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Launch | leyaoju completed nearly 100 million yuan of round B financing, looking for new opportunities from the traditional quick-frozen rice noodles!

With the upgrading of
catering, is there still a chance for 100 billion quick-frozen rice flour products?
According to foodaily, Xiamen Chenji leyuju Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “leyuju”) has recently officially completed a round B financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round is invested exclusively by liangrun fund jointly established by COFCO group and China Resources Group. The funds obtained in this round will be mainly invested in talent training and reserve, automatic transformation of production equipment, promotion of enterprise digital informatization, brand marketing promotion and other expenses, so as to further consolidate the advantages of leyaoju in the field of high-end quick-frozen rice flour products and lay a solid foundation for future growth.
According to public information, leyaoju, as a manufacturing enterprise focusing on high-end new frozen food, was established in Xiamen, Fujian Province in 2012. The company targets star breakfast and has served more than 1000 star hotels for ten years, covering three major sectors: quick-frozen rice, flour products and frozen baking. In the past, leyanju mainly built high-end rice flour products for chain restaurant enterprises. Now, leyanju hopes to further give play to the advantages of serving star hotel suppliers, and enter the C-end market with the help of the east wind of prefabricated dishes and the rise of new people and new channels.
Traditional convenience and quick-frozen food giants have consolidated their competitive advantages in the industry by expanding SKUs and raising customer unit prices in the super large single product base plate business, forming an unshakable industry position. However, with the rise of young consumers, they pursue quality, pay attention to health, and emphasize aesthetic value recognition, giving operators more opportunities for innovation. In addition, in recent years, the epidemic has had a great impact on the lifestyle and consumption concept of residents. New concepts such as advocating a healthy life, reconstructing social style, and returning consumption to family have also brought opportunities to a certain extent.
So what are the upgrade opportunities in the traditional track of quick frozen rice noodles? Foodaily, as the exclusive cooperative media, will conduct an exclusive interview with Mr. Chen Chaoyang, the founder of leyaoju, and Liu Guoyue, the executive director of COFCO capital liangrun fund, in the form of live broadcast from 15:25 to 16:20 on June 28, bringing you the latest track Outlook Analysis and brand insight practice.
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In addition, it is preliminarily understood that le’yju has cut in from the new needs of the crowd, product iteration and upgrading, new channel dividends and so on. From the perspective of b-end, the trend of catering retailing has increased the demand for catering standardization, and the growth of takeout scale requires an increase in the speed of delivery. Therefore, quick-frozen food, which is more standardized in industrial manufacturing and product stability, has entered the long-term growth channel. Leyuiju has been deeply engaged in b-end for many years, and has continuously provided high-quality products for star hotels, chain restaurants, rural kitchen banquets, convenience stores and other channels, accumulating experience and reputation.
At the same time, new consumption is in the ascendant, and leyiju also targets C-end users, especially middle-class mothers in first and second tier cities. Its core goal is to solve the pain points of nutritional imbalance and tedious and time-consuming cooking in the breakfast scene, and make star breakfast at home through simple cooking.
Through nearly a decade of hard work in the b-end, leyanju has developed a wide range of product structures, including 14 product R & D lines for rice balls, Baodian, microwave rice, fried pies, tarts and crisps, and developed many star items such as rice hamburgers, quicksand bags, pumpkin egg tarts and so on.
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In recent years, leyaoju has continuously increased its R & D investment and carried out research on new products, formulas and processes. Compared with other quick-frozen products, leyaoju pays more attention to the collocation of product institutions, and uses the core formula and food production technology to make the products more attractive in terms of flavor and taste. At present, the brand has obtained 1 invention patent, 12 utility model patents, and 6 appearance patents.
At the end of the supply chain, leyanju has launched long-term and close in-depth strategic cooperation with many first-class suppliers, established comprehensive and dynamic supplier relationship management, and realized the integration of production, supply and marketing, so that products can quickly respond to market demand.
In addition, leyaoju will make a two-way layout online and offline. Under the original distribution advantage mode, it will explore new channels for layout, and use online data to feed offline and double-line integration.
For more in-depth analysis, we’ll see you at 15:25-16:20 on June 28!
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