether this event will have a significant impact on the company’s daily operation, and to submit relevant materials to Shenzhen Stock Exchange and disclose them to the public before July 5. On June 30, Macquarie directly fell by the limit at the opening, closing down 10.03% to close at 7.98 yuan. (surging)


According to the fourth batch of food sampling inspection in 2022 announced by Qingyuan County Market Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province, the propylene glycol of two batches of pure milk produced by nominal maixier Group Co., Ltd. was unqualified, and the test results were 0.318g/kg and 0.321g/kg respectively. The national standard for the use of food additives gb2760-2014 stipulates that the functions of propylene glycol are stabilizer and coagulant, anti caking agent, thickener, etc., which are not allowed to be added to pure milk. In response to the Beijing News reporter today, maizeer said that the products involved had been recalled and reinspected, and the reinspection results have not yet come out. The company did not add propylene glycol to the products, and the involved batches of products passed the factory inspection. The sales scope mainly involves Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province. It is worth noting that the market supervision bureau of Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province has deleted the relevant spot check announcement. The staff of the Bureau replied to the Beijing News reporter today that the relevant spot check announcement has indeed been deleted, and the specific situation is in the charge of the relevant business departments. It is understood that Qingyuan County Market Supervision Bureau will publicize the sampling inspection again. (Beijing News)

Major shareholders of Macquarie were executed for over 500million yuan

On June 30, because propylene glycol was detected in pure milk, maixier received a letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange. At the same time, Xinjiang maizeer Group Co., Ltd., a major shareholder of the listed main body maizeer, also showed on the China executive information disclosure online that it was executed by the Chengdu Intermediate People’s court for 508.7 million yuan. (

Shenzhen Stock Exchange terminates IPO audit of gem

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosed that Jiuxian Network Technology Co., Ltd. applied to withdraw the application documents for issuance and listing, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange decided to terminate the examination of its initial public offering and listing on the gem. (Sina Finance)

Miaokerando will be suspended from July 1

Miaokerando announced today that it plans to purchase 42.88% equity of Jilin Guangze Dairy Technology Co., Ltd. (Jilin Technology), a holding subsidiary, by issuing shares. The trading of the company’s shares will be suspended since the opening of the market on July 1, 2022. Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. now holds 42.88% of the equity of Jilin Science and technology. (company announcement)

Listing application of additive enterprise Runpu food on Beijing stock exchange was accepted

Today, the Beijing News reporter learned that the listing application of Jiangsu Runpu Food Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Runpu food”) on the Beijing stock exchange has been accepted. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of food additives. Last year, the operating revenue was 533million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.57%, and the net profit was 43.2 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61.18%. (Beijing News)

Naixue’s tea launched the activity of “drinking tea and sending virtual stocks”

Today, Naixue’s tea announced its first anniversary of listing. From now on, you can get 1 Naixue coin for every 1 yuan of consumption. Users can use Naixue coin to buy / sell virtual shares and become virtual shareholders. They can also use Naixue coin to exchange various gifts in the Naixue coin mall. In addition, every 30 virtual shares can be exchanged for 3 yuan of vouchers. Naixue’s tea said that the share price of the virtual stock was calculated at the closing price of the Hong Kong stock market every day and converted according to the exchange rate of the people’s Bank of China on the same day. Today, Naixue’s tea closed at HK $6.65, and the exchange rate of HK $to RMB is about 0.85. To exchange for 30 virtual shares, you need to spend 172 yuan first. (issued by the company)

Blue bottle coffee will resume eating tomorrow

A bottle of coffee announced that the Shanghai Yutong store will resume the hall food tomorrow. (issued by the company)

