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Kentucky Fried Chicken tried water in an independent tea shop, Pepsi’s new factory was put into operation in advance, TIMS China’s listing and merger period was extended, the world’s largest chocolate factory was shut down due to pollution, and Meiji applied for exporting milk powder to the United States

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KFC said the tea shop was “still in its early stage”

Yesterday, KFC’s independent tea brand “Grandpa free tea” officially opened its first store in China in Suzhou. In this regard, yum China replied to the snack today: “Grandpa free tea is an attempt of KFC, which is still in its early stage.” (snack generation)

PepsiCo food Guangdong production base (phase I) was put into operation in advance

According to the government of Danzao Town, Nanhai District, PepsiCo food Guangdong production base will be officially put into operation in July 2022, realizing that the phase I project will be put into operation two months in advance. PepsiCo food Guangdong production base is located in Foshan high tech Industrial Park, with a total investment of 740million yuan. Among them, the first phase covers an area of about 80 mu, with a planned investment of 500 million yuan. It is planned to install one sliced potato chip production line and two canned potato chip production lines, as well as supporting finished product and raw material warehouses, production auxiliary facilities, etc. after completion, the production capacity will reach 25000 tons / year. (issued by Nanhai)

Maizeer responded: the relevant products have been removed from the shelves and sealed, and the regulatory authorities have settled in

Last night, Macquarie announced that recently, the relevant media reported that the test results of “propylene glycol” in two batches of Macquarie pure milk products produced by the company on April 21 and May 7 were unqualified. The company attaches great importance to the above sampling results, and the current work is as follows: 1. The products of the above two batches have been removed from the shelves and sealed, and consumer appeals have been actively accepted. 2. The local regulatory authorities have stationed in the company, and the testing agency has carried out a comprehensive sampling inspection of relevant products. The company fully cooperates with the sampling inspection. (company announcement)

Sanyuan gave up the preemptive right of 40% equity of Hunan Prince milk held by Xinhualian

Sanyuan shares announced today that the Beijing third intermediate people’s court will conduct a public auction of 40% of the equity of Hunan Taizi milk group Biotechnology Co., Ltd. held by Xinhualian Holdings Co., Ltd. the starting price of this auction is 87567550 yuan. After deliberation at the fourth meeting of the eighth board of directors of the company, it plans to give up the preemptive right and not participate in this auction. At present, the company holds 60% equity of Hunan Prince milk and 40% equity of Xinhua Union. Last year, Hunan Prince milk lost more than 58.97 million yuan. (issued by the company)

Liangpin store: the concerted action of Hillhouse has reduced 5% of the company’s shares in total

Liangpin store announced today that it had received a notice from its shareholders Zhuhai Hillhouse, Hong Kong Hillhouse and Ningbo Hillhouse to reduce its holdings of 1.06% of the company’s shares in total from December 25, 2021 to June 30, 2022; From April 28, 2021 to June 30, 2022, the company’s shares were reduced by 5% in total, and the total proportion of shares held by the company was reduced from 11.67% to 6.67%. (company announcement)

Naixue’s tea reached 900 stores in June this year

Recently, at the first anniversary of its listing, Naixue launched special points activities and treasure hunting activities in Naixue paradise for 50million members. According to the official introduction, as of June this year, the number of tea stores in Naixue reached 900, an increase of nearly 350 compared with June 2021; In terms of product research and development, more than 100 new products have been launched since June 2021. (36 krypton)

Xiangpiao plans to continue to invest in self collected refrigerators this year

Yesterday, Xiang Piao released an announcement on the reception of institutional investors’ research. The announcement mentioned that from July to September, freezing can significantly promote the sales of fruit juice tea, especially in core cities, which have high requirements for freezing. The company has invested more than 10000 refrigerators in the past. In 2022, it plans to expand the scale of freezing through continuous investment in refrigerators and the purchase of frozen resources. Freezing is the key strategy of the company this year, and it is still being vigorously promoted according to the annual plan. (company announcement)

Hua Bin: the “the Belt and Road” Youth Education Fund was officially launched

Today, Shen Zhu, Secretary General of Huabin culture foundation, announced the official launch of the “the Belt and Road” Youth Education Fund. The fund, initiated by Mr. Yan Bin, honorary chairman of Huabin cultural foundation, with a total amount of 68million yuan, will be used to support youth education, cultural exchanges, scientific and technological innovation and other activities in China and countries and regions along the “the Belt and Road”. (issued by the company)

Paul Luo, President of fenmeiyi China: full of confidence in China’s development

In an interview a few days ago, Paul Luo, President of fenmeiyi China, said that China is the second largest market in the world and one of the most active growth markets of fenmeiyi. Fenmeiyi is full of confidence in China’s current and future development. Paul Luo called China a “key strategic market” to promote the future growth of fenmeiyi. The long-term goal of the company’s business in China is to achieve double-digit growth. (issued by the company)

