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Orio first introduced new cake products, Unilever launched a new architecture… | hot news in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Orio sandwich cloud cake is newly launched, with three layers of softness to experience the soft fufu surrounding feeling
2. Mengniu launched its first fruit tea drink, focusing on family scenes
3. Mai Zi and Mai oatoatoat push to enjoy latte, and different mood packaging reflects personal expression
4. Seesaw has a series of bag brewed coffee on the market, and the innovative packaging design unlocks the creative trendy coffee
5. Fino introduced fresh coconut water to restore the taste of fresh coconut
6. New hope Huaxi tuchuxin 0 sucrose coconut yogurt, hydrolyzed lactose brings a fresh taste in summer
7. Miss the spicy dumplings and integrate snacks into the dinner scene
8. Niumao heihei pushes Qinghai Tibet organic yogurt, and three organic yogurt pursue the pure essence
9. Unilever launched a new structure, shifting from three major businesses to five business groups
10. Nestle Health Sciences acquires the better health company, a New Zealand natural health products company
11. Yuanqi forest’s favorite purchase of apricot peel tea complements the layout of catering channels
12. Yuanjiyun dumplings are made into prefabricated dishes, mainly local specialties
13. Leyaoju completed a round B financing of nearly 100 million yuan, looking for new opportunities from the traditional quick-frozen rice noodles
14. Cod food brand dingweitai completed nearly 100 million yuan of financing, and Hongzhang capital entered the board
15. The monitor of healthy quality meat brand won two rounds of financing within half a year, with a total amount of tens of millions of yuan


On June 25, Oreo’s new sandwich cloud cake landed in Yizi’s official flagship store. The soft cake layer + cocoa flavor restored the classic Oreo flavor. The new product has a 3-layer structure. The outer cake crust is added with imported cocoa powder, and the sandwich is vanilla milk flavor. After thousands of high-frequency passes, it shows a delicate feeling like melting snow. The full sandwich brings a pulp explosion taste, which is perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea and other scenes. Independent packaging is convenient and lovable. The current price is 88g/ box /15.9 yuan.
Image source: Yizi official flagship store


On June 24, Mengniu flagship store launched a yoghurt Lactobacillus fruit tea with lemon black tea and grapefruit green tea. The new product selects high-quality tea raw materials and integrates them with real fruit juice. It also specially adds Lactobacillus suis to create a wonderful collision of Lactobacillus + fruit tea. It tastes fresh, sweet and sour, and it is more refrigerated. It is now sold in full cases at a price of 250g * 24 bags * 2 cases /119 yuan.
Image source: Mengniu flagship store


On June 28, wheat and oatoat launched new products to enjoy coconut oatmeal latte, which is 6 seconds instant and delicious. The new product is made of moderately roasted Robusta coffee beans from Vietnam, imported Australian oatmeal and other raw materials, and attaches expressions representing seven moods to the capsule packaging, which is unique and cute. Now tmall flagship store sells for 15g * 7 cups /39.9 yuan.
Image source: oatoat wheat and wheat flagship store


Recently, seesaw launched a series of high-quality coffee bags, innovative coffee bean bag bubble hanging cup design, the particle size of the content is moderate, easy to brew, and you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee after 5 minutes of soaking. There are two flavors: lychee bag bubble coffee uses Ethiopian yegaxuefei water washed coffee beans with Dujian characteristic black leaf lychees, and preserves the natural freshness and sweetness of the fruit through freeze-drying. The fruit fragrance blends with the coffee fragrance, and the aftertaste is endless; The coffee made in cocoa bags is made from Brazilian Arabica coffee beans mixed with natural cocoa powder, which is silky, rich and sweet with caramel. And high purity nitrogen is used to fill and keep fresh, trying to restore the quality of the mill.
Source: seesaw flagship store


On June 30, FeNO’s new fresh coconut water came into the market, with 100% juice content and strong coconut fragrance. The new product is added with Thai coconut water, which is sweet in the mouth. Inf steam immersion sterilization can better lock the flavor of fresh coconut. The 1.5kg large package is easy to share, and it can also be cut into coffee, beverages and other beverage matching scenes. The price of tmall flagship store is 55 yuan / box.
Source: fino food flagship store


On June 27, the new hope West China official announced the launch of Chuxin 0 sucrose coconut yogurt, with 0 sweetener added, showing the natural sweetness of coconut. The new product selects 10% of the high-quality milk source of new hope free ranch, and delivers it to the factory within 2 hours. Using the patented hydrolysis technology of Chuxin and the natural Streptococcus thermophilus Aibi strain extracted from litchi fruit in southern China, it releases the natural lactose in milk without adding any chemical components. The heat of each bottle of 230g is less than a 200g coconut, and the low calorie is more refreshing. At present, the price of tmall flagship store is 6 bottles /59.9 yuan.
Image source: West China dairy flagship store


Recently, I missed the new spicy dumplings and unlocked the innovative scene of snacks. The new fillings are mainly pork leg meat and konjak, with konjak content accounting for ≥ 22%, which not only gives the dumpling the taste of q-bomb, but also reduces the heat. The taste is very spicy, which is more popular with young people. Now tmall flagship store sells for 240g * 3 bags /69.9 yuan.
Image source: official flagship store of Miss food


