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100 million netizens defend “Snow Lotus”

After the accidental popularity of
snow lotus ice cube, it has been on the hot search list for many days in a row. This cold drink, which has insisted on not raising the price for 13 years, sells for only 50 cents a pack and earns a few cents, has made countless netizens look distressed.

Wen: Wei Yining, Liu Dongxue; Editor: Chen Fang

Source: AI finance and Economics (id:aicjnews)

100 million netizens spontaneously defend “Snow Lotus”
In this summer, when ice cream is becoming more and more expensive and often costs dozens of yuan, the “snow lotus ice cubes” for 50 cents per package unexpectedly became popular and became the most popular star in the cold drink industry this summer.
On July 2, because the person in charge responded that a pack of ice only earned 5 cents, and the price had not increased for 13 years, Xuelian occupied two Weibo hot searches. As of press time, “the price of Xuelian 50 cents a bag has not risen for 13 years” and “Xuelian responsible person said that a bag of ice earned 5 points” have received 230million and 150million readings respectively.
Figure / screenshot of Weibo
The person in charge of Xuelian brand said in a video interview that Xuelian is the cheapest ice cream in the market. The profit of a package is only about 5 cents, and the price of a package of 50 cents has lasted for about 13 years. It is mainly made of ice cream that people can afford, so there is not enough profit to develop other products.  
This is not the first time Xuelian has been on the hot search list. In the past few days, Xuelian related topics have been on the hot search list. The reason was that two days after a netizen went to work in an ice cream workshop at the end of June, it was revealed that the workshop was filthy, which was even dirtier than the laotan pickle production workshop exposed in the previous “March 15” evening party. He said that the workshop “had not only old phlegm but also rust, which was filthy to death”, and posted a picture. Because its shape was very similar to “Snow Lotus”, snow lotus was passed down the house.
Unexpectedly, this revelation was denounced by netizens. Many netizens who had eaten snow lotus ice cubes in childhood stood up and resisted, “I’ll eat snow lotus”, “what else do you want for a bag of only 50 cents?” “You must say that snow lotus is dirty. We have eaten it for 20 years. Can we not know whether it is dirty?” “If we don’t eat snow lotus, our next generation will have to eat Zhong Xuegao.”
Figure / screenshot of Tiktok
The antonym “ice cream escort” of “ice cream Assassin” was also invented by netizens and rushed to hot search. Compared with the ice cream assassin who looks ordinary and sells at a huge price, the ice cream escort refers to the ice cream from snack to big, which tastes good, and the price is appropriate. It must be right to take it.
On June 29, the manufacturer of snow lotus ice cubes created a Tiktok account overnight, released workshop photos in the video, and added: “snow lotus ice cubes have been produced automatically in the purification workshop, with feelings of 50 cents, safe food, and no house collapse.”
On June 30, Xuelian ice cubes issued another announcement, saying that not all Xuelian ice cubes are produced in scattered workshops. It is hoped that the majority of consumers will know whether the local Xuelian ice cubes can meet the food safety standards. For enterprises with trademark infringement and patent infringement, Xuelian will conduct cooperative negotiation or prosecution.
In just four days, the number of fans of Xuelian ice Tiktok’s official account has broken 530000, higher than Zhong Xuegao’s fans, who have only 460000 fans on Tiktok for a long time.
Figure / screenshot of Tiktok
On social media such as Zhihu and xiaohongshu, netizens spontaneously defended “Snow Lotus”. The hottest question on Zhihu is: “how do you view the maintenance of affordable ice cream such as snow lotus by netizens on social platforms?” A netizen replied that this is not maintenance, this is fighting. Only in this way can we have affordable ice cream to eat. In just a few days, 70000 notes about Xuelian appeared in the little red book, ranking in the top several places, and tens of thousands of notes were all supporting Xuelian.
What was more unexpected was that netizens launched a massive “snow lotus literature”, which supported snow lotus ice cubes by adapting classic literature, film and television works and popular songs, and expressed their dissatisfaction with the sky high price of ice cream.
