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How many brand names has “Menghua record” leveraged?

although the adapted version of “Meng Hua Lu”, which originated from Guan Hanqing, has encountered many doubts, and although the intention and direction of the series itself have also caused countless disputes, there is no denying its absolute popularity in this summer. The number of bullet screen interactions exceeded 10million in five days after the launch, and the number of broadcasts exceeded 1.5 billion in 10 days after the launch. According to the cat’s eye data, “Meng Hua Lu” is the most popular online drama in the first half of 2022. The CP of the male and female hosts is easy to knock, the starring style is amazing, and there is an elegant and implicit Chinese aesthetic feeling everywhere, as well as the traditional customs and scenery aesthetics are vividly presented in the series, making the “dream of China” a masterpiece of ancient puppets with a long national style. Some viewers said that its greatest success lies in “stepping on various aesthetic points of the public”.
for practitioners in the advertising and marketing industry, the most valuable reference may also lie in: how many successful brand linkages have been born around the “dream of China”. The success of the linkage between the brand and this series not only represents the current young people’s general acceptance and love of national style culture, but also indicates another innovation and extension of the brand linkage boundary.
“Meng Hua Lu” × Like tea / Naixue’s tea
The most meticulous and outstanding person in the joint name with “Meng Hua Lu” is actually a tea lover who focuses on the new Chinese tea. In the popular dramas, the presentation of ancient Chinese tea culture is an important organic component. The Song Dynasty was originally a prosperous Dynasty of folk tea culture, and the heroine was the landlady who ran the tea shop. The elaborate depiction of traditional tea culture in the play, such as “tea drama”, “tea ordering method”, naturally aroused the curiosity and interest of countless audiences in Chinese tea. As the head player in the sub circuit, the double chef ecstasy of tea and Dream China can be said to be popular. And tea is not willing to just rub the heat of a hit series. Its intention in each co branding content and creativity is also a major reason to capture the hearts of many users. On June 30, the tea loving official Xuan teamed up with Menghua Lu to carry out a series of joint signing activities from the perspective of tea drinking. Standing at position C are two special tea drinks with joint names: “perilla powder peach drink” and “dream tea happiness order tea”. The two drinks have their own origins: “perilla powder peach drink” is inspired by Zhao Niangzi’s famous drink “perilla drink”, which smells into the spleen; The inspiration of “dream tea happiness · ordering tea” comes from the traditional Chinese “ordering tea” in the play, with strong tea and thick milk.
in addition to the co branded drinks, according to the elements of the series of “Meng Hua Lu”, Xicha is specially designed with reference to the plot in terms of decoration, products and experience. In Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing and Shenzhen, a theme store of “Xi · semi mask” has been opened respectively, so that users who arrive at the store can sip tea, watch the scenery and experience the joy of immersive drama pursuit.
in addition, there must be a complete set of equipment around creativity such as the usual co branded customized cup stickers and CP badges of Xicha department store. In addition to drinking a bellyful of tea, you always have to bring some trinkets home to be worthy of your hard-working trip to the market. Later, Xicha also launched a portable bottled new product, “green fruit drink”. I heard that on the opening day of the theme store, too many users came to the store to order, which directly led to the collapse of the order applet. Brand data shows that nearly 300000 cups of CO branded special products were sold on the first day of launch, with a maximum sales volume of nearly 1000 cups in a single store. On social media, in addition to brand invitation KOL listing, netizens are also not a small number of self exposure photos. Weibo topic # Xi Cha Meng Hua Lu co branding # topic is like to increase nearly 100 million reading and 4w+ discussion.
is similar to the practice of liking tea, but in a slightly sharp contrast, it is also Naixue’s tea, which is famous for tea drinking. On July 3, Naixue’s tea announced that it was jointly branded with “menghualu” to launch the joint branded tea drink “red fruit glazed drink” and cake “Pinellia bean cake”, which are only available in Shenzhen, and opened a limited Theme Store “Zhao’s tea house” in Shenzhen, calling everyone to drink tea and eat fruit.
compared with the overwhelming activities of liking tea, Naixue’s tea has only a non current bottled tea and a sticker around, and the volume of communication and feedback is relatively small. The microblog topic # Naixue’s tea x Menghua record # reading is about 2800W. The meta universe activity “Naixue paradise”, which is related to the first anniversary of the launch of the brand, also has a sense of seeing that it collided with the schedule.