Change of key personnel of Meiji fruit food (Shanghai)

Recently, Meiji fruit and food industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has changed its main personnel. Its legal representative has been changed from Nakao Jie to Akiyama Shicheng, and Tuqiao Taoist has been changed to the chairman of the board. Akio Tsuda and fumijiro Hachi have quit their main personnel and added a new director, Yukio Ueda. (business system)

Nongfu Shanquan responded that there was snow on Mount Taibai, which was false propaganda

A few days ago, a netizen raised a question. The bottle of Nongfu mountain spring said “Taibai Mountain is covered with snow all year round”, but I didn’t see it when climbing Taibai Mountain. In response, Nongfu Shanquan’s official account sent a document saying that it had sorted out relevant materials for consumers’ reference, and concluded that unless it encountered extreme weather, Taibai’s “snow all year round” was not a false name. Nongfu Shanquan also said that as a label text, consumers’ feelings should be fully considered, and those that might cause doubt should be avoided. (issued by the company)

Laiyifen branch was fined for failing to mark the specifications of goods

According to the national enterprise credit publicity information system, recently, Shanghai laiyifen Food Chain Management Co., Ltd. Minchun Road third store was fined 3000 yuan by the Shanghai Pudong New Area Market Supervision Administration for violating the price law. Specific reasons show that some of the goods sold by the company on the take away platform are only marked with prices, and the specifications and pricing units are not marked according to the specified contents and methods. (China Finance)

Costco plans to acquire joint venture shares in Taiwan with us $1.05 billion

Costco announced yesterday that it had acquired 45% of the shares in the Taiwan joint venture it had not yet held for us $1.05 billion. (Reuters)

Miss food IPO accepted

The official website of China Securities Regulatory Commission shows that the IPO of Miss Food Co., Ltd. was accepted recently. According to the official website, Miss food, headquartered in Henan, was founded in 2008. At present, it has 24 noodle production lines and 3 flour production lines, achieving an annual processing of 386000 tons of noodles and 438000 tons of flour; In 2020, the company achieved an operating revenue of 1.95 billion yuan and a net profit. (China Securities Regulatory Commission, snack agency)

The reorganization of “Huiyuan Juice” was approved, and we will strive to list a shares within 3-5 years

Recently, the reorganization plan of Beijing Huiyuan food and Beverage Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of “Huiyuan Juice”, was approved by the court. As a restructuring investor, Shanghai Wensheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. plans to invest 1.6 billion yuan to become the controlling shareholder of Huiyuan. Of the 1.6 billion yuan investment, in addition to part of the funds used to pay Huiyuan’s bankruptcy expenses and repay small claims, more than 90% of the funds are used to upgrade and strengthen Huiyuan’s production and operation. Wensheng assets will also design the best securitization scheme for Huiyuan and strive to achieve A-share listing within three to five years. (China Securities News)

Extension of the merger period between tims China and silver crest, a blank cheque company

According to the official website of SEC in the United States recently, the merger period between th International Limited (Note: tims’ Chinese parent company, hereinafter referred to as Thil) and blank check companies silver crest and Mercer sub (Note: Thil’s wholly-owned subsidiary) has been extended to August 30, 2022. In March this year, TIMS China, which is preparing to go public in the United States, announced that it would extend the termination date of the merger agreement with silver crest to June 30, 2022. (company announcement)

The “Jiuxing plan” completed the seed round financing of millions of yuan

Recently, the “wine Star Plan” of the chain distillery announced that it had completed a seed round financing of millions of yuan, which was funded by angel investors. This round of financing will be used for product R & D investment, digital upgrading and market expansion. (36 krypton)

Chairman Mao Tai talks about developing wine

Recently, Maotai Group and Qinhuangdao city held a discussion at the Phoenix manor of Maotai wine company. Ding Xiongjun, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Maotai Group, said that Maotai wine, as one of the important sections of the group, will continue to speed up the development of new potential energy and build core competitiveness with the mentality of beginners and the attitude of strivers. (Sina Finance)

Halo top ice cream officially launched in the Chinese market

Recently, halo top (Chinese Name: Arctic halo), a low calorie ice cream brand, officially entered the Chinese market and made its debut

Guangming Wenchuang ice cream Shangxin

Today, Guangming cold drink announced to launch a new “gate of prosperity” ice cream series of “chalangyin” together with a major cultural innovation company, which has strawberry cheese flavor and milk osmanthus flavor. (issued by the company)

Nestle joins hands with the world central kitchen to provide food for the hungry

Recently, Nestle announced to work with world central kitchen to provide food for the hungry people in the community affected by extreme weather events caused by the climate crisis. Nestle has initially signed a one-year cooperation agreement with the world central kitchen and will donate 1million Swiss francs to its climate disaster fund. (issued by the company)

