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This generation of young people are transforming into “healing” consumption

Beiye, 25, loves shopping in supermarket
. Last weekend, 25-year-old Beiye wandered in the fruit area of HEMA supermarket for half an hour in order to enjoy the colorful fruits and feel the layered aroma of different fruits. On the green “melon field” on the
shelf, a half watermelon showed the red pulp, telling the classic aesthetic of red with green. Moving forward, it was a yellow lemon. She picked up a lemon and smelled it close, and the sweet and sour refreshing feeling came to her face, followed by litchi, which was soft and sweet, and passed through the deep red shell if there was no one.
At that moment, Beiye couldn’t help thinking of Yi Xiu in the legend of Zhen Huan. The richest woman in the Qing Dynasty never used expensive perfume powder, but only put some fruits and flowers in the palace for fragrance.
“the empress of the palace must be able to live”. Beiye, who picked up litchi, walked to the yogurt area and reached a conclusion in his heart.
in the next few days, her summer snack is homemade litchi frozen yogurt – remove the litchi core, fill it with yogurt, and then freeze it in the refrigerator. At a cost of 20 yuan, you can be happy for several nights. Well, I’m also good at living.
these are all skills newly learned by Kitano this year.
a year ago, her life was completely “long” on takeout and online shopping platforms, which is the common feature of many “post-90s” and “post-00s”. As two generations who have grown up in the wave of the Internet, the round by round subsidy “war” between takeout, travel and community group purchase has shaped their consumption habits of eating takeout, taking a taxi before going out, and buying fruits and vegetables online.
this is also the “mutual achievement” between young people and Internet platforms. According to DT finance and economics, the market scale of fresh e-commerce industry increased rapidly from 2013 to 2018. When hungry, the number of new online merchants increased by more than 100%, and most of the users came from young people.
in the past few years, Kitano and his friends rarely set foot in offline supermarkets and markets. But gradually, she found that such a life was full of cyberpunk flavor – a combination of low-end quality of life and high-end technology. For example, although Beiye once lived in Baiziwan, Chaoyang District, Beijing for a year, the concept of “nearby” completely disappeared because of the life composed of takeout and taxi, and she knew nothing about the surrounding areas.
one year after moving away, she learned for the first time from her friends that there is an online red vegetable market in Baiziwan, and many bloggers of xiaohongshu and Tiktok will make a special trip to punch in. She silently opened the map software and found that the vegetable market was only 500 meters away from the community where she once lived.
What a poor life.
Beiye has repeatedly advertised in the office that he is good at controlling the cost of living, clear headed, and not kidnapped by consumerism. His specific habits include never participating in the “6.18” and “double 11” hoarding waves, and also deferring to online popular brands such as Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, Zhong Xuegao and Wang Xiaolu.
then one afternoon, when her colleagues complained about the rise in vegetable prices, she turned out her meituan order and issued the question “is 4 yuan a kilo of cabbage very expensive” in exchange for a laugh. After that, she understood the real distance between herself and the fireworks life.
and the first strong feeling of the healing of the vegetable market stems from a small thing that happened in May this year.
because of the epidemic, Beiye’s community has entered a closed state since the end of April, and shopping can only be done online. One day, she wanted to make a stewed eggplant with beans. She stayed up until 1 a.m. when a vegetable shopping platform finally launched beans, eggplant and pepper at the same time, she resolutely joined the shopping cart and paid for it. Her action was done at one go, afraid of missing.
however, the accident happened. It was originally shown that the food delivered at noon the next day arrived late at night, and only potatoes but no eggplant were delivered. At noon on the third day, Beiye began to search the nearby supermarkets, Carrefour, Jingkelong and Yonghui, while eating shredded potatoes with pepper.
On the first day after unsealing, Beiye devoutly visited Carrefour, Jingkelong and Yonghui supermarkets nearby. The neatly stacked vegetables and fruits, bright lights, and even mechanically repeated promotional advertisements in the supermarket filled her with happiness. At that moment, she felt cured.
