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JUNLEBAO milk powder product matrix expansion, the latest faliyang milk powder track

Following the previous launch of A2 milk powder, organic milk powder, lactoferrin milk powder and other categories, JUNLEBAO has recently filled the gap of sheep milk powder.

Recently, JUNLEBAO group released its first pure sheep milk powder online, and hopes to occupy its seat in this segment with the fastest growth of infant formula milk powder in recent years.

It is not difficult to find that JUNLEBAO hopes to maintain high-speed growth in the current competition pattern of milk powder market by building a milk powder product matrix that comprehensively covers multiple sub categories. Now let’s take a look at the details.

High matching sheep milk powder

For the launch of sheep milk powder, JUNLEBAO said that the new generation of parents tend to feed delicately and professionally, and they pay more attention to scientific formula and comprehensive nutrition when choosing milk powder.

“Research shows that sheep milk powder has natural advantages such as smaller fat balls, easy digestion and absorption, and lower sensitization. With the improvement of consumer awareness, sheep milk powder is gradually becoming a new consumption hotspot of infant formula.” The company said.

At the product launch on the same day, Zheng Yuqiao, a well-known pediatrician and head of children’s medical feeding center, also pointed out that infant formula sheep milk powder is becoming the choice of many novice mothers.

Previous data showed that in 2020, the market scale of sheep milk powder in China increased by 3.9% year-on-year, reaching 10.4 billion yuan. Among them, the sales volume of domestic sheep milk powder market is 7.24 billion yuan, accounting for 69.62% of the overall market sales volume of sheep milk powder. China has become the world’s largest consumer of sheep milk powder.

JUNLEBAO, as a new player in this category, hopes to break through on the fast track of goat milk powder with the help of differentiated competition by creating a “full nutrition high configuration” goat milk powder product, so as to promote this business to become a new growth pillar.

Official data show that the above zhenweiai series is not only the first pure sheep milk powder launched by JUNLEBAO for the market (demineralized whey powder, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder and other milk protein sources are all from sheep), but also its formula focuses on high-content lactoferrin, “the content of lactoferrin in the registered 93 sheep milk powder only reaches 100mg/100g, which is nearly three times the average content of all brands”.

In addition, the content of OPO added by zhenweiai series reaches 4.0g/100g and above, and contains A2 β- Key nutrients such as casein and five nucleotides. It is worth noting that this goat milk powder also refers to the new national standard of milk powder to adjust the composition of the formula, adding choline, manganese, selenium and other essential nutrients.

Liusenmiao, vice president of JUNLEBAO dairy group and general manager of milk powder business department, believes that one of the reasons why sheep milk powder has not been expanded in the domestic market is that the product formula is not comprehensive, but this also allows JUNLEBAO to see more opportunities. He said that JUNLEBAO hopes to make high-quality sheep milk powder that reassures consumers and achieve the goal of becoming a “leader”.

The overall category layout promotes growth

In fact, as early as 2019 and 2020, JUNLEBAO has launched the first full industry chain A2 dairy milk powder Zhizhen and organic milk powder youcui. In the first half of this year, it launched the main selling point of high-content lactoferrin, guanzhenai. Coupled with the latest sheep milk powder zhenweiai series, it can be said that at present, the product lineup of the brand has covered all popular sub categories.

Behind the continuous improvement and expansion of the product matrix, JUNLEBAO is supported by the scientific research and innovation capabilities that the group has been building. In 2021, JUNLEBAO dairy industry innovation research institute with an investment of 500million yuan was officially put into use. The Institute integrates four functions: scientific research base, innovative product incubation base, national project demonstration base and consumer experience base. It conducts research on the whole industrial chain from forage planting, cow genetic breeding, dairy technology to new product development, and comprehensively supports the development needs of JUNLEBAO science and technology.

In addition, JUNLEBAO has also long cooperated with world-renowned universities and professional scientific research institutions to carry out in-depth cooperation, constantly explore various fields of infant milk powder, and protect the growth of babies with science and technology.


In 2021, JUNLEBAO milk powder produced and sold 100000 tons, leading the country. Driven by domestic brands such as JUNLEBAO, the market share of domestic milk powder has increased from about 30% in 2016 to about 70% at present.

Liu Senmiao also said that JUNLEBAO has formulated a three-year development plan to become the world’s leading brand of infant milk powder in the next three years, so that Chinese brands can play a leading role in the milk powder market. In his view, the key to achieving this goal is to continue to build the core competitiveness of enterprises in scientific research and innovation.

“We believe that scientific research and technology will become the first productive force of China’s dairy industry. In the future, JUNLEBAO will continue to strengthen scientific research and innovation, and will escort the healthy growth of Chinese babies with more high-quality and diversified products, so as to become the real leader of domestic milk powder.” He said.

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