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How does the fresh ready to serve platform open the “eyes closed” mode for consumers

whether it’s the ingredient list or the shopping mode, what consumers love must be minimalism.
The cooperation between fresh ready to serve platforms and suppliers is becoming more and more common. The former has a stable online flow of shopping frequency and continuously delivers food materials to the family table; The latter provides brilliant products under the sub categories to protect food safety and national health, such as jiajiakang and tiancuiting in the cold meat category, dule and Jiapei in the fruit category, bipinge and pumido in the fast food Korean food category, Chow Hei duck and jiujiuya in the duck stewed food category, all of which provide consumers with high-quality products to enjoy a delicious moment without worry.
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Refrigerated dairy products are also a hot part of the online fresh food platform. Not only because the intake of milk is needed for daily nutrition, but also because of the timeliness requirements of the product itself on the transportation link, the cooperation between dairy enterprises and the platform is endless. While the cooperation between Yunuo and dingdong to buy vegetables stems from the deeper integration and synchronization. In other words, the cooperation is the strong combination of the two head brands, It’s better to say that both sides have made great efforts to create a new daily procurement model for consumers that can “close their eyes”.
Be involved with consumers
As a global benchmark brand with more than 50 years of dairy manufacturing experience, Yunuo has long focused on raising the standards of the whole industry. Whether it is the high-quality milk source from its own pasture or the long-term polished non additive formula, Yunuo constantly optimizes the dairy cognition of the market and guides consumers to choose products that are really healthy and have safe ingredients with a prudent pursuit of quality.
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This concept coincides with Ding Dong, who is committed to becoming a collection place of high-quality products. A few months ago, Ding Dong, the founder of Ding Dong, also admitted in an interview that he was more “concerned about the protein content of milk, the drug residue of vegetables and the fermentation of beer”.
on the way to select safe ingredients for the people, Ding Dong used the same amount of sincerity and tenacity as Yunuo to buy vegetables.
Let consumers be consumers only
In addition to the initial intention of the same frequency resonance, another common point between Yunuo and dingdong is that the people served by both sides are roughly similar – users who love food and pay attention to ingredients and nutritional parameters while pursuing quality of life. The current situation that both parties want to rewrite together is that when consumers want to obtain healthy and safe products, they don’t need to be a naturalist.
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In the past, if consumers wanted to judge the safety coefficient of natural ingredients and the health degree of processed food, they needed to distinguish the reliability of information sources in addition to relying on various evaluation feedback and third-party evaluation content; At the same time, it is difficult for consumers as individuals to scientifically identify the authenticity of the contents of the ingredient list. Between manufacturers and consumers, a responsible third party is needed to output continuous long-term quality monitoring with rigorous attitude and hard core detection ability.
There is no doubt that the fresh food platform naturally matches this role. As an intermediate site almost at zero distance from consumers and manufacturers, the strict quality control of the fresh food platform can not only create a reassuring online shopping environment for consumers; It can also help manufacturers stabilize product quality and upgrade products driven by consumer demand; The platform can penetrate the customers who pay attention to health and food safety for a long time through the continuous optimization of supply quality. This is a structural optimization jointly completed by the platform and manufacturers. The constantly improving health awareness of consumers has catalysed the innovation of consumption habits, and high-quality products are the cornerstone of everything.
Therefore, in addition to the usual classification catalogue, the subdivided channels for different groups are also displayed side by side on the front page of Ding Dong shopping. This classification, which precedes the needs of consumers, can not only recommend products for specific groups more accurately, but also provide users with one-stop life solutions in situational communication:
Food armor customized for parents
Baoma yanxuan is a channel developed by Ding Dong to buy vegetables for parents. In the selection of products, it not only adheres to the principle of “tracing to the source, scientific nutrition, less addition, and strict quality control”, but also cooperates with 8 global institutions, including Shanghai Jiaotong University luboxun food safety research center, Shanghai Ocean University School of Fisheries and Life Sciences, ifs, Intertek, and GAA, to constantly upgrade children’s food standards. After more than a year of smooth operation, Baoma strict selection channel has also updated more detailed and strict selection standards in combination with the just released Dietary Guidelines for school aged children in China (2022).
For the fresh products sold in Baoma’s strict selection channel, Ding Dong shopping Association will review all planting and breeding bases. Only organic bases or bases certified by international authorities are qualified to supply the channel; At the same time, Ding Dong also requires each batch of fresh products to issue a pesticide residue test report, and regularly sample 171 indicators, and the requirements for pesticide and veterinary drug residues are stricter than national standards.