At the age of 27, blowing in the mountains and basking in the sun,
in 2019, Liang Wendao sighed in eight points:
“The current consumer culture has created an urgent need for each of us to increase our income. Such a consumer culture has also completely changed the meaning of festivals that we used to use for leisure.”
translation is, “apply the most expensive facial mask, stay up the latest night, and work the hardest shift”. In fact, it is essentially people’s formal compensation for the spiritual emptiness caused by labor alienation. The pursuit of overseas tourism and luxury consumption is one of the manifestations.
Shan Feng, who works in Guangzhou, once lived such a life.
2019 is the third year for Shan Feng to work, with a monthly salary of more than 10000 yuan, a rent of 2000 yuan, and no deposit. Fortunately, the consumption in Guangzhou is not high. She can spend most of her salary on luxury consumption and overseas tourism. At that time, before holidays, she began to study complex strategies early, from meals and accommodation routes to consumption. In
, she swiped her credit card and went to Japan for annual leave. Half a month later, she received many Japanese cosmetics, clothing and 50000 yuan consumer loans. After that, it took her more than half a year to repay the loan.
Mountain blowing is not an exception. According to the luxury market report released by Bain in 2019, mainland China is the main growth engine and the largest consumer market of the global luxury industry, and Chinese consumers’ contribution to the sustained growth of the global personal luxury market has reached 90%. In that year, Fendi, Chloe, Prada, Valentino, Dior and Hugo Boss’ Chinese catwalks ranked from the middle of the year to the end of the year.
young people who are keen on famous brands have become an important support for this luxury “China fever”. Planting grass is everywhere. Birthday, year-end or just a bad moment can be the perfect reason to place an order. And holidays are the time of frequent consumption. Almost all festivals are packed into the basket of consumption. From dinner, shopping to tourism, it is common for a festival to spend thousands or even tens of thousands.
but now, Shanfeng decides to return the festival to the essence of leisure.
this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, her main activities are playing super light clay at home and going out to the park.
clay comes from Taobao, with 8.5 pieces per bag, and a total of 102 pieces in 12 bags, which is already the top soil of domestic brands. Combined with face molds and production tools, the expenditure of 500 yuan can be used for one year.
in the process of clay, the mountain wind who occasionally looked up felt that the green tissue box on the table was not good-looking. So, two hours later, the tissue box turned into a bright yellow, with roses, the moon, stars and a giant panda on it. It was Shan Feng’s new clothes made of ultra light clay for the tissue box.
Figure: the finished clay made by Shanfeng is provided by the interviewees
The change is a job loss. Before leaving, Shan Feng worked in an Internet company. In order to improve travel efficiency, Shanchuan’s home and company are close to the subway entrance. They get up and go to work every day, get into the subway without walking two steps, and then directly enter the office building from the elevator at the subway entrance. Although they take a taxi home at night, because it is often late at night after work, Shanchuan feels that he has not felt the temperature of the sun for a long time.
in the afternoon of the Dragon Boat Festival, shanchui, who was tired of playing, went for a walk in the park near his home with his boyfriend and a cup of coffee. In the park, they saw another young couple eating Zhou Hei duck together. Duck wings, lotus root slices and beancurd were placed on the chair, and the two people with gloves squatted in front of the chair.
on the way home, Shanfeng bought a bunch of peony to take care of the flowers and plants. This is another healing activity of her – from 1 meter high banyan to half meter high Phyllostachys pubescens and Overlord fern, as well as Ruyi red and moss balls placed on the computer table. Six pots of green plants of different sizes are placed in the room less than 20 square meters of Shanfeng. The watering time of each plant is also different, some one day, some three days, and some only need to be watered once a week.
these knowledge points from Little Red Book bloggers. At first, Shan Feng needed to set reminders in his mobile phone memo, but after getting along with them seriously for more than half a month, Shan Feng not only developed the inertia of watering, but also judged their state from the gloss and extension direction of leaves.
some time ago, Shan Feng’s plants grew well. Shan Feng took a group photo with them one by one to record the newborn of the children. On the way home with peony, Shan Feng checked the planting skills of peony in the little red book. One of them is to use water that has been exposed to the sun to raise flowers.