In “I’m not a god of medicine”, the classic line of the old lady accusing leukemia patients of being unable to afford sky high priced drugs was adapted into “I’m not a god of cakes”, and issued a soul question to people who think snow lotus ice cubes are unsanitary and irregular: “I’ve eaten ice cream for 50 yuan for three years, and my body collapsed, and my house was also eaten away. Now it’s hard to find a snow lotus with five cents. You have to say it’s irregular. Don’t I know it’s just irregular?”
Recently, the popular song “solitary brave man” widely sung by teenagers has not escaped the “snow lotus literature”. Netizens praise snow lotus ice cubes with the classic lyrics “love you walking alone in the dark lane, love your appearance without kneeling.” love your inexpensive appearance. “
In sharp contrast to the 50 cents snow lotus ice cube, there are many high priced ice cream brands known as “ice cream assassins”, such as Zhong Xuegao, Rex sacrifice, and Xu Jihuan.
In the eyes of netizens, the ice cream assassin who sucked up his wallet was just like the feudal etiquette of cannibalism: “when I opened the freezer and took it, the ice cream had no age. Every package was written with the words’ I’m an assassin ‘. I couldn’t sleep vertically and horizontally. After looking carefully at it in the middle of the night, I saw the words from the crack. The whole book was written with two words’ kill people’. -” crazy cake diary “
There are sky high price ice cream everywhere, and the ice cream with snow lotus for 50 cents is particularly valuable. In this era when ice cream is becoming more and more expensive and it is more and more difficult to get a little cool in summer, what consumers most expect is to eat affordable ice cream such as pudding, old popsicles and snow lotus ice cubes, so as to retrieve the memory of childhood and the freedom of ice cream.
Therefore, Dickens’ motto at the beginning of a tale of two cities, “this is the best era, this is the worst era”, was adapted into a tale of two cakes by netizens: “remember, this is an era when cake factories are rich, this is also an era when wallets are dry; this is the worst era, a box of ice cream is more than 100 yuan; this is also the best era, a bag of snow lotus ice cream is 50 cents.”
Want to support Xuelian but can’t buy it
In fact, it’s hard to say how delicious snow lotus ice cubes are.
The taste and packaging of snow lotus ice cubes are similar to sprite. The formula is mainly based on food additives such as drinking water and lemon flavor essence. However, in summer, eating a lemon flavor ice cubes is cooler than sprite.
For many consumers, snow lotus ice cubes are childhood memories. They are not satisfied with trying to create and appreciate “snow lotus literature” online, but rather want to buy snow lotus ice cubes and support it with practical actions.
Milai, a post-95 student from Xinjiang, worked in Urumqi after graduating from university. She still retains the beautiful memories brought by snow lotus ice.
Figure / Weibo netizens
The first time Miley ate snow lotus ice cubes was in primary school. At that time, she lived in the countryside, and her family was in difficulties. When she was a child, she had almost no pocket money. Only when she was greedy can she summon up the courage to open her mouth with her parents and ask for 50 cents or a piece of pocket money.
For Miley and his companions at that time, snow lotus ice cubes were luxury goods, often bought by a child, shared with other children, and ate a piece of snow lotus ice cubes, just like delicacies. I didn’t expect that when I grew up, snow lotus ice cubes not only became affordable ice cream, but also couldn’t be bought in the market.
After seeing hot search on June 30, Miley remembered the taste of her childhood. She walked around the convenience stores and small shops near the company and couldn’t find Xuelian. Finally, her sister, who was studying in the countryside, went to the village canteen and found a kind of Xuelian ice cube that was produced somewhere. She took photos and sent it to Miley.