“Meng Hua Lu” × Elegant Dream Tour
Another game worth learning from “Menghua Lu” is the offline development of a derivative under the commercial expansion of IP self-development – “Fengya Menghua Tour”, which creates a themed offline exhibition in Changsha Beichen delta Joy City in the mode of space + product authorization. It not only brings a Song Dynasty Bianjing Culture Night Tour immersed in restoration to many online drama viewers, but also allows many brand customers such as Maggie, Oreo, Haitian, Alps Like tea, bring a different brand experience.
Tuyuan Weibo
“Ancient style song and dance”, “Hanfu parade”, “tea ordering performance”, “surprise interaction”… In the immersive garden activities, visitors can not only walk around and have a look, but also participate in the plot as players, unlock the three main tasks, deeply interact with NPC, jump out of the perspective of a pure onlooker, and gain a different sense of play.
we all know that the biggest advantage of offline activities held by brands is that they can truly interact with the audience, draw the distance between them and the brand, so as to affect the audience’s mind, leave the impression of interactive experience for a long time, and radiate around the body with the audience as the core. Therefore, whether the interactive experience is interesting or not, as well as the tightness between the brand and the interaction, all greatly affect the brand impression of the experimenter. Young people don’t like to see advertisements, but they don’t like to copy mechanically and destroy the appearance of advertisements. If the brand for the purpose of selling goods is not stiff, it can be completely integrated with the series or activities, with a little fun that belongs to the brand itself, and even become an inseparable part of the experience, then who wouldn’t say: (such an advertisement) another stack! In this offline experience of Song Dynasty culture, Maggie, Xi Cha and other brands have changed, becoming a special market stall with a very Song Dynasty style. They integrate into the antique Song Dynasty scene atmosphere, go deep into the curious tourists who visit offline, and open a theme live broadcast online to lead more audiences who can’t visit the scene in person, and travel around the lively market style of Song Dynasty.
“Meng Hua Lu” × RT Mart
In addition to the numerous eyeballs of the official multi brand interaction, I didn’t expect that there was another old friend who reappeared in front of netizens because of netizens’ playing tricks: RT Mart.
as we all know, in a video last year, RT mart’s fish killing brother smiled at the camera and said: I have killed fish in RT mart for ten years. I have killed fish in RT mart for 10 years, and my heart is as cold as my knife to kill fish. Because of its jumping metaphor, many talented netizens created second place, from Tiktok fire to the whole network. After the popularity of
“fish killing stem”, RT Mart responded quickly. It not only claimed the catchphrase, but also solemnly issued a T-shirt for it, so that fish killing masters put on their clothes and brought goods, and kept up with the popularity at the first time. After that, several times around “killing fish” as the stem, brand linkage, trademark registration, and surrounding renewal.
this time, “kill fish Terrier” is back in the Jianghu, because 5g surfing netizens sent a barrage when the hero Gu Qianfan was serious and killed fish with swordsmanship: Gu Qianfan: I have killed fish in RT mart for ten years. Tencent bullet screen can quickly +1 attribute, so that many netizens who were amused by this sentence quickly followed suit, brushing the screen behind Gu Qianfan’s serious face.
