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Huabin set up a 68million fund to help cultivate talents for the construction of the “the Belt and Road”

In the afternoon of July 1, the foundation laying ceremony of the KIS International School of the Huabin group and the Establishment Ceremony of the “the Belt and Road” Youth Education Fund of the Huabin cultural foundation were held in the Huabin ASEAN Health Industrial Park in Bangkok, Thailand. Yan Danhua, executive director of Huabin group, welcomed the guests from China and Thailand on behalf of Huabin group and delivered a speech.

The Huabin ASEAN Health Industrial Park project was “cloud launched” and commenced construction on May 1, 2020. Guided by the concept of culture and health, the project aims to build a global health industrial park integrating international schools, characteristic vacations, health preservation, outdoor leisure sports and international cultural exchanges through the integration of tourism, elderly care and science and technology. Mr. Pensa, a former Deputy Minister of education of Thailand, presided over the construction of Huabin ASEAN Health Industrial Park.

The completed industrial park covers a variety of business forms and is age-old friendly. It not only has a green natural “oxygen bar” formed by Chinese transplanted Taxus forests, advanced medical and fashion sports facilities and professional service personnel, but also has a “Eastern and Western Cultural Exchange Center” based on the “Renshou hall” of the summer palace and inheriting non heritage and a first-class international school in Asia.

The KIS international school built in the Huabin ASEAN Health Industrial Park is designed by a famous Danish International School designer and constructed by China Construction Group. The school will adopt international IB courses and offer high-standard international courses from kindergarten to university preparatory courses for students around the world. The school will apply advanced science and technology to daily teaching, and introduce AI, intelligent robots, quantum physics, meta universe technology and other information technology courses.

Shen Zhu, Secretary General of Huabin culture foundation, announced the official launch of the “the Belt and Road” Youth Education Fund. The fund, initiated by Mr. Yan Bin, honorary chairman of Huabin cultural foundation, with a total amount of 68million yuan, will be used to support youth education, cultural exchanges, scientific and technological innovation and other activities in China and countries and regions along the “the Belt and Road”.

Shen Zhu said that over the years, Mr. Yan Bin has donated more than 1.5 billion yuan to the foundation for the protection of human heritage, youth education, international cultural exchanges, etc. Mr. Yan Bin has devoted himself and made outstanding contributions, which has won widespread praise from the society.

Yandanhua, executive director of Huabin group, said in his speech that since its establishment 38 years ago, Huabin group has adhered to the concept of green and healthy development and has always insisted on providing consumers with healthier products and better life experience.

In the context of the construction of the “the Belt and Road”, Huabin group has actively integrated into the new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation. Guided by the concept of healthy, green and sustainable development and driven by scientific and technological innovation, it has built Huabin ASEAN Health Industrial Park, which not only brings together the development achievements of Huabin in the past 38 years, but also places its outlook on the healthy future.

Yang Xin, public counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, said that the Huabin ASEAN health industry demonstration zone combines ecotourism, health preservation and international education, which not only conforms to the “biological recycling green” economic development concept vigorously promoted by the Thai government, but also creates a new business form for Chinese enterprises, but also enriches the field of Sino Thai investment cooperation and adds new highlights. The foundation of KIS international school and the establishment of the “the Belt and Road” talent training fund of Huabin cultural foundation will also provide stronger support for the international talent training of the two countries and input more fresh blood for the construction of China’s “the Belt and Road”.

Huabin group will set July 1 as the group brand day, during which rich cultural and sports activities will be held.

This year, through the connection between Beijing and Bangkok, a series of cultural and sports exchange activities, such as the online concert of “when the East meets the west”, the calligraphy and calligraphy of Shen Yinmo, the contemporary master Ying exhibition, and the Hua Bin AI marathon, were held. The Greek “Ode to the Olympics” of the Malan Flower children’s Choir in Fuping County was sung again at the “when the East meets the west” concert. They received the first donation from the “the Belt and Road” Youth Education Fund for team rehearsal, performance and subsequent development. The “Huabin AI marathon” launched on June 20 attracted 680000 domestic runners to participate online.


On July 2, chacha sitipan, mayor of Bangkok, Thailand, and about 1200 marathon enthusiasts from all walks of life will also gather in Huabin ASEAN Health Industrial Park to participate in health running activities. Jiang Xiaoyu, vice president of the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, and other well-known people have started healthy running with more than 1000 runners in Bangkok, including Yan Bin, chairman of Huabin group, both online and offline, to jointly convey the concept of green and healthy development. Yu Zaiqing, vice president of the International Olympic Committee, expressed his appreciation for the healthy running activities held by Huabin group in Beijing and Bangkok through video.

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