Well, everything needs sunshine, and so do people.
At the age of 27, Zizi drinks with her neighbors
Zizi is a returned overseas student living in Beijing. In 2013, she returned from studying in Italy and began to “drift North”. In 2019, after paying five years of social security, she bought a one bedroom house in Beijing.
moved from a rental house to her own house, but Zizi still didn’t know her neighbors. Every weekend, she went to Sanlitun to relax. Until May this year, due to the closure of the community, the community built a wechat group for each building, and the previously unknown neighbors began to get warm in the group.
in the chat, Zizi inadvertently learned that the next door neighbor, like himself, returned from studying in Italy. They added wechat and talked a few words from time to time. At first, it was about Italy, but later it became a party.
last weekend, at the invitation of her neighbors, Zizi went to each other’s house to make baguettes, peanut butter cakes and paella. Before the party, the two discussed the shopping list according to their respective inventory at home.
Cooking at home is Zizi’s recently cultivated hobby of healing department. Zizi’s hobby was to punch in the online red restaurant. A few years ago, Cary had no savings, so she would take her friends to a Spanish restaurant for paella, which was nearly 400 yuan a meal. After carrying the mortgage on her back, she began to become simple. She not only cooked at home, but also had to keep the bottle of beer after drinking – used to hold 10 yuan / bunch of flowers bought in the flower market.
Zizi has always liked flowers. She used to be a loyal user of a flower platform. A bouquet a week, about 29.9 yuan. Finding that the varieties and prices of the flower market near her home were more attractive, she turned to the latter. It became her habit to buy flowers every Saturday morning. In the post-
epidemic era, more curing consumption is quietly rising: the overall size of China’s fresh cut flower market exceeded 100 billion in 2020, and the number of meditation app downloads ranked among the top five in 2021 increased by 25% year-on-year. According to McKinsey, post-90s people aged around 26-30 are becoming the main force in the health care market.
Zizi is also looking for a more suitable consumption mode. She once couldn’t stand the enthusiasm of the salesperson. She signed up for a private yoga class of 500 yuan / session near the company, and later upgraded to a 700 yuan / session Pilates under the persuasion of the private teacher. She still loves sports, but the place of sports has changed from the gym to the living room at home.
in the middle of her living room, there is now a dollar green yoga mat. The people who work with her are sometimes Liu Genghong in Tiktok and sometimes the teacher in the yoga class of station B. Later, she also successively added a black foam shaft and two green elastic bands.
New living habits are thus formed. After returning home from work, she would lie on the foam shaft, her hands behind her head, and slowly stretch her shoulders and back in front of the French window. When shaking slowly on the foam axis, she occasionally thought of Socrates’ famous saying:
We should be careful of the poor life caused by busyness. If we are always busy, life will lack the basic rhythm. We lose the difference between doing and not doing. It is natural and healthy to alternate between doing and not doing orderly.
Zizi feels the same. Under the
epidemic, the life she used to have was eroded a little, from tourism, disco jumping to eating in the classroom. Out of order, weak and anxious emotions always appear from time to time. She remembered that the annual online buzzword in 2019 was “Hello, hello”, which came from the short video anchor “superfluous and sister Maomao”, a video imitating the gap between urban and rural people, full of mischief and nonsense happiness. But this year, the annual Internet terms have become “lying flat” and “I can’t understand”.
the life disrupted by the epidemic is ultimately to be cured by life itself. In this healing process, the consumption and living habits of young people have begun to change. The resulting brand may be with them for a longer time. As in the famine years, their grandparents left deep traces in their lives.
Author: Weiwei; Source: Chief personas (id:sxrenwuguan), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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