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Mead Johnson China announced the latest donation plan, with 17million yuan of nutrition products helping to improve the nutrition of rural infants

Mead Johnson China today revealed that the Mead Johnson public welfare foundation plans to donate love nutrition products with a market value of about 17million yuan through public welfare organizations such as the Guangdong poverty alleviation foundation to support and improve the nutritional needs of mothers and infants in need in many rural revitalization counties and cities. It is reported that the first batch of infant formula milk powder worth more than 3.45 million yuan has arrived in sanpai Town, Liannan Yao Autonomous County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province.

The above donation plan is also new praise

Zhudingping, President of Mead Johnson China business group and honorary chairman of Mead Johnson public welfare foundation, pointed out that since its establishment in 1905, Mead Johnson has always been committed to “giving the baby the best start in his life”. “It is expected that this project will help rural children obtain perfect and sufficient nutrition protection in the first 1000 days of their lives, and protect their healthy and happy growth.” He said.

It is worth noting that, unlike other public welfare projects focusing on industries and talent team construction in the assisted counties and cities, Mead Johnson public welfare fund focuses on the special group of infants and young children this time for far-reaching reasons.

In Mead Johnson China’s view, people are an important factor in achieving rural revitalization, and “children are an important force in consolidating the long-term achievements of Rural Revitalization”. However, for children from poor families, their nutrition may not be adequately guaranteed in the critical infant stage that determines their life-long health.


According to the data, in order to improve the nutritional status of infants and young children in difficult areas, the National Health Commission has launched the children’s nutrition improvement project many years ago, providing 1 package of nutrition package per day for infants and young children aged 6-24 months. The outline for the development of children in China (2021-2030) further mentioned that the growth retardation rate of children under the age of 5 should be controlled below 5%. All these show the determination and efforts of the state to ensure and improve the nutritional level of infants and young children from poor families.

In April this year, Mead Johnson urgently prepared special formula milk powder from Yiwu

Keep “Shanghai” baby

The donation of Mead Johnson public welfare foundation is a positive force formed under the above new situation.

“In addition to sanpai Town, Liannan County, Mead Johnson public welfare foundation has planned to donate nutrition products to mothers and infants of poor families in many rural revitalization counties and cities, such as Xingguo County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, Jiaoling County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, and Guang’an City, Sichuan Province. The total amount of nutrition materials donated this time is up to 17million yuan, which is estimated to support the nutritional needs of more than 1000 infants and young children for one year.” Mead Johnson China introduced that the project can not only effectively reduce the burden of feeding children from poor families, but also improve the nutritional status of infants and young children from the source and reduce the incidence of nutritional imbalance.

It is reported that in addition to donating infant formula milk powder, Mead Johnson Foundation also plans to donate a batch of maternal formula milk powder to improve the nutritional status of pregnant women.


In fact, since the completion of Chunhua capital’s acquisition of Mead Johnson’s infant formula and child nutrition business in Greater China last September, Mead Johnson China has entered a new stage of development.

Since this year, new myzan has rapidly launched a more diversified and localized public welfare exploration around maternal and infant health, and has launched a number of public welfare projects, including the “love transmission · better start” public welfare project of caring for left behind children, the “flower protection” infant feeding and special nutrition management project.

“In the future, new maze will, as always, use science and love to gather more extensive social forces to protect the health of Chinese mothers and infants, help healthy China 2030, and practice the corporate mission of ‘giving the best start to a baby’s life’.” The company said.

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