RT Mart rubbed hot spots as fast as ever, and publicly claimed Gu Qianfan, a non staff employee, on social media: pass it on, Gu Qianfan has killed fish in RT mart for ten years. Subsequently, the official blog of “Menghua record” came out with an interactive seal: it turned out that Gu Sizun was an outstanding graduate of RT Mart. Gu Qianfan, the imperial division, also forwarded comments: please move to the imperial division to kill fish. Completely turn an unintentional netizen’s words into an unexpected joy of brand linkage.
taking advantage of the popularity of the linkage with “menghualu”, RT Mart also specially took the fish killing master to shoot a brand advertisement, and heavily launched the fish killing knife jointly signed with Zhang Xiaoquan, indicating the key points of its sale in RT Mart stores across the country. Netizen said with a smile: a world where only fish are injured has been established. RT mart, which can play with stalks, has turned “killing fishstalks” into a unique self owned asset of the brand. No wonder Gu Qianfan killed the fish, and netizens immediately thought of RT Mart.
“Meng Hua Lu” × more
Don’t worry, the development of the whole IP system around “Meng Hua Lu” is not finished. Guofeng aesthetics has always been online. How can ancient puppet dramas be less associated with Han clothing brands. “Meng Hua Lu” joined hands with more than thirteen national style aesthetic life brands, and launched four co branded clothes and a cute little children’s wear inspired by three female characters, Zhao Pan’er, song yinzhang and sun Sanniang. While tasting tea, the audience can also wear splendid clothes and feel the culture.
on the extension of cultural themes, how can some dreams be done only once? In conjunction with the “Qingming Riverside scenic spot”, menghualu launched a limited season Fun series with the theme of “dreaming · sleepwalking” [if you travel back to the Song Dynasty], which depicts the wonderful daily life of the people of the Song Dynasty thousands of years ago by means of cartoons, so that audiences interested in traditional culture can explore more interesting things of the Song Dynasty.
the exploration of Song Dynasty culture has never stopped. Menghua record, together with Henan Cultural Tourism, Henan Museum and Kaifeng Museum, brings a series of “cultural relics Dahua · shallow follow Menghua” that allows cultural relics to talk about the relationship between cultural relics and you .
what’s more interesting is the “dream of China” series of videos jointly launched by “dream of China” and Phoenix digital technology, combined with “painting a thousand miles away – the Forbidden City immersion Art Exhibition”, inviting famous artists to explain the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty. What the takeout looks like in the Song Dynasty, the secret behind the song music, the ootd of women in the Song Dynasty, and the daily ritual of “burning incense, ordering tea, hanging pictures, and arranging flowers”, these life customs that make life full of charm together build the lifestyle of Song people to harvest happiness.
in addition, dreamchina also launched customized surroundings with Pinpin planet, launched cotton dolls with Rua WABA, held OST cover singing contest with national karaoke, and launched derivative creation solicitation activities with Netease Lofter… A series of IP can be regarded as playing the whole ecosystem of derivation, and at the same time, it also makes a transparent binding and balance between business and culture.
in addition to tailor-made posters, activities and offline booth exposure forms for major cooperative brands, Monroe also conducted many UGC topic solicitations on social media, inviting netizens with extremely rich expression and creativity to participate in the creation, extending the long tail effect of the series on social media, expanding the social value of the brand beyond implantation and exposure, and breaking the barrier between the series and the brand.
“Leave space for freehand brushwork, contain ancient charm, write poetry with scenery, and express feelings with people. Integrate traditional aesthetic elements with modern aesthetic ideas, and create an aesthetic artistic conception of people and scenery as one.” Beyond the series, through a series of commercial actions linked with several brands, the dream of China brings the aesthetic ritual sense of national style out of the screen vision, making the audience clearer, closer, and more immersed in feeling and understanding.  
after the revival of the national trend in the past two years gradually subsided, the carnival of “dream of China” this summer undoubtedly found an innovative path around the commercialization of the series for the brand play of “national style in power”.
young people’s love for national style and traditional culture has always existed. What the brand needs is to find the right way to reach this target consumer group at the right opportunity to make them love and move. Or, as for “menghualu”, love house and Wu, produce empathy effect, and find the key to win-win between IP and brand in the form of fully obtaining user value recognition.
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