There are not a few consumers like Miley. After seeing the hot search on Xuelian, a group of netizens wanted to support it. Unexpectedly, they walked around the stores around their home, but did not find a seller. Some people reluctantly ran to Weibo for help: “I wanted to buy, but I couldn’t find it after looking for a circle, not even the omnipotent Taobao.” “Who can tell me where snow lotus is sold in Qingdao?” “I want to buy snow lotus. Who can tell me where it is sold in Beijing?” “Coordinates Chengdu, want to ask where there is snow lotus, I want to buy a box.”
Miley sighed that in today’s cities, no matter supermarkets or convenience stores, not to mention snow lotus for 50 cents, even ice cream of about 1 yuan is rare.
Caijing Tianxia weekly visited many supermarkets and convenience stores in Beijing and found that it was difficult to find ice cream below 1 yuan. Most of them sold for about 5 yuan, and even more than a dozen yuan.
A canteen owner told Caijing Tianxia weekly that the gross profit rate of ice cream priced at 1 yuan is only a few cents. “We won’t count the profit of a commodity such as ice cream and drinks, because it’s too low. It’s calculated by case, and the gross profit rate of a case of ice cream is only a few dollars.”
One yuan ice cream is still the case. Fifty cents snow lotus ice cubes are lower, and a pack can only earn a few cents. Therefore, it has quietly disappeared in many city cafes, so many consumers can’t buy one even if they want to support it.
Figure / xiaohongshu netizens
Gushuzhai Food Co., Ltd., which produces snow lotus ice cubes, is located in Linyi, Shandong Province. At present, snow lotus ice cubes are only sold offline in Linyi and surrounding areas, and cannot be ordered online. In an interview with the media, Mr. Li, the relevant person in charge, said that ice is sold cheaply, and if the transportation cost is added, the price will have to be increased.
Due to the popularity of this accident, the person in charge of Xuelian ice said that he was considering building factories in nearby Hebei, Henan and other places.
The world has been suffering for a long time
Miley still loves ice cream as much as she did when she was a child, but now she doesn’t dare to grab one at random in the freezer, and only eats fixed kinds, corn cobs, popsicles and chiles.
Are you worried about the taste of stepping on thunder? No, I’m worried about being pierced by the sky high price ice cream.
On the surface, netizens are defending “Snow Lotus”. In fact, “the world has been suffering from high price ice cream for a long time” is the root cause of netizens’ emotional outburst.
Probably since Zhong Xue became popular, ice cream has been selling more and more expensive, and major brands are competing to launch high-end ice cream. Yili has launched new brands such as Zhen Xi and Xu Jihuan, with a single price of up to 28 yuan. Mengniu is the same. A national style ice cream cup of Tilan Shengxue is priced at 20 yuan. Even the mid Street ice cream has begun to seek high-end. A mid Street 1946 Belgian big black ice cream costs 32 yuan per piece, and so on.
Even cross-border brands have joined in the excitement. Not long ago, the ice cream sold by “vinegar king” Hengshun vinegar industry across the border was priced at 18 yuan, and Moutai ice cream was sold from 59 yuan. Even Haagen Dazs, once known as “Hermes in ice cream”, had to bow down.
Figure / visual China
AI media consulting research found that in 2022, netizens’ acceptance price of a single ice cream was mostly between three and five yuan, accounting for 37%; The second is between five and ten yuan, accounting for 33.9%; Only 18.1% of them accepted the price above 10 yuan. In addition, more than 60% of the surveyed consumers believed that the high pricing of ice cream was due to “the high premium and the piling up of marketing costs”. It can be seen that most consumers are dissatisfied with the sky high price ice cream.
There are many soul questions about “why ice cream is becoming more and more expensive” on the Internet.
In this context, the sky high price ice cream also got a name – “ice cream Assassin”, and was strongly resisted by netizens. A group of netizens ran to Zhong Xuegao’s live room and wrote: I love snow lotus, I love old popsicles
A netizen said everyone’s wish that the current ice cream assassins are too rampant. If you don’t pay attention, it will make everyone’s poor wallet worse.