PepsiCo recycles plastic

According to PepsiCo wechat official account today, in 2022, three sustainable packaging products of PepsiCo were selected as the best cases of the “golden design principle”, including the change of storm beverage PET bottles from fluorescent green to transparent light green, the withdrawal of PVC shrink labels from beverage products, and the use of recyclable design film packaging for guigeyan wheat bran black sugar flavored milk tea. At the same time, PepsiCo actively promotes the measures of plastic reduction and circular economy, and promotes the use of RPET beverage packaging bottles worldwide. PepsiCo estimates that using 100% RPET plastic bottles will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 30% per bottle. (issued by the company)

The world’s largest chocolate factory suspended production due to Salmonella contamination

Yesterday, Swiss chocolate manufacturer Belle garribo said that after Salmonella contamination was found in a production batch, the company’s factory in Weize, a town in Flanders, Belgium, had stopped production. It is reported that the factory is the largest chocolate factory in the world. Braga Libo said it had informed the Belgian food agency of the incident, took preventive measures to stop all chocolate production lines and sealed all products produced since the test. (Reuters)

Meiji applies for us milk powder export authorization

Bloomberg reported today that Meiji of Japan plans to enter the U.S. infant formula market and seek joint cooperation with Nestle, Danone and others

Fonterra focuses on health care opportunities in markets such as China

The New Zealand Herald reported today that Marc rivers, chief financial officer of Fonterra, said that one of the ways to increase the company’s value in the future is to shift more raw material combinations to higher value ingredients and solutions through its active living business unit.

Sodexo’s sales rebounded in the third quarter to achieve growth

Sodexo, a French catering and food service group, announced its better than expected third quarter results today, with strong growth in all its business units and regions, thanks to rising prices and business recovery in the post epidemic era. In the three months ended May 31, the company’s organic revenue increased by 18.3% to 5.52 billion euros. (Reuters)

Herbalife will establish a global headquarters park

Herbalife announced yesterday that it would establish a park in Los Angeles to integrate its headquarters with its North American business department. (issued by the company)

Yizi enjoy life recalls baked snack products

Yesterday, enjoy life natural brands under Yizi said that due to the possible existence of hard plastic chips, the company voluntarily recalled a limited number of selected baked snacks. (Reuters)

Diageo acquires vivanda, a taste matching technology company

Yesterday, Diageo announced that it had acquired vivanda. According to reports, vivanda is behind Diageo’s digital platform “what’s your whisky”

Ben & Jerry’s said he did not agree with the parent company to sell its Israeli business

According to the financial times yesterday, Ben & Jerry’s disagreed with the move of the parent company Unilever to sell its Israeli business (we do not agree with it  ). According to reports, Ben & Jerry’s was acquired by Unilever in 2000, but it still retains an independent board of directors. (Financial Times)

Lavazza talks with UK retailers to deal with soaring coffee bean costs

Lavazza said recently that the company was talking with retailers about how to manage soaring costs. Pietro Mazz à, the UK general manager of the company, said that the cost of coffee beans had increased by an average of 80% in one year, so it was necessary to maintain a dialogue with retailers. (Guardian)

Fislan participated in the opening of plant-based dairy chain stores

Fislan reported yesterday that it and de nieuwe melkboer are jointly developing a local plant-based dairy chain store to provide a good profit model for dairy farmers. De nieuwe melkboer, an initiative of members of the fislan cooperative, has launched vegetable milk and vegetable yogurt made from Dutch soybeans. (issued by the company)

Nestle launches plant-based children’s drink

Recently, Nestle’s SMA nutrition series launched a new plant-based baby drink little steps plantygrow. Nestle stressed that the drink is not a substitute for breast milk, but a nutritional product for children aged 1-3, as part of a diversified and balanced diet. (Foodbev)

Polaroid launches product digital labels

Recently, Pernod Ricard revealed that it will launch a digital label project covering the entire product portfolio. The two-dimensional code for smart phone scanning will be printed on the label on the back of each bottle of Polaroid products to more transparently show consumers the contents of ingredients and health information. Digital labels will be launched globally after being piloted in Europe in July, and the content will be adjusted according to different market conditions. (The Drinks Business)

Quick reading of food industry information


Regulations on clearly marked prices and prohibition of price fraud will come into force today

The “Regulations on clearly marked prices and prohibition of price fraud” issued by the State Administration of market supervision and regulation came into force on July 1, which stipulates that: operators should clearly mark prices in a significant way and clearly mark the goods or services corresponding to the price; The clearly marked price shall be based on the characteristics of goods and services, industries, regions and so on, so as to be true and accurate, with the goods signed in the right place and the marks eye-catching. (people’s Weibo)

The United States will launch the 20th “airlift formula” operation

The United States will start

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