7-11 the convenience store was fined 60000 yuan for improper bonus sales

Recently, the 103rd branch of Guangdong Saiyi convenience store Co., Ltd. was fined 60000 yuan by Guangzhou Baiyun District market supervision and Administration Bureau for improper bonus sales. The reasons for punishment showed that after investigation of the reporting clues, the party concerned carried out a bonus sales activity from February 7 to March 1. The advertisement claimed that customers bought 8 bottles of Coca Cola products during the activity period to give away the Winter Olympics crystal ball. The party concerned publicized the time and rules of the activity, but did not clearly announce the number of prizes. There was a situation that customers could not cash the prize when they bought the activity products. (credit China)

One batch of “enobol” infant milk powder vitamin D and vanillin are unqualified

The Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau recently reported that the risk control of substandard food showed that a batch of “enobol” infant formula milk powder (stage 1) operated by an e-commerce platform “qiaomai mother and baby flagship store” did not meet the requirements for vitamin D and vanillin, and the relevant products had been removed from the online store. The manufacturer of “enobol” is Spanish enterprise alter Pharmacia (S.A.). (Beijing News)

Equity change of Changsha Santun bancoffee Co., Ltd

Yesterday, the equity of Changsha Santun bancoffee Co., Ltd. was changed, and the equity ratio of Chengdu fengruitou venture capital center (limited partnership) was changed from 8.14% to 7.74%. The equity proportion of Kunshan Fengrui equity investment center (limited partnership) was changed from 5.31% to 5.05%. (business system)

Yum China established a supply chain management company in Jiangxi

Recently, yum (China) Investment Co., Ltd. newly invested in Chuansheng supply chain management (Nanchang) Co., Ltd., which is 100% owned by Yum China. The legal representative is Huang Duoduo, with a registered capital of 60million yuan. The business scope includes transportation equipment leasing services, property management, professional cleaning, etc. (business system)

Joy fell 72% in profit last year

Today, joy released its annual results for the year ended March 31. Its revenue during the period was HK $2.881.9 billion, an increase of 8.9%, and its annual profit fell 72%. Luo Huicheng, chief executive of joy group, said today that all branches in the mainland will order digitally, with the goal of opening new branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Foshan. (company announcement)

Yili and Portuguese national football team reach cooperation

Today, Yili Group and Portugal national football team officially announced their cooperation and launched Yili × The Portuguese national football team loves the gas bag. (issued by the company)

Russian Cola welcomes development opportunities

Recently, with the suspension of Coca Cola and Pepsi in Russia, the manufacturers of the Russian local brand cola chernogolovka hope to meet the needs of Russian consumers and large fast food chains. The company said that its business in hotels, restaurants and cafes has more than doubled so far and is currently supplying hamburger king and KFC’s Russian stores. Chernogolovka said that it had not reached the supply limit and was currently discussing expanding the scope of beverage supply to chain stores. (Reuters)

General Mills’ sales increased by 5% in the previous year

Yesterday, General Mills announced the fourth quarter and full year results of fiscal year 2022. During the period, the annual net sales reached US $19billion, a year-on-year increase of 5%; Operating profit increased by 11% to US $3.5 billion, and operating cash flow increased by 11% to US $3.3 billion. (issued by the company)

General Mills relies on home cooking to fight inflation

Recently, General Mills attributed its better than expected quarterly results to higher product pricing and hinted that it was ready to bear soaring costs. Despite the rise in prices, consumers’ demand for breakfast cereals, pet food and so on remained stable. Under inflation, more Americans choose to eat at home in order to save money. (Reuters)

Kafheinz withdrew products from Tesco due to pricing problems

Recently, kraft Heinz has stopped supplying some products to Tesco, the largest supermarket group in the UK, because the latter refused to charge higher prices to customers under inflation. Tesco apologized for the absence of kafheinz’s ketchup and other products on the shelves, but said it would not pass on unreasonable price increases to customers. Kafheinz said that it is working closely with Tesco and hopes to solve this problem as soon as possible. (Reuters)

Unilever sells Ben & Jerry’s Israel business

Yesterday, Unilever, a consumer goods giant, said it had reached an agreement to allow its Ben & Jerry ice cream business to continue selling in Israel. It is reported that its ice cream Israel branch will be sold to AVI Zinger, who is responsible for the sales of Ben & Jerry ice cream in the country. (CNBC)

