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Weiquan once again promotes new products! This time, use red bayberry to refresh this summer

The taste of Weiquan is becoming more and more “complete”! Xiaoshidai noticed that the new summer product of Weiquan daily C, “Weiquan daily c danghong bayberry” was recently listed in all channels across the country.

Weiquan daily C, a “marketing genius” in the juice industry who has successfully made a circle with creative bottles such as “Scrabble bottle” and “emotional bottle”, what new stimulation will it bring to the beverage industry this time? What is more noteworthy is that in the past two years, Weiquan has continuously produced new products, and cross-border cooperation also seems to have opened a new round of innovation. How much will this wave of innovation of Weiquan help its future?

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Unlock new flavors again

Orange juice, grape juice, berry peach, carrot juice This summer, Weiquan daily c wants consumers to taste the refreshing and greasy bayberry juice. “Weiquan daily C has an in-depth insight into consumers, develops new products and new flavors that meet consumer needs, and tries to make different consumers drink their favorite flavors,” Weiquan said.        

Why did you choose to launch bayberry flavor this time? Weiquan company said that the launch of “Weiquan daily c red bayberry” was the result of Weiquan giving consideration to consumers’ expectations for new flavors and their needs for healthy diet.

According to its introduction, Myrica rubra is very popular in summer, especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Many popular street drink brands have also launched Myrica rubra drinks on the arrival of summer. It is said that Su Dongpo, a great writer of the Song Dynasty, once praised that “Fujian Guangzhou litchi and Xiliang grapes are not as good as Wuyue bayberry”. In addition, bayberry is also of high nutritional value. It is rich in anthocyanins, cellulose, minerals, vitamins, pectin and eight kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to human body. To a certain extent, it can also prevent the conversion of sugar into fat in the body.

Weiquan is optimistic about the market prospect of “Weiquan daily c danghong bayberry”. “On social media, many consumers are very interested in DIY drinks, and Weiquan products are very lucky to become one of the ingredients of many consumers’ special drinks,” Weiquan told xiaoshidai. “For example, at the end of last year, Weiquan daily c grape juice special flavor was popular in xiaohongshu. From convenience store blending to adult milk tea, we found a lot of DIY fun in beverage life.”

Consumers use Weiquan grape juice DIY drinks to trigger a special upsurge

(source: Little Red Book)

Weiquan said that it was precisely noting this new consumption trend that Weiquan’s publicity and promotion of the new bayberry juice was especially combined with the content related to “special flavor”: “I believe that through special marketing, more scenes of juice consumption can be communicated, so as to improve the overall consumption frequency and sales volume.”

Weiquan daily c brand special drink content promotion

(source: Little Red Book)

In addition to meeting the special needs of consumers, in terms of price, “Weiquan daily c danghong bayberry” also has great advantages. Xiaoshidai noticed that on the e-commerce platform, the 300ml bottle price of “Weiquan daily c danghong bayberry” is about 7 yuan, while most of its competitive products are priced above 10 yuan, and street drinks are as high as 20-30 yuan.

At the same time, “Weiquan daily c danghong bayberry” maintains the product series positioning of Weiquan daily c “100% pure” and “21 day short-term preservation, cold storage and fresh locking”. “Weiquan daily c danghong bayberry” is particularly important in the selection of raw materials. It is reported that the red bayberry of “Weiquan daily c danghong bayberry” comes from the coastal area of Zhejiang and Fujian, the main production area of red bayberry. Dongkui and shepherd’s purse varieties of “excellent students of red bayberry” are selected, and each one is to wait for the fruit to ripen naturally before being picked manually.

Innovation normalization

In fact, over the years, Weiquan has been introducing new flavors to meet consumer needs. According to the data, as the leading brand in the market share of pure fruit juice category, Weiquan daily C has completed an extensive product matrix layout, with 21 SKUs, covering common fruit and vegetable varieties such as oranges, carrots, grapes, mangoes, apples, etc. The continuous introduction of new flavors is already a normal innovation mode of Weiquan.

When it comes to innovation and Weiquan daily C, maybe more people think of all kinds of creative bottles that hit the hearts of the people. Statistics show that since 2005, Weiquan daily C has successively launched creative bottle bodies such as Scrabble bottle, wish bottle, love bottle, Emoji bottle, digital bottle, love bottle and so on. These ideas have brought new consumption experience to consumers, making Weiquan daily c establish emotional contact with consumers, and even form emotional resonance, thus forming a continuous consumption stimulus to consumers.

Twins spell out the combination name with Weiquan daily c letter bottle

In fact, after successfully opening the market with creative bottles, Weiquan has been trying more creative ways. On the one hand, Weiquan continues to innovate. For example, the benason coffee under Weiquan was upgraded in September 2020, the “bottled series” of Weiquan yogurt was upgraded in May 2021 and January 2022 respectively, and Weiquan Duoli was also newly launched in October 2021.

On the other hand, Weiquan constantly cooperates across borders to create new incentives for consumers. Xiaoshidai noticed that in recent years, Weiquan daily c cooperates with the whole family, Doraemon and expedition to launch new packaging, and cooperates with dove and the whole family to launch new chocolate milk drinks and oat milk respectively. At the same time, Weiquan constantly dabbles in new categories. Data shows that up to now, Weiquan’s products include Weiquan active lactic acid bacteria drinks, Weiquan daily c juice, Weiquan yogurt, Weiquan strict choice pasture milk and grain milk drinks, benason coffee series and many other categories.

New tastes, new packaging and new categories can be seen that Weiquan attracts consumers by constantly promoting new products. In the long run, any product has its life cycle, and a brand that is brave in change and innovation is expected to span the cycle and remain young and energetic like its consumers. At present, Weiquan will put innovation through product research and development, packaging and promotion, and it is expected to continue to create more industry miracles in the future.


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