For processed food, Ding Dong shopping will go to the production plant for on-site inspection before the product officially lands on Baoma yanxuan channel; Together with professional nutritionists, we will strictly screen the product ingredients to ensure that all products in the channel do not contain trans fatty acids and genetically modified ingredients; As for the hidden and widespread additives in the field of children’s processed food, Baoma yanxuan channel clearly stipulates that only the additives that are allowed to be used in an appropriate amount in the national standard can be used, and the additives that are limited or not allowed to be used in the national standard are not allowed to be used.
Whether it’s pigeons fed with raw grain or shrimp without water retaining agent, Baoma yanxuan channel not only provides parents with a safe shopping environment, but also promotes the standardization process of the market, so that more children’s food manufacturers have new guidelines to follow.
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Uno petits filous selected in the channel ® Grow tall with you ™ A2- β Casein flavored fermented milk is the first high-end A2 type children’s yogurt in China that has recently been listed. It has the original surging nutrition from natural milk, and contains 150mg of raw high calcium and 5.0g of raw high-quality milk protein per 100g; The rare A2 milk source selected by genetic technology also makes yogurt safe, friendly and easy to absorb; The pure formula without additives is the basic bottom line of children’s products. In yogurt, except raw milk, there are only fermenting bacteria, and the sucrose content is zero. At the same time, it is rich in Bifidobacterium bla80, which is more friendly to children’s intestinal absorption.
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As the world’s first yogurt brand, Yunuo has a considerable market share in the children’s Yogurt Market in various countries. In the UK and Canada, Yunuo has won more than 50% of the market share; In large dairy consumption countries such as Australia and France, Yunuo also won the sales crown in the children’s segment yogurt Market; In the United States, Yunuo accounts for 35% of the children’s Yogurt Market. From research and development to production, from pasture to shelf, Yunuo has put professionalism and innovation into every detail, presenting a high-quality yogurt product matrix customized for the growth needs of children of different ages in the global market.
Uno petits filous ® Grow tall with you ™ A2- β Casein flavored fermented milk breaks through the yogurt segment with the world’s leading customized formula for children’s growth, so that the advanced concept of children’s product research and development can enter the Chinese market without time lag, and together with platform partners, provide parents who care about children’s health with new dairy choices that are in line with international cutting-edge standards:
Beautiful territory for health
After Baoma’s strict selection, qingyangxing launched another scene brand to meet the needs of the segmented population. For consumers who prefer low sugar and low calorie healthy formulas, the channel is not only compared with the ingredient list by professional selectors with scientific logic, but also assessed the product quality by tracing the source, and also paid attention to the sense of entry of the product, The strict access mechanism allows every SKU appearing on the light planet to accurately feed the needs of the target customer group.
Yunuo Icelandic yogurt, which is shortlisted for light planet, adopts the de whey brewing method pioneered by Vikings in the 9th century. This Nordic traditional yogurt fermentation process can meet the taste buds’ enjoyment and health needs at the same time. It can not only truly achieve zero fat and high protein, but also present a thicker, mellow taste and a more silky texture. This is also a good evidence of why Iceland was ranked first in the “world’s healthiest countries and regions” list after the authoritative medical magazine the lancet made a number of scientific statistics.
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With the improvement of the individual consciousness of the young generation, there is also a new understanding of the pursuit of body shape. A balanced and healthy life attitude has replaced the unilateral suppression of appetite, and the nutritional configuration of uno Icelandic yogurt is undoubtedly the son of heaven. High quality raw milk, under all the original fermentation processes, without adding sucrose and other thickeners, is condensed three times and finally becomes Icelandic yogurt, with a protein content of 11g per cup. The original Icelandic yogurt does not add any other ingredients except raw milk and fermented bacteria. 120g only has 69 kcal calories.
The wonderful texture between cheese cake and soft ice cream makes Icelandic yogurt a perfect snack without burden between meals, in addition to supplementing energy before and after exercise. At any time, as long as you sprinkle your favorite nuts and fruits, it is a DIY yogurt bowl that can bring great satisfaction. It can not only instantly open a pure life, but also wake up your energy at any time.
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Calmly evolving daily procurement
High quality dairy products always have higher user stickiness and repurchase rate, and also build a healthy and orderly normal life. The initial intention of being responsible to consumers and the perseverance of being strict with products enable suppliers and platforms to empower each other and grow together; For consumers, this cooperation also means the upgrading of daily purchasing mode. At this time, the cumbersome comparison and verification in the past are no longer needed. As long as you enter the channel and focus on choosing your favorite food, it is the only task for consumers.
In the future, Yunuo and dingdong will continue to expand the breadth and depth of cooperation, uphold the basic concept of “everything for consumers”, deepen the scientific link between health management and daily procurement, and meet a better daily life with a more worry free procurement normal.
Whether it’s the ingredient list or the shopping mode, what consumers love must be minimalism.
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