Whitbread hires former Costa general manager as new CEO

Recently, Whitbread, the largest budget hotel operator in the UK, hired Dominic Paul, head of the UK business of Domino’s pizza, to replace Alison Brittain, who has been CEO for seven years. It is reported that Dominic Paul has been leading the UK business of Domino’s since 2020 and was once the general manager of Costa coffee. Whitbread sold Costa coffee to Coca Cola in 2018. (Financial Times)

Eat just admits insufficient capacity

Malaysia recently imposed a ban on chicken exports, which would have been a great opportunity for American start-up eat just, but Josh tetrick, CEO of eat just, said there was not enough capacity to meet this urgent challenge for the time being. In 2020, the company was approved to sell meat grown in laboratories in Singapore, but it did not sell it in stores after another 18 months, indicating that the industry is difficult to expand production.

Danone negotiates the sale of a factory in Spain

Danone said recently that it was discussing the sale of a Spanish factory with potential buyers. Earlier, the company made a plan to stop the production of a factory in the northwestern Spanish town of Salas, saying that this would improve the company’s “competitiveness and industrial efficiency”. Subsequently, some workers of the factory took industrial action. (just-food)


Fonterra today announced the finalization of its strategic partnership with the New Zealand exchange (NZX) and the European energy exchange (Eex), which will each hold equity interests in the global dairy trading platform (GDT). As of June 30, 2022, after the approval of the above matters, Fonterra, NZX and Eex respectively hold one-third (33.33%) of the shares of GDT platform. (issued by the company)

Kafheinz cooperates to invest in renewable energy

Yesterday, kafheinz announced that it had reached a power purchase agreement with bhe renewables. By the end of 2022, kafheinz plans to purchase renewable energy from bhe renewables to offset 15% of its energy consumption in the U.S. production base. By the end of 2025, this figure is expected to increase to 60%. (issued by the company)

CEO of Nestle and Unilever published a co signed article

Yesterday, the chief executives of Unilever and Nestle jointly signed an article in the financial times. They said that net zero carbon emission is the core goal of the global economy. In the supply chain of key commodities identified as having the greatest impact on deforestation and natural ecosystem transformation, Nestle and Unilever are striving to achieve no deforestation in their supply chain by 2025 and protect the community environment. (Financial Times)


Recently, the climate goals set by Royal Netherlands fisland have been certified by the world-famous scientific carbon goal Initiative (SBTI). The scientific carbon goal initiative has confirmed that the 2030 climate goal set by fisland is in line with the upper limit of 1.5 ° C temperature rise agreed in the Paris Agreement. (issued by the company)

Quick reading of food industry information


US market milk powder “mobilization” exemption expires in November

In the “operation fly formula” operation in the United States, seven overseas suppliers have been authorized to import formula milk powder. Dozens of enterprises including Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy exporter, and Its New Zealand competitor A2 have also applied for approval. However, the exemptions that allow them to enter the United States are only temporary. US regulators insist that these exemptions will expire on November 14, which may force mothers to exchange their babies for the formula provided by Abbott. Both the milk powder manufacturers bubs and Kendal are putting pressure on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to fully approve their formulas according to the application procedures that have been going on for many years. Barclays’ research shows that Abbott’s plight has led to its U.S. market share halving to 20%. However, most analysts expect that unless there is a clear link between its formula and death, or regulatory reform promotes competition, it will regain its lost market share within a year. (Financial Times)


Yesterday, JD Group Co., Ltd. issued an announcement at the Hong Kong stock exchange, announcing that the company has renewed the strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. for a period of three years. Tencent will continue to provide JD with significant primary and secondary access points on its wechat platform to provide traffic support, and both sides also intend to continue cooperation in communication, technical services, marketing and advertising, member services and other fields. (company announcement)

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