On June 29, Qinghai Tibet organic yogurt, a new product of cow hair black, was put on the shelves, advocating organic environment, organic planting and organic breeding, presenting the pure essence of yogurt. In addition, the new product 0 sucrose, 0 sugar substitutes, biological enzymatic hydrolysis of lactose to bring natural sweetness, without adding stabilizers, thickeners and essence, the whole process of fresh-keeping cold chain transportation, to ensure quality safety. Now tmall flagship store sells for 200g * 4 bottles /51.9 yuan.
Source: niumaohei flagship store


From July 1, Unilever will officially launch a new organizational structure, from the previous three major businesses to five business groups, including nutrition, beauty and health, personal care, home care, with an annual turnover of more than 10billion euros, and ice cream with a turnover of slightly less than 7billion euros.
Among them, the nutrition business group is the most profitable sector of Unilever, with an income of 13billion euros last year (now about 90.994 billion yuan). With the opening of a new chapter, the nutrition business group has also set the goal of “world-class food for the good”. It should not only become the top three in terms of business growth and financial performance, but also do things well through good methods that are beneficial to mankind and the earth.
Image source: Unilever

10、雀巢健康科学收购新西兰天然健康产品公司The Better Health Company

On June 29, CDH investment and the founding shareholders of the better health company (tbhc), a New Zealand natural health products company, announced the signing of a final agreement to sell tbhc to Nestle Health Sciences. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed and are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.
Tbhc owns go health, a health care brand with the largest market share in New Zealand’s professional channels, and Egmont honey, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Manuka honey. In 2016, CDH investment completed the cross-border M & A of tbhc independently.
Image source: Guardian Singapore


On June 29, Yuanqi forest officially announced the acquisition of the favorite apricot peel tea. Industry insiders said that the addition of the favorite apricot peel tea would make up for the lack of Yuanqi forest in the catering channel.
It is reported that the favorite apricot peel tea was officially launched by the northwest specialty snack chain brand in August 2019. It is one of its signature food drinks, and it is divided into classic and low sugar versions. Its sales volume has exceeded one million bottles in just three or four months. For why he likes apricot peel tea most, the insider said that in addition to apricot peel tea, Yuanqi forest also very much recognizes its product concept of “natural without addition”.
Image source: Yuanqi forest


It is reported that yuanjiyun dumplings have started to span categories, from dumplings to prefabricated dishes. It mainly focuses on the Guangfo region, the Pearl River Delta proofing, the location of farmers’ markets, the business of buying vegetables, the drainage of dumplings and wonton, and the superposition of prefabricated vegetables to cultivate user habits.
At present, it mainly focuses on local prefabricated dishes, such as Shunde dace cake, fried and brewed green pepper, Douchi and dried pork ribs, etc. it has a Cantonese style, which meets the tastes of local people. It is mainly packaged in bulk and in the form of a counter. The product unit price is 15-20 yuan, the customer unit price is about 45, and the daily turnover of a single store is about 1500.
Image source: Catering o2o


Recently, Xiamen chenjile Food Co., Ltd. officially completed a round B financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round is invested exclusively by liangrun fund jointly established by COFCO group and China Resources Group. The funds obtained in this round will be mainly invested in talent training and reserve, automatic transformation of production equipment, promotion of enterprise digital informatization, brand marketing promotion and other expenses, so as to further consolidate the advantages of leyaoju in the field of high-end quick-frozen rice flour products and lay a solid foundation for future growth.
Established in 2012 in Xiamen, le’y’ju is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on high-end new frozen food. The company targets star breakfast and has served more than 1000 star hotels in ten years, covering three major sectors: quick-frozen rice, flour products and frozen baking. At present, leyaoju hopes to further give play to the advantages of serving star hotel suppliers, and enter the C-end market with the help of the east wind of prefabricated dishes and the rise of new people and new channels.
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Source: Le Yao Ju


It is reported that dingweitai, a cod food brand, has completed a strategic financing of nearly 100 million yuan, led by Yida capital and followed by Hongzhang capital.
Founded in 2009, dingweitai is an enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of COD products. At present, the company mainly provides high-quality and healthy high-end cod ingredients for high-end hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot catering chains, well-known supermarket convenience stores and leisure snack brands. At present, its main customers include industry leaders such as Haidilao, Cuocuo, Jiaquan, Rosen, three squirrels, liangpin store, etc.


It is reported that the head of the healthy quality meat brand meat team has completed two rounds of financing within half a year. The angel round and the angel + round are led by Pullman capital and a war investor respectively, followed by Yisan capital, Weilie capital and Sanqi Tiansheng, with a total amount of tens of millions of yuan.
Meat squad leader was founded in August 2021. With “no starch meat” as the brand slogan, it provides healthy low-temperature meat products for medium and high-yield people, and takes tmall, Tiktok and platforms as the main sales positions. In terms of products, the meat squad leader insisted on using plant ingredients without adding essence, pigment, preservative, nitrite, phosphate and sucrose. Through strategic cooperation with key national leading enterprise factories, we have achieved continuous innovation in technology. Now, in addition to lunch meat, we have also launched new products such as glutinous glutinous rice sausage, thin and whole cut bacon, ball pine nut meat tripe and so on.

Source: 36 krypton
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