Gradually, more and more netizens became “ice cream man” and spontaneously sorted out the list of ice cream with less than 3 yuan: old popsicle, Helu snow green tongue, Yili bitter coffee and xiaoxuesheng, Mengniu green mood and love of pure crisp, Sunday northeast cake
At present, hundreds of millions of netizens are waving flags and shouting for the 50 cents “Snow Lotus” on the Internet, defending only their right to buy affordable ice cream.
“Now there are more and more middle and high-end ice cream and ice cream in the first and second tier cities, and the middle and low-end products have gradually begun to disappear. However, the market demand for low-cost ice cream is very large, and many consumers still want to eat low-cost ice cream.” Dairy analyst song Liang told Caijing Tianxia weekly.
Miley also saw that the price of ice cream has risen too much in recent years. Low price ice cream is a “rare species”, while “Snow Lotus” has only sold for 50 cents for many years. Everyone has a complex mood, “even if snow lotus now increases its price, I will support it. After all, the 50 cents profit is too thin.”
Why did affordable ice cream disappear?
The disappearance of affordable ice cream is the result of the superposition of many factors.
According to the survey data of AI media consulting, the cost of raw materials such as milk and light cream increased by about 80% from 2008 to 2020. Under the pressure of cost, many consumers, from snacks to large classic products, have chosen to increase the price. The price of old popsicles has risen from 50 cents to 1 yuan, and the price of Mengniu ice cream has doubled.
It is understandable to choose to increase the price to cover the cost, but it is not as simple for enterprises to frequently launch high-priced ice cream. Insiders once told Caijing Tianxia weekly that it is difficult to increase the cost of ice cream when it reaches a certain level, and there is basically a large premium for high-priced ice cream.
A dealer once revealed to the media that the purchase price of Zhong Xuegao, who sold for 13 yuan, was 7 yuan, and the purchase price of Zhong Xuegao, who sold for 18 yuan, was no more than 8 yuan. Similarly, some ice cream manufacturers said that the cost of a Wenchuang ice cream priced at 15-30 yuan is only 6 yuan, which still includes the cost of cold chain transportation.
In the market, there are fewer and fewer affordable ice cream and more and more high priced ice cream. The core factor is still interests. The gross profit margin of high priced ice cream is unmatched by parity ice cream. The gross profit of selling a high priced ice cream can top a dozen parity ice cream. Enterprises pursuing profits are naturally willing to push more high priced ice cream.
In the view of insiders, in order to stabilize his high-end personal equipment, Zhong Xuegao also used some marketing means and put in a pile of advertisements with the purpose of brainwashing everyone – it is normal for ice cream to sell expensive.
The followers of Zhong Xuegao have also done their best in marketing. With the revival of the national tide, Chinese elements were added to the packaging, and the popularity of joint names began one after another. This is not only a brand premium, but also a marketing premium. But no matter how much brand Kung Fu is done, it is always the consumers who pay.
Figure / visual China
“We have always stressed and called on enterprises to slow down the release of high-end and ultra-high-end products in the first and second tier cities, because the whole market still needs to adhere to the core of consumer demand and consumption improvement. If we blindly catch up, the whole market will tend to shrink, which is detrimental to the market as a whole.” Song Liang suggested.
On the other hand, regulators also noticed the phenomenon of “ice cream assassins” hurting people in the dark, and issued policies to limit it.
According to the State Administration of market supervision and administration, since July 1 this year, the provisions on clearly marking prices and prohibiting price fraud have been officially implemented. The regulations clearly point out that operators should clearly mark the price in a prominent way, clearly mark the goods or services corresponding to the price, and be true and accurate, with the goods signed in place and the marks eye-catching.
On July 2, the topic of “you can complain immediately if you find that ice cream is not priced” rushed to hot search, and 180million readings have been obtained as of press time. The comments were one-sided, and netizens left messages saying, “I hope all ice cream will be printed with the retail price on the package” “Whoever doesn’t mark it in the future will be punished to death.” “You protect Xuelian, I protect you.”
(at the request of the interviewer, Miley is an